Prison source: Raniere In “Special Section” – 23 and 1: Doesn’t Get To Mingle With Prisoners

This post is dedicated to Daniela Fernandez, who escaped from Keith Raniere after being imprisoned for 18-months in in a house owned by Clare Bronfman near Albany, NY.

By Frank Parlato

A reliable source tells Frank Report/Artvoice that Keith Alan Raniere, the now jailed and horribly-famous leader of NXIVM, has been placed in a “special section” of the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn. This special section in the East wing of MDC is normally reserved for mob bosses and prisoners considered extremely violent or dangerous to other prisoners.

Raniere, who is in pre-trial detention, having been denied bail and awaiting trial, is doing what is called “23 and 1.” That’s 23-hours locked in a cell, 5 days per week – and one hour where he can use an indoor recreational room – by himself. [For two days per week, he is locked-down 24 hours.]

My source made this distinction for readers:

“The facility has a Special Housing Unit or ‘SHU’, which is where the feds house prisoners who have had disciplinary problems or are being investigated for post-incarceration infractions. But where Raniere is right now is separate and apart from the SHU. MDC maintains a small unit for ‘special inmates’ that it does not want mingling with any other inmates. People like Whitey Bulger [former head of the Winter Hill Gang in Boston] spent time there before he was convicted on 31 felony counts and sentenced to two consecutive life terms.” [Whitey is currently at the U.S. Penitentiary in Sumterville, FL].

At this point, it appears Raniere is in the MDC’s East Tower. The vast majority of inmates at MDC are housed in the newer West Tower. According to several former MDC residents, the East Tower is a hell-hole – especially during summer months when the facility’s non-stop AC system forces inmates to wear double layers of clothing and hats to avoid freezing.

Per federal guidelines, inmates in the “special section” at MDC are locked-down 23 and 1 – and take all  meals inside their cells. They are only permitted a few phone calls per month, and 5-hours per week of recreation time.

Frank Report was told prisoners housed in Raniere’s unit are limited to two books per week, no television, no radio, no computer, no internet, no visitors [other than lawyers], no company, no human contact other than prison guards and limited commissary privileges.

While some may argue that Raniere’s treatment qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment, it is, ironically, exactly the type of punishment that Raniere himself specialized in meting out to enemies. He has now been deemed a danger to other prisoners.  He’s been a danger to everyone around him for the past 20-years.

One of Raniere’s mottoes is “He who has the most joy wins”.  Today, he may not be living in an utterly joyous world. And few would say the self-proclaimed world’s smartest man is winning at this moment.

Keith Raniere – when he was free and Daniela was imprisoned in a home owned by Clare Bronfman. My, how times have changed. 

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  • I think that isolating KR from other prisoners is a very good move and, much as I am opposed to long periods in solitary for prisoners under usual circumstance, these circumstances are atypical.

    Pimps who have amassed fortunes playing the cult game or other atypical or less well known pimping MOs and spent time in jail do get approached by other pimps and assorted criminals who aspire to “pull their coat” and learn their “game”.

    I hope he spends the rest of his miserable life in Special Section, not out of a sadistic wish for vengeance on behalf of his many victims, but out of a concern to protect society.

    • Agreed, there would be prisoners willing to overlook Raniere’s immorality in favour of acquiring his skillset.

      • That’s probably not why he’s separated from the other prisoners. It’s likely because there are allegations of sex with children and also because he’s well known…probably there is some concern the other prisoners will kill him.

        • Undoubtedly, but there would still be a few pimps and dons willing to sit at the feet of a slave-driving heiress-sucking dilettante, the bar for decency being set a little lower in prison. Martin Skrelli, for example. I think of him as an evil carpet-bagging piece of trash, but his prison name is ‘Pharma bro’ because the gen. pop. must have overlooked his crimes against humanity in favour of having a ‘friend’ in big pharma. Sadly, it happens.


