Rainbow Cultural Gardens - a dangerous experiment

Rainbow Centers still open to conduct dangerous experiments on babies and toddlers

By Frank Parlato

The Miami Rainbow Cultural Garden child experimental center has been closed by child protection officials. However, there appears to be other locales where children are still being subjected to the dangerous Keith Raniere experiment of subjecting infants and toddlers to seven foreign nannies – some of whom double as sex slaves – to speak to the children in their native tongues.

This is child abuse since the method is untested. And, remember, Raniere only speaks English – yet he declares that babies should be taught seven languages to increase their brain power.

According to https://www.rainbowculturalgarden.uk/locations

Rainbow Cultural Garden centers are open in the following locales:


• Albany, NY
• LA
• Miami


• Mexico City
• Monterrey
• Cuernavaca
• Guadalajara, Mexico


• Guatemala


• Madrid


• London


• Vancouver, Canada
• Leon, Mexico



According to https://rainbowculturalgarden.uk/about#science


About RCG

Who We Are:

Rainbow Cultural Garden is an early child-development program which, through careful, progressive exposure to multiple languages, cultures, representational systems and aesthetics, seeks to inspire and capture the miraculous, creative, learning lives of children.

Our Core Values:

JOY: We believe developing a rich internal world is key to our children’s optimal fulfilment in life; as such, we seek to emphasise and prolong the wondrous state of joy and curiosity that naturally exists in all children.

HUMANITY: By exposing children to loving role models from a diversity of cultures, we seek to foster a sense of solidarity with all of humanity.

SKILLS: We believe it’s important that out children learn “how” to think rather than “what” to think; build self-esteem and self-reliance and develop problem-solving skills that will serve them no matter what challenges they might face.

How We Work:

Using the most current scientific understandings in child development, Rainbow Cultural Garden gives families with children in Early Years Foundational Stages (EYFS) access to carefully sourced and highly trained child development specialists who, through one-to-one or group interaction, impart to them their unique language and culture.


About the author

Frank Parlato

Frank Report’s founder and lead writer Frank Parlato is one of the internet’s most acclaimed investigative journalists. His writing and investigations have helped expose major criminal organizations and scandals.

Frank’s work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, New York Post, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Rolling Stone, and more.

He is also the publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • RCG is unable to provide proof that learning multiple languages at ages 0-3 is a positive thing says:

    RCG considers ages 0-3 years old the sweet spot for their program. From their site: “there are “windows of opportunity” or “critical periods” in the early development of the brain. Some of these windows may begin to close as early as three months of age, even more will close by age three or four.”

    Also from their site, a video extolling the benefits of a bilingual (not multilingual) brain: https://www.rainbowculturalgarden.uk/

    There is no evidence that teaching multiple (3+) languages to very young children is positive, rather the opposite is true. And there is every evidence that 12 hour daily separation from their parents is fundamentally harmful to young children.

  • I’ve only a comment regarding referring to teaching children multiple languages as ‘child abuse’.


    I’ve read much here that is excellent, and am extremely glad you have pursued this story and that the results are finally being realized.

    But, there are rational arguments to make, and calling teaching children multiple languages child abuse is far beyond reason.

    Stick to reason. There seem to be many indications that RCM is a horrible criminal operation, tied to a sadistic sex slave production business and religious cult. Surely the facts will support reasonable claims, rather than multilinguality being abusive.

    I’d have no criticisms of what I’ve read here were that not written here.


    • Dear VC,

      Keith Raniere is a self-admitted murderer! Please watch the video on youtube wherein he both claims to have killed people for his beliefs and to have had people killed for his beliefs. The title of the video is: “NXIUM cult leader Keith Raniere claims to have had people killed.” All you need to watch is the last two minutes of this shocking video. There have also been at least five allegations made against him for child-rape by his female victims. One victim alleges that she was only 12 years old when she was raped over 60 times by Keith Alan Raniere. Mr. Raniere also approves of and encourages pedophilia, incest, and sex slavery. Keith Alan Raniere has been charged in federal court for sex-trafficking and forced labor.

      Raniere was the leader of the NXIUM cult when the concept of Rainbow Cultural Garden came into being. Those running it are either members of this top-down cult or else they are taking their orders from those who are members of NXIUM. Do you really think that it is worth the risk to have children in the care of such individuals? I do not think that any reasonable person would be willing to take that risk with children. Clearly, it is not merely a concern about the teaching of several languages at once to young children, which is untested and unproven. No, it’s about the safety of young children and their protection from potential sexual abuse and sexual exploitation!

      • Thanks Larry,

        I tried to point out that I do not question any of the investigation or comment on all the matters–other than characterizing teaching children multiple languages as child abuse–and indeed support all of them, even those most inflammatory, as I reckon they merit every glance askance and impugnation I’ve seen here delivered.

        I went to some length to point that out.

        I only reckon that, to point it out once again, to characterize multilingual education as child abuse is bullshit, and detracts from all the good reportage here. It taints the good work done with one BS claim, and, IMHO, that particular claim–and only that claim–should have never been made, and probably should be retracted, so that it can’t be used to slander the rest of the good research and truthful investigation and reports

        That one claim doesn’t fit in this article. It shouldn’t be mixed in with the rest, because it degrades the rest.

        That is the entirety of my complaint. It’s an entry point for falsely coloring all the valid and true statements it is included with.


    • Maybe you got separated from your parents 12 hours a day every day for the first few years of your life?

      Science supports the acquisition of two languages, not more. And one of those language must be dominant, else the child doesn’t develop their understanding and use of language, grammar, etc.

      If you have witnessed children who can speak all these languages through Rainbow Cultural Garden, please share specific stories with us, including examples that illustrate genuine comprehension vs simple tourist phrases.

