Rainbow Miami closed – Spanish singer Alejandro Sanj outed as supportive of sex-slaver Raniere’s teachings

A fabulous story by Jerry Iannelli for the Miami New Times.

“State Closes Midtown Miami School Tied to NXIVM ‘Sex Cult’ Leader”

The story reveals something insiders at NXIVM knew – that Raquel Perera, wife of Latin Grammy winner Alejandro Sanz, has ties to the sex-slaver Keith Raniere and that the couple placed their son in Raniere’s Rainbow Cultural Garden in Florida.

The New Times reports that Perera bragged on Univision, that by immersing toddlers in  seven languages at once, the Rainbow Cultural Garden school will revolutionize teaching kids. Univision credited Raniere with developing the plan – but this was before Raniere got arrested on federal charges of sex trafficking and forced labor last month.

Thanks to Iannelli’s reporting, the State of Florida ordered Miami Rainbow Cultural Garden school shut down immediately. The school was never licensed to operate.

State Closes Midtown Miami School Tied to NXIVM "Sex Cult" Leader


A spokesperson for Rainbow claimed the school is not owned by Sanj’s wife, Perera, but by a one Patricia Pietra.

But Perera told Spanish newspaper ABC in March 2017 that she “directs” the school, Iannelli reported.

Perera and Sanz’s young son, Dylan, attended Rainbow. The couple claimed the boy learned to speak Russian, Chinese, Arabic, English, and Spanish through the Rainbow program.

I believe that’s inaccurate. It would be more likely that the child can speak a few words in each of these languages and probably – if reports and interviews I made with other Rainbow children are an indicator – Dylan cannot speak his native language as fluently as he should for a boy his age.

I think the Rainbow experiment on small children is child abuse and possibly worse than the adult sex abuse Raniere did with his sex slaves.  It is not natural for a child to be inundated with the babble of seven nannies per week, each speaking to him/her in a different language every day. The nannies were indifferently selected – sometimes because they were suitable sex slaves for Raniere.


The Miami New Times story quoted me:

Frank Parlato Jr., a former NXIVM spokesperson-turned-whistleblower credited with first raising concerns about NXIVM, says he believes the schools served as a tool to help Raniere and NXIVM members ‘indoctrinate children’ into the cult.

“‘It’s this huge experimental program that teaches children how to be sociopaths,’ says Parlato, who says the schools charge up to $10,000 per month. ‘It’s a random idea that Raniere cooked up to keep the kids of his cult separated from their parents.'”

There are Rainbow branches in Albany, New York City, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Guatemala City, Mexico City, three other Mexican cities, and Miami.

The UK Rainbow Cultural Garden is run by Sara Bronfman, one of the Seagram’s heiresses. Rainbow Cultural Garden’s U.K. webpage has been deleted. The cached version.

This is the first time authorities have taken direct action, despite years of complaints leveled in Albany and elsewhere about the unlicensed experimental schools.

The first child in Rainbow was Raniere’s own son – a child he lied about fathering. The mother and son later escaped from the cult and are in hiding.

Raniere called Rainbow “a revolutionary child development program promoting children’s cultural, linguistic, emotional, physical, and problem-solving potential.”

The New Times wrote “Parlato … has warned on his blog, Frank Report, that the Rainbow Cultural Garden is an offshoot of the alleged cult. He claims the school serves as a way to ‘fleece’ rich NXIVM members by charging exorbitant tuition fees.”

Iannelli visited the Miami Rainbow center. He observed that a doorway on the side of the building says the school teaches students Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, German, Spanish, Russian, and English all at once.

“Did you know that there are children less than three months old learning more than three languages at the same time?” the signage reads. “We have children speaking more than seven languages.”

I did NOT know that – but I know bullshit when I see it. And this is bullshit!

State Closes Midtown Miami School Tied to NXIVM "Sex Cult" Leader

All the Rainbow Cultural Garden schools deserve scrutiny. There’s zero data to back this teaching stuff up. Raniere only speaks one language himself. How the hell does he know what’s going to increase the brainpower of a child?

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  • yes kids until 5 y/o can learn many languages , my daughter is 8 , she learns every language by herself online, and she’s got perfect pitch by the way.

  • RCG is unable to provide proof that learning multiple languages at ages 0-3 is a positive thing says:

    RCG considers ages 0-3 years old the sweet spot for their program. From their site: “there are “windows of opportunity” or “critical periods” in the early development of the brain. Some of these windows may begin to close as early as three months of age, even more will close by age three or four.”