    “On Monday, April 30, spotted India working a shift at the New York City vegan café, Plant Made. In an exclusive interview with, India opened up about the “tough” time she’s endured since Mack’s arrest. Click through the gallery to see never-before-seen photos of India at work, and to find out her shocking claims about her famous mom, Catherine.

    After an investigation was carried out by, India was spotted sitting within the spacious vegan cafe, Plant Made, in the East village of Manhattan. Despite reports of her involvement in NXIVM as one of Allison Mack’s alleged sex slaves, India appeared casual as she wore a heavy brown knit sweater, jeans, and black Reebok sneakers as she spoke to a coworker.

    India reportedly was allowed to only intake 800 calories per day during her time in the terrifying cult. However, India’s frame appears to be healthy in this photo.

    The vegan cafe was moderately busy on Monday afternoon, with patrons completing work and sipping on beet lattes. While seated in the middle of the cafe, India exclusively spoke to and admitted that since her friend Mack’s arrest for sex trafficking, it’s been a “tough” time for her.

    While India admitted her workplace – which is outfitted with nutritional books on how to eat healthy – is “not my favorite spot” to speak about NXIVM, she let out a laugh as she thought about the “plenty” of things she’s read about herself on the Internet recently.

    India then dished to Radar who exactly she turns to for support during this time: “My dads. I have two lovely dads, by biological dad and my stepdad.”

    India added that she talks to her biological dad, William Weitz Shaffer, 71, and step-dad Casper Van Dien, 49, “every day” despite both living across the country in California Here, India was spitted on her phone during her work shift and letting out a smirk as she was mysteriously messaging with someone.

    However, India’s calm tone switched to sudden hesitation when the 26-year-old was asked about her mom, actress Catherine Oxenberg. Catherine exclusively told Radar in late 2017 that she was trying to intervene and save he daughter’s life. But India had a different story to tell: “I haven’t heard from her actually. She uses media. It’s kind of bizarre.”

    Additionally, India admitted she does “return her text messages.” But the actress’s daughter claimed her mother’s worrying is “not what it seems.”

    India has yet to discuss in detail her involvement in NXIVM. Her attorney Carla DiMare, however, shared this statement on her behalf with Radar: “India Oxenberg would like to share her story in the dear future. She is deeply saddened by the untrue allegations that have been made about her in the media.” Raniere and Mack are expected in course on May 3 for a status hearing.”

  • The Opinion provided is appreciated but sort of a bummer in that this will be a long waiting game to see justice served

  • It’s probably to AM’s benefit to have the plea deal take a while since she can focus on recovery. Perhaps with more sleep and, hopefully, therapy, she might remember additional things or evidence that can be used against Keith.

  • There’s been a whole lot of speculation as to what’s going to happen next in the pending case against Keith Raniere and Allison Mack; when things are going to happen; etc. Unfortunately, I think most of that speculation is likely going to turn out to be wrong.

    I don’t have any inside info, but I do have a pretty good understanding of what’s happened to date and what’s likely to happen from here on out. Here’s my opinion – which, remember, is just that, an OPINION.

    – There’s not going to be any plea announced when Allison Mack returns to court this week. In fact, she may not even be there. This is just a time for the court to get an update in terms of what’s going on in her case and there will probably be another such case conference in another couple of weeks.

    – Plea deals, especially ones involving serious crimes like Allison has been charged with, take time to negotiate. In the best-case scenario, that will probably take 4-6 weeks but twice that time would not surprise me.

    – Although it’s possible that Allison will be allowed to plead to some other, lesser charge, the more likely outcome is that she’ll plead guilty to one of the three pending charges against her. Her sentence will then depend on what type of plea deal she agrees to: in some cases, the agreed-upon sentence can be overridden by the presiding judge but in other cases, all the judge can do is go along with it or reject it. If the judge rejects the proposed sentence in the latter situation, the case will go to trial.

    – Although there may be new charges coming that are based on the sex trafficking of minors, I don’t think anything that’s been filed to date supports such a charge. Neither of the Jane Doe victims in the complaint were alleged to be underage.

