How to communicate with Raniere; help him get through boring days in prison

Take the time to show you care: write a letter to “The Vanguard”.

Keith Raniere no longer gets to go for long midnight walks with ardent members of his sex-slave cult. Nor does he get to sleep all day long while pretending that he only needs two hours of sleep per day; order vegetarian pizza with hot sauce – and sneak in hamburgers when no one else is around; design health-threatening dietary and workout regimens for women who want to be sexually involved with him; oversee brutal legal attacks on those he believes to be his enemies; waste millions of dollars on his latest gambling gambit; or think up new and more bizarre sociopathic plans for getting those around him to cater to his every need and whim.

Nope… Just like every other pre-trial prisoner at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY, Raniere has pretty boring days.

Up at 6:00 AM for breakfast – as soon as his cell is unlocked;

Stand in line for the 11:00 AM lunch – and then go back to his cell to eat it (No one wants him sitting at their meal-table because of the nature of the charges against him);

Watch others play chess and other board games from noon until the 4:00 PM “Count” (No one will invite him to join in because if they did, they too would be shunned);

Stand in line for the 4:30 PM dinner – and then go back to his cell to eat it (see above);

Lay around in his cell until the 9:00 PM “Count”; and

Be locked in at 9:15 PM for the night.

And tomorrow is just like today. As is the next day, and the next day, and the next day…

So, just to break up the boredom while he awaits trial and a likely sentence of at least 30-years, I am offering all of Frank Report’s readers the chance to communicate directly with “The Vanguard” and help him get through his mind-numbing days. And, unlike his over-priced training courses, which were more expensive per hour than the best colleges and universities in the country, this amazing opportunity will just require you to sit down and write a letter, put it in an envelope, buy a postage stamp, and drop it in a mailbox.

Here is how you address your letters to “The Vanguard”:
Keith Alan Raniere A/K/A “The Vanguard”
Register Number 57005-177
MDC Brooklyn
Metropolitan Detention Center
P.O. Box 329002
Brooklyn NY, 11232

Be sure to put a name and return address on the envelope – and feel free to be creative in doing so. Just don’t put anything other than your letter in the envelope because that may cause everything to be confiscated.

And, of course, tell him I said “Hi”.

Keith Raniere no longer invites the pretty young ladies to come watch him play volleyball. A nice letter might be one where you tell him how much you enjoyed his magnificent play.


PS: Readers please feel free to share with Frank Report your letters to The Vanguard; we will happily publish them. In keeping with the financial model and tradition of Vanguard, the best letter will win a $3 cash prize. There will be a $5 fee for submitting all letters

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  • Dear Keith:

    Thank you for being who you are. You will add a lot of material to the next “how to spot a Sociopathic Cult Leader” self-help book.

    May we suggest a great deal of self examination and honest evaluation during the many empty hours ahead? Focus on enjoying bologna, starches, vending machine foods, and watching TV channels not of your choosing. Better than Bangladesh, right? Remember those you kept imprisoned without the least bit of compunction – they are rejoicing now! As are we.

    One of the many who despise you.

  • Dear Keith (aka The Vanguard):

    Dawg. Shit just got real.

    I remember those days when a group of us would gather around listening to you speak at V-Week and toss your word salad around like a two bit chef at Denny’s. It never made sense to any of us but we all felt good being part of something that we thought was good.

    I remember you using other people’s quotes as if they were your own. Bruce Lee and many others. But you never gave them credit did you? Nope. Passed it off as your own. Seemed like a good con at the time didn’t it?

    I remember you asking many of my friends to do illegal shit so you’d have them. But dang son, they had you.

    And I remember you hitting on many of my female friends in the most sleazy, fratboy ways. I used to hit on girls like that when I was 18.

    Dawg. You got no game. You came up with the most elaborate ruse ever to get women when you just needed to take a few pickup artist courses. Then maybe you wouldn’t be in jail? Oh, wait, you are a pedophile too. Shit, you’d be in jail no matter what.

    I want you to know a lot of us want you to live a long time in jail. And we thought we’d give you some advice based on reading the internet:

    1) Always ask your boyfriends to use lube. And even if they don’t still thank them for the sex after. Politeness goes a long way in prison. Think of them as your judo masters.