    Also from their site, a video extolling the benefits of a bilingual (not multilingual) brain: https://www.rainbowculturalgarden.uk/

    There is no evidence that teaching multiple (more than 2) languages to very young children is positive, rather the opposite is true. And there is every evidence that 12 hour daily separation from their parents is fundamentally harmful to young children.

  • Teaching children languages is brilliant and not child abuse. there are children whom can speak all these languages well in the rainbow program. I have seen it. Learning languages at an early age is far easier then when you are older. discrediting everything KR does is ridiculous. yes he had a cult however discrediting intentions to teach children langauges is ridiculous.

    • Rather amusing that your impassioned plea for education contains misspelled words.
      Let’s get our ideas about education from folks who themselves have been educated and trained, not from a former Amway salesman who graduated with a 2.26 GPA and is currently under indictment and incarcerated. Don’t drown in that Kool Aid!!
      Your comment has motivated me. Today I am going to begin a letter writing campaign to all New York City and New York State authorities asking why the Rainbow Cultural Gardens in New York City and Albany should not be closed IMMEDIATELY.

    • Only two languages. No more. And one of those language must be dominant, else the child doesn’t develop their understanding and use of language, grammar, etc.

      If you have witnessed children who can speak all these languages through Rainbow Cultural Garden, please share specific stories with us, including examples that illustrate genuine comprehension vs simple tourist phrases.

      Considering that you’re a fan of RCG, what do YOU think about children being separated from their parents for 12 hours a day every day Read some science about language acquisition and also about bonding between child and parent. You will be left horrified at RCG.

  • “the State of Florida has ordered the midtown Miami school to shut down immediately after New Times brought the facility to the state’s attention.”

    Shame on the State of Florida. And bravo New Times and Jerry Iannelli!

  • Emiliano has destroyed any chance of his family having power again. He must be one of the stupidest people alive. Truly a moron. I’m not sure how his father, who is evil and maniacal but smart, had such an idiot son. If I had a son that stupid, I’d honestly slap some sense into him. Not that Emiliano is the only stupid person still involved with the cult. I’m looking at you Jim Del Negro and Karen Uttereiner, Salzmans, Bronfmans, and the rest of the moron crew. But Emiliano might is gunning for top prize right now. Let’s see who is the last idiot standing.

    • I think he was more naive than dumb.

      My guess is Sara Bronfman will be the last one standing because of her move to France well before the merde hit the fan.

      • His father was president of Mexico, with all the power and influence that entails. And he went to Harvard. Naive is the one thing Emiliano Salinas is not. He did, however, think he could get away a very exclusive club for ultra rich Mexicans that hid a secret world of hedonism. I think arrogant, more so than naive or dumb.

        • Note the subject line JDN.

          I never said anything about Emiliano Salinas.

          I don’t know what is going on with you lately. You never used to seem so combative. Hope whatever it is gets better soon.

  • So, this is what happens when you don’t have New York State officials, State Police Senior Investigators, and Saratoga County District Attorneys looking the other way while children are abused in an unlicensed school/day care center? Gee, it must be nice to have public officials who aren’t so easily bought off or scared off by organized crime bosses like Keith Raniere and his Bronfman Babes..

    • Roger that, big ears. Spot on. They are criminal frauds playing roles for the access and power to do just this (enable, commit, and get away with pathetic crimes), nothing more.

      • Mind boggling–not one inspection at these facilities? Ever? Fire Marshall ever check a fire plan? Was food served–did anyone from a health department ever stop in and check the kitchen? How about licensing–no one ever checked occupancy and business zoning licenses? We are to believe the little kids get lemonade stands shut down, that inspectors in Jacksonville barge into a car dealership and write a citation about the number of military and American flags on the top of their building, that tattoo parlors and cosmetologists have to have inspections–yet no one in ANY of these locations demanded to see a license for a daycare, much less a business advertising itself as a school? This is ABSURD. Cuomo should set an example, show leadership to other governors, and audit every agency that looked the other way. For over a dozen years, complaints were made, a frenzy of lawsuits, conflict, high profile litigation against journalists, more complaints, human experimentation reports, and yet no one went behind these predators to check an income tax return or a business license. Subpoena bank accounts of state, municipal, and federal workers until they figure this out. Every day, we are shown again and again, there are two standards of justice–one for the super-rich, and one for everyone else.

  • Newspeak “…a controlled language, of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, a linguistic design meant to limit the freedom of thought, personal identity, self-expression, free will…”

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