    – It is highly unlikely that Raniere’s “Dream Team” will even ask for bail for him on Friday. Doing so will just be a waste of time and may piss off the judge.

    – If Raniere decides to go to trial, that probably won’t actually happen for at least a year or so. Cases like this just do not get rushed through the legal system.

    • thanks especially for the info about the plea deal process, as ever “the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow..”

    • Yeah but… in the Federal system, the plea and the sentencing are different. Once the Defendant pleas (after the Judge reads the long list of admonishments), sentencing will happen much later. After a PSI, a Pre-Sentence Investigation, the US Probation Office will recommend a sentence within a certain guideline range. Refer to the offense level of the crime + prior criminal history to see where Allie falls on the Sentencing Guideline chart. How many months? Chart will say.

      During the plea proceeding, the District Judge will admonish the Defendant that the government can only recommend a particular sentence. If the Judge imposes a sentence above or below the Gov’t recommendation – the Defendant cannot withdraw the plea later on.

      Again, the government can only recommend a reduced sentence. At sentencing, the Defense attorney will put on a dog and pony show, say the Defendant made a terrible mistake, sob story, sob story. But, it is up to the District Judge to impose the sentence. The plea cannot be withdrawn after entered. So, it is kind of a gamble for Allie.

      That being said, it is in Allison’s best interest to plea and turn witness for the government. No doubt that will help her at sentencing. But, once she pleas guilty, she cannot withdraw it. It’s a done deal…

        • Good questions! If you enter a cold plea (plea without a plea agreement) then in the Federal system, you still have the right to appeal. Typically when you plea to Federal charges via plea agreement, you waive the right to appeal. The exception is 1) Judicial error, 2) Misconduct by the US Attorney’s Office, and 3) Ineffective assistance of counsel.

          I had a case where client pled with plea agreement and waived appeal. But, I still appealed and won the appeal bc the Judge improperly added an enhancement. It wasn’t done maliciously, the sentencing guidelines are not always easy to parse. And the commentary on the enhancements isn’t always super clear. So, even if Allie pleas via a plea agreement, she can still appeal later on.

          Yes, the sentencing guidelines may indicate a base level of 22, BUT, there is a mandatory minimum of 15 years. This means, that despite the base level calculations, the Defendant will still be sentenced to 15 years MINIMUM. Ouch. That being said, cooperation does count to reduce the sentence (as does an alcohol abuse program – shaves off 1 year of sentence). But Allie would be starting at 15 years. Then the subtractions would occur to reduce the sentence.

          The other issue is enhancements. There are enhancements for number of victims and use of weapons. Is the cauterizing tool/electric torch a weapon? I would argue it is. So, that is going to be Keith’s problem – the enhancements. Thereby, his 15 year mandatory minimum might easily turn to 360 months due to enhancements. Plus, who knows they found in his email account…

          • I thought only the first charge carries a mandatory minimum, hence if she can get 2 of 3 charges dropped as was mentioned in an earlier post, and presumably that would be one of them, then the mandatory minimum would be dropped along with it?

          • Well, Allison’s indictment has 3 counts: Sex Trafficking, Conspiracy to Commit Sex Trafficking, and Conspiracy to Commit Forced Labor. If the US Attorney’s Office would drop counts 1 and 3, then Allie would just be looking at the conspiracy. Or even if drop first 2 and only proceed with 3rd count…

            Then yes, the mandatory minimum for the Sex Trafficking (15 year Mandatory Min) would not apply. So, it really is in Allie’s best interest to cooperate, so that Gov’t would drop first charge.

            Still, never in a million years would I have predicted (10 years ago), that I would be going over Allison Mack’s indictment for Federal crimes.

            This is what NXSCUM does. This is what Keith does. They steal your life, money, and your soul. And I promise when I first started NXSCUM, Allie was not serious about it. But, she got sucked in. And no one pulled her out.