      Considering that you’re a fan of RCG, what do YOU think about children being separated from their parents for 12 hours a day every day? Go read some science about language acquisition and especially about bonding between child and parent. You will be left horrified at RCG… or maybe you’re okay with harming the parent-child bond??

      RCG promoted its program as being designed for very young children. From their site: “there are “windows of opportunity” or “critical periods” in the early development of the brain. Some of these windows may begin to close as early as three months of age, even more will close by age three or four.” So RCG considers ages 0-3 the sweet spot for their program.

      The first two years of life is a crucial time for brain development. It is vital that children and their parents are supported during this time to promote attachment. Without a good initial bond, children are less likely to grow up to become happy, independent and resilient adults. They will however grow up more likely to be more susceptible to people like Keith Raniere.

      The importance of bonding with the parents cannot be overestimated. “Failure to do so profoundly affects future development and the ability to form healthy relationships as an adult.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5330336/

      • You demonstrably twist my words, and impute motives without basis in fact.

        Doing so shows your motivations.

        For example, claiming I am a fan of RCG totally flies in the face of all of my statements to the contrary.

        My purpose in calling out BS is not to harm the work done here, but to protect it. It’s called constructive criticism, and is essential to add improvements to good works. You may feel that ANY departure from slavish support is harmful. That seems to be the case, and your imputing false motives to me illustrates just how harmful that attitude is.

        Why should people support this investigation if pointing out mistakes causes them to be labeled accessories to the crimes it has revealed by trolls like you?

        What little response you have to my actual statement regarding the ONLY criticism I have expressed of this blog, investigation, and issue is duly noted.

        I disagree.

        I know several people who are multilingual, who speak as many as seven languages. Without exception they are highly functional, well-adjusted people.

        Sticking to facts will not imply you are a troll.

        As you will not, I’m done here.

        • You don’t speak English well. Are you from Mexico? An investor in RCG? That’s my guess, that you’re trying to keep your investment alive, though maybe you’re just a cultist? No sane person is still a cultist and no humane person would defend RCG or Keith Raniere. (and you implicitly defend Raniere when you defend RCG).

          So you know people who speak multiple languages? Good on you. How many languages did those people learn before age 3? And, this is the important question, how many of those people were SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS TWELVE HOURS A DAY EVERY DAY for the first few years of their lives?

          Even Rainbow Cultural Garden can find no evidence that multiple language acquisition at a young age — the age when children are learning to speak and neural pathways are being developed– because they instead post a video about the benefits of TWO LANGUAGES: https://www.rainbowculturalgarden.uk/

          • “Even Rainbow Cultural Garden can find no evidence that multiple language acquisition at a young age is a positive thing”

            Seriously, word salad customer, find proof that multiple language acquisition during the “window of opportunity” as defined by RCG (0-3 years old) is a positive thing. Go find it, and surprise us. Because critical brain development during those early years is not compatible with a different language every day, and healthy mental and emotional development is not compatible with parental separation for 12 hours a day.

          • Shut the fuck up
            Nasty new jew scab
            Accusation is crap
            Child abuse
            Define child learning as abuse..i FLAKY I FLAKY I FLAKY jewness

  • TROLL ALERT. TROLL ALERT. TROLL ALERT. For those of you not wholly familiar with the paid associated trolls & frauds club covering up & enabling nx’s deepest darkest most desperate secrets, you can easily spot them in replies on here. Here are a few tips to watch out for:
    1.) Its classic of them to twist everything around and turn the tables on any victims or critics.. i.e. accusing them of “defamation” for exercising the same exact freedom of speech and opinion they are clearly feeling free enough to demonstrate themselves (there are only 1- way streets in socio-narcissist nx land)
    2.) Also hallmark for them to use the whole “oh yeah, prove it” comeback full well knowing all the ways nx & co. ILLEGALLY obstruct, manipulate, and use fellow frauds on power trips in order to block access to MOUNTAINS of undeniable evidence behind all of their cowardly crooked, pathetic crimes of exploitation against those who couldn’t possibly defend themselves in any type of fair manner. Bottom line, they’re helpless adult bullies who require such a life of crime since they obviously have nothing else to offer the world. And surely the only way they can get their own needs met is by forcing others to do everything for them. Clearly no one would choose to be around such monsters. They’re far more transparent than they think.
    Oh, and they’re ridiculously condescending and arrogant- obvious know-it-all’s who are eager to try and correct every little thing others say while spewing endless word salad and law jargon in your face. (**Most Nx associates are experts in twisting and abusing laws and rules to meet their own criminal needs in order to continue to get away with such madness; the rest just blindly do as they’re told & mimick all they’re programmed with)
    3.) Also note such trolls and associates are also known to attack & call others trolls simply because they are speaking their truth in an effort to silence and discredit them for obvious reasons.

    • Calling people names is trolling.

      Most of the putzes running with their diarrhea of the digits here never even had anything to do with NXIVM.

      Those of us who have actually suffered with this situation are sick of it.

    • IIRC, Gaelen’s mother took him and escaped, with help from the New York State Police. Mother and son are currently in hiding.

  • Just fyi, like all things NX crime syndicate related, they don’t always go by this exact title- esp not now that there’s been such negative publicity. There are many more than this. RCG is not any type of real actual educational programming (obviously), that’s just one of many shell names used for their abusive and disgusting child slave grooming& early cult programming tactics. For many reasons, but also to prey off of the public & govt for funding. They’re as much of an educational program as Scientology is a religion. And the “nannies” are coming in illegally (using same fraud approaches used in all other crimes of theirs) from their trafficking networks in their home countries, of which they are already”trained” in.

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