    2) Try to get a job in the kitchen so you can get extra helpings of the disgusting slop they call food. You gotta feed that potbelly you have. At least now you can eat meat without hiding it.

    3) A lot of people say to not pick up the soap in the shower. You shouldn’t have an issue with this because you rarely shower. A lot of us thought you never shower. Bruh you stink. Keep it that way.

    4) We all know you like to be worshipped. That probably won’t happen in jail. But a group of us were thinking to write letters to other inmates at the prison telling them all about you, how smart you are, the cult you created and the crimes you did – including the ones against women and children and then see how much they worship you. You’ll have your own following chasing you in no time!

    5) We know you might spend a lot of time in solitary. While there we suggest you remember that there are no ultimate victims, therefore you will not be a victim. Hell, recite the 12 points from the mission statement over and over! It’ll keep you strong and happy. Remember Keith, he who is the most happy wins. And when you are in a pile of your own feces alone in the cold and dark, you can still win by being super duper happy!!!

    6) Keep fit by using that stubby little pudgy body of yours to run away from inmates who want to shank you.

    Keith. Dawg. My dawg. You sick fucking dawg. Prison doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It could be life changing for you. You can get rid of your strange sexual addictions and maybe just maybe, fit in.

    But more likely you’ll be someone’s ass toy and die early.

    – Your Esp Buddies

  • Dear Rainy –

    How did a pudgy, homely dude like you get this scam off the ground, anyway? You are nothing to look at (nice glasses, geek!) and have the nerdiest interests in the world – volleyball? a capella singing? What’s the matter – you weren’t cool enough for bird watching, barbershop quartet, dungeons and dragons, or cosplay at ComicCon?

    Hope you’re enjoying prison and having someone control your every move – how does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot?


  • By now KEITH RANIERE has undoubtedly taken control of the prison. He is the Warden and the old Warden is probably scrubbing toilets.

    In time all shall call KEITH RANIERE….MASTER!!

  • Dear Keith, The feds got a court order to tap your texts from your phone. Once when a comment was sent to you about many girls coming to see you- you relied by text. ” all mine”

    ( check out the written document published on this site from the FBI agent on the case when he wrote his affidavit to get Keith arrested)

    Well, now a few big guys in prison will be looking at you and saying ” all mine”

    Payback is a bitch-isn’t it?

    signed former coach

  • Dear Sir,

    I was extremely sorry to hear you were recently placed in custody. I know it Is rather presumptuous for me to write to you, a total stranger, but my conscience simply would not allow me to ignore your plight.

    I know that being in jail can be extraordinarily difficult. But, if you are willing to let your mind and spirit be open to the energy I am transferring to you via this letter, I think I may be able to help.

    I am part of an organisation called the Male Ordinance for the Newly Ensared Yapoks which seeks to help men of all backgrounds, race, religion, age and indeed gender to find peace and personal unanimity in order to enrich and intensify your inner experience and its relationship with the world. This can truly transform your entire sense of being and allow you access to the tools to regain control of your surroundings and the success you deserve.

    If these claims sound outlandish, let me back them up with my qualifications: I am a Consultant Neurosurgeon with a PhD in BioChemistry, Advanced Mathematics and Philosophy. I am a four times Chess world champion, author of 8 New York Times Bestsellers, Grammy award winning singer and have an IQ of 485. I am also an occasional birdwatcher and anthropologist.

    I am taking time out of my busy schedule to write to you and offer you this once in a lifetime chance to rejuvenate your connection with your true self. While I am aware that sadly, at this moment, you are unable to attend any of our meetings (which I guarantee will not be an issue if you are willing to study our curriculum) given your immense potential I feel it is my very duty to make a one time only offer to you: for just $10,000 I will personally send you my entire curriculum which has already changed the lives and prospects of millions of men (including Bill Gates and former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair). *

    It is my dearest wish that you will allow me to help you out of your terrible set of circumstances. I will await your response with eagerness.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Ohai Mark.

    * Offer excludes any part of the curriculum published after 1985. Any further materials will cost approximately $20,000 per chapter and will require said student to provide Mr. Mark with a year’s supply of bacon every year for the rest of said student’s life.