    • Glad to see you are still coming to comment even amidst the absolute stupidity taking place in the comments section these days (and if people think they are not the one I am talking about, they most likely are).

      • There’s a lot of evidence for the FBI and US Attorney’s Office to process, then narrow that down for trial evidence and Discovery. Can you imagine how much data was in Nefarious Nancy’s zip drives? And somewhere, there’s a film of the torture. Just disgusting. Abhorrent.

        • Impression given is there must be a ton of evidence, the carelessness intrinsic to the nxivm bullshit ideology and highly unskilled executive. Brainwashing aside, it seems it really has been the Bronfman purse that’s kept it afloat for so long. It’s awful how people acting in extreme bad faith often do so in the boldest confidence.

          Thanks for the AM sentencing breakdown, not so different from the UK. She has a real chance to minimise her sentence in proportion to her degree of cooperation, but no chance of escaping scot free. Good – Fair – Just.

          • Np! I say Allison will still probably do 5 years. Unless, the prosecution needs her so badly that they would put her into WitSec right after trial. This was done with Carlos Lehder Rivas. He is shown in the Netflix Series ‘Narcos’. Carlos Lehder was given a long prison sentence. But, he still had valuable info, so he was scooped up into WitSec while serving his prison sentence. He is now being hidden and protected by the US Govt.

            WitSec = Witness Security Program, run by U.S. Marshal’s Service

  • you the authenticity of the child sex trafficking charges? Have you heard if these are real charges or have documents been manipulated?
    I could see these alt-right groups posting fake documents to help support their position of political involvement in a pedophile ring.

    • The charge seems to cover both child trafficking and also trafficking of anyone by force. It’s like 2 laws wrapped into 1 and I think this is where a lot of the confusion is coming from. The allegation is that she forced 2 adult women to have sex with Raniere through blackmail

      • Maybe…it seems weird though that the wording would specifically mention children and that there are not two separate laws, one for adults and one for children. Seems like there should be. Maybe a legal consultant could clarify.

        Right now, the sleazy tabloids have seized on that and it’s just more fuel for their pedophile ring story. I have no idea if there is any truth to these political pedophile ring accusations; it’s all speculation, but it draws away from the real story and the facts that are known .

  • I believe Shadow state is probably right, a case with this many people involved, and international connections is going to take years to sort out.

    If the child sex trafficking charges shown in those documents are real, that doesn’t necessarily mean there are connections to any political parties. Because of all these current conspiracy pedophile stories in the news (many of them fake)this story is automatically being linked to that, by some very unreliable news sources. If there really is a connection it will come out eventually. All the speculation is just useless.

  • Does anyone know the schedule of events from here? When will he go to trial? Will each person charged have their own trial? How far down the chain will they go and charge people? thanks.

    • Conspiracy trials in Federal court can take years to investigate and try.
      The more complex the conspiracy the longer the process takes.

      NXIVM involves international activities and alleged money laundering.
      These sorts of cases are very complex.

      That’s why people demanding that Mueller wrap up his investigation of Trump are highly unrealistic.

  • Incarceration is a state of mind. If one only thinks they are free then they are.

    ……I can’t wait to sue.

  • Correct. There is an OR buried at the bottom of the statute. The USC (United States Code) isn’t always easy to parse…

  • I assume you reported that info to the police immediately, and did not wait to post it on this blog.

  • Can someone please point out where in the charges against Raniere and Mack, there’s a specific allegation of “child sex trafficking”? As I read the cited sex trafficking charges, which are 18 U.S. Code, Section 1591(a)(1) and 18 U.S. Code, Section 1591(a)(2), there’s no mention of the victim being underage.

    It’s only when you get to the potential sentences for sex trafficking, which are in 18 U.S. Code, Section 1591(b)(1), that’s there any mention of underage victims. And even then there’s an OR in that statute.

    You can access all this at

    Frank, can you get one of your lawyer pals to shed some light on this ?

      • That looks authentic . I guess all the details will be made public eventually, though sometimes certain info is not revealed when children are involved.

        If those are the charges against Keith and Alison, does it seem plausible that Clare and Nancy were totally in the dark about those activities ? I wonder what they will be charged with?

    • I was actually reading the same code to try and understand it, and it appears to say that “coersion” OR the person trafficked being under 14 is the reason for the mandatory 15 years.

      • Section 1591, the first count in the charges, is the one with the minimum sentence, and I assume that is the one AM’s lawyers would want reduced in exchange for testimony.

  • Crosseyes: Just the fact that THAT’S what you chose to comment on given all of that info is very telling of your intent and why you’re here.

      • I don’t think snopes has zero credibility, but they aren’t 100% right all the time. And the snopes article says that they have listed the charges against Mack on their site, but when you scroll down, the charges are not there . Were they listed earlier and then snopes removed them?

        • Free speech. I think that the conspiracy bots are doing more harm than good. They are playing into “ Vanguard’s” hands. Conspiracy bots tend to discredit legitimate issues. Those who know something need to call them out whenever they run into it.

      • Damn, you’re just huffing to get Clinton involved with NXIVM, aren’t you? Get a hobby or read a book… apologies for the last one, occurs to me that’s beyond your ability and interest. Conspiracies and porn, what you survive on.

        Only nutjobs like you think Snopes has zero credibility.

        • Clear ties to Clinton Foundation. Denying it won’t make it go away. You hate one cult, yet embrace another. Different flavor KoolAid.

  • Ah, here comes the misinformation to get this story labeled fake news. no one has said that children were sold to the Clintons. Yes, most have ignored the sex trafficking of children part of these charges but there is no information of regarding the Clintons

    Some excerpts: “According to police, Allison Mack worked in a senior management position for the Hollywood pedophile cult NXIVM. As second-in-command, it was her job to lure children into the cult in order to sell them to elite Hollywood pedophiles and powerful politicians.

    –Although this extremely important detail is being left out of most mainstream reports, one of the main charges in the criminal indictment against Raniere and Mack is sex trafficking of children.

    –Another important aspect of this case that has been largely overlooked, is the connections that this organization has to high-level figures in politics and finance. The organization worked much like a pyramid scheme, collecting regular fees from its members. But the majority of the funding, over $150 million, came from the trust funds of Seagram heiresses, Sara and Clare Bronfman.

    — at least three high-ranking members of the organization, including Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters, are members of Bill Clinton’s foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, which requires an annual $15,000 membership fee.

    –Frank Parlato, a former NXIVM publicist-turned-whistleblower told the New York Post that Bronfman is among the harshest leaders in the org.

    –It is highly possible that this is a position that Mack was groomed for since she was a child, as many childhood stars turn from victims to predators as a result of what they often experience behind the scenes in the industry. Oddly enough, one of Mack’s very first roles was in a softcore porn movie called “Night Eyes Three.” She was just 11 years old at the time.”

    [NOTE: Their fraud trolls who have been paid to keep covering up this info, same ones receiving pieces of the pie, are already trolling all over calling this “fake news” but I myself am aware of an 8-year old girl who was held captive by them in Halfmoon, NY last summer and since taken out west. So use your brains people]

  • I thank God every day now that Keith’s karma is in full operation. He’s kept away from other prisoners because he’s so excellent at recruiting others to serve him. Its something he won’t stop doing not even in hell.

      • It’s a terrible point. Raniere is being kept away from the other prisoners for HIS protection, not theirs. Rapists, especially raping underage people, doesn’t go over very well in jail/prison. He would be a dead man within minutes of being let loose among the others.

  • Although I’d like to believe that he’s deemed as extremely dangerous/violent, because he is. The crimes he has committed would give the other inmates license to “make an example of”. He’s too high profile, that’s why he’s in solitary. He probably wouldn’t make it to trial if he was out in the general population. Now, once he’s convicted… I don’t know if they’ll offer him such a luxury. It might be a wise decision for his cronies, I mean lawyers, to add to his terms of incarceration, to be left in solitary.

    • I hate when these type of things are tainted with conspiracy crap. I just see a guy who wanted to create his own ego and sex serving club and offered money and sex to others (politicians or authorities) in Albany and surrounding areas who would look the other way if trouble arose.

      I highly doubt the Clintons have anything to do with this cluster-fuck just because Sleazeman and Bronfmorons donated to their foundation, and I highly doubt the child sex trafficking charges have to do with RCG. They have to do with bringing underage Mexican girls, e.g., Daniela Fernandez, across the border and locking them in rooms because they refused to have sex with the smelly guy.

  • Will Danny’s brother, Fluffy, be charged with kidnapping since he took her and his mother who was also held captive (not as long,with Danny) food?

    • I’m talking about his mental state. I know how every guy (and many) women obviously handle not getting laid. The guy was commanding women to give him sex on an as needed basis and many gave it to him. Now he’s stuck in a cell with blank walls and access to nothing, not even free porn on the internet.

      • Yes, it has to be a complete bummer for him. Plus losing all that control over others, on top of everything. He’s got to be throwing a screaming, beet-faced temper tantrum in his head. Good!!!

  • Is this story true or fake news?
    ‘Smallville’ Star Confesses She Sold Children To Rothschilds And Clintons

    Is this how Allison Mack got 5 million dollars to post bail?

    Media Silent as Allison Mack’s Arrest Exposes Child Trafficking For Billionaire-Backed Sex Slave Ring

    • A young woman who declined Raniere’s sexual advances so he and his vicious horde kept her imprisoned in one of their houses for her “ethical breach” for 18 months until she escaped through a window. “No” in Raniere-land = Vangagmewithaspoon gets to lock you up ’til you say yes cuz you know you want it… Ugh, gotta go bleach my brain now.

  • Five hours recreation and two books a week is too generous.

    And he should have random firedrills at all hours. After all the man does only need two hours of sleep.

  • Now I know I’m not supposed to be feeling any kind of schadenfreude, here, but an overwhelming outburst of smiling and laughter occurred whilst I read what ole’ VanTard is dealing with these days. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, though I am a bit disappointed he’s not in general pop; he’d be calling him self FannyGuard in the showers.

  • Cruel and unusual? No, more like protected and coddled. My guess is that the Feds don’t want anyone getting to Vantard.

  • Ole Keith is locked away….Rejected and unloved…..must feel like “Hillary” ! No wait….Hillary still has her slaves!

  • The MDC has the smartest man who ever walked on this planet 24h at hands and they are not using him as a tool to heal their inmates disintegrations? What a waste of human potential. He could transform them into more noble, humanitarian people and even heal them sexually.

    I do not see why the MDC let’s such a chance go by. They will only hold him for a few more days anyways as his disciples will show that all the evidence has been doctored and all the eye-witness were spreading ‘fake news’.

    By the way, I think it is unnecessarily harsh to keep him in solitary confinement. Every criminal deserves an answer to their deeds from the society they live in. Why is KR excluded from that? This way he will not be able to learn from it after all.

  • Daniela: all prayers and blessings to you, to lift you up from what you endured, so that you may heal, and live the rest of your life knowing that the people who did this to you are paying for what they did, can never ever hurt you again, and can never do what they did to any other person, ever again. I am so so sorry, and please know that there is an army of people who will see to it that these monsters get what is due them. For what they did to you and to everyone else they hurt.

      • Yes, thank you for feeling sorry after the fact rather than helping people not get scammed in the first place. Raniere learned all of this from Amway. Do your part and forward the below John Oliver video link to everyone you know, except current Amway IBOs, and encourage them to do the same, and so on, à la network marketing/MLM. If you don’t, then you’re part of the problem:

        • I did not scam anyone. I am not a past member – I try to call it as I see it, based on interactions with those people in the 1990s.

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