  • What’s the chances, Bill Cosby and Keith end up sharing a cell? Keith Raniere conversations 2.0 “Hi bill , I got women to have sex by mind manipulation. Bill: I just knocked them out with drugs”. Care for a pudding pop?

  • In the photo above, the girl is Daniella Fernandez. KR had locked her up/imprisoned in a room for over a year in one of his houses run by his psycho-coven witches, (Karen U, Pam C and Kristen Queef and Nancy S of course) to ‘heal her breech’ due to the fact that she had her own mind and questioned the reality of the situation. He couldn’t break her and she escaped. This was approx 10yrs ago. I think it was Loretta who assisted in her escape.(is Loretta the insider? I know she is dirty transport gal) I hope Danni comes out to tell her story. Her youngest sister Camilla was under age @ 14 when she was given to KR. The other sister Mariana birthed his 2nd child after being lover to Pam C. who was her groomer. The Fernandez son, Adrian aka Fluffy worked for Mark Vicente and was trained well from a young age to do the unethical by destroying evidence, all in the name of film making. The even sicker thing about this little latino pod, it is that the mother and father Fernandez were just creepy sheep and gave their children to the mission. KR is a sick man and is dangerous. The corruption goes deep. He manipulated the victims to turn into victimizers. Thats the name of his game. As an outsider in the education program, there was lots of, “is this really happening?” “WTF is going on?” “Did I just see that?” If one was to question, one would get a minion sent out to EM the crap out of you, turning it around and pushing the agenda of punishment and its just your issue…Smoke & Mirrors. I hope that who ever is out there that is going to tell this sordid tale will tell the whole truth. Not just a biased sensationalized branding version. The branding came in when he was peaking and he got sloppy. The branding happened way after the abusing was going on for a very long time. I know Kristen Queef gives a lot of information to FP, but does she tell the dirty work that she participated in,i.e.: the legal shit she lied about and as well as impersonating a legal clerk to get behind the doors of the lawyers in Albany and paying off politicians and law enforcement? Or does she just throw everybody else under the bus. It appears clearer every day that the closer to the inner circle a NX’r is they tell a prettier version of themselves and an uglier version of others. Actually, they just leave themselves out of the equation. That is what they are trained to do. Have no morals , no self to get the job done. Rather, its for the mission and has no impact on self or society. As if there is no cause & effect. It gives selfless service another twisted meaning. He teaches people to delete themselves. Hard pills to swallow for your participation and manipulation you were subject to and inflicting. So yeah, I guess throwing others under the bus is not outta the question. Painful. The closer to the top, the hotter the fire the more guilty they are. KR played off of insecurities and desire for adoration. He served up the perfect psycho-cocktail along with a sandwich of false pride for each individual and took them down one by one within a group think tank, and then bid them to do his dirty work, played people off each other and against eachother… Truly menacing. AM hopefully she will come around. Its is going to be awhile for her personally. Justification is the name of the game with the brainwashing he does. Results being, people turning on themselves in their own head all the while defying their internal sense of right and wrong. Word Salad or Scrambled eggs? Truly just a bunch of broken hearts. Everything within NX is on a Need to Know Basis strategically. KR understood divide and conquer; gave a little to certain folks to prop them up while propagating others in another area, punishing others in another area…all in support of his mission in multiple directions. KR a psycho-multitasker. AM will do time for her crimes, I think she should. But what about the others who did the dirty work way before Allison appeared on the scene as slave master? She is just the pretty face and gullible gal that wanted to be first wife. This organization is crumbling in part due to the the celebrities involved. Thankful that our society loves a sensational story. So, lets be grateful for a second that AM needed to be the first wife and wanted to show how devoted she was to the mission. As well as, that India is a daughter of….$$$$$$$$$$ So much credit has been given to Toni Natalie. and her pursuit of justice. She deserves a pat on the back and that she can hopefully sleep at night again. Yet, beware of her story. She bends that truth and is a bit obsessed. Glad that she wanted revenge on him, but she is a gangster bitch. Still not clean after all of these years. It would be great to turn down the covers on everyone involved. Get the real truth out…. Lets end on a high note w a little Jimmy Cliff “The Harder They Come The Harder They Fall, One and All”

    • Toni was planning her escape at the end of 98 and left in early 99. She didn’t even know about his secret harem until just before she escaped. I assume you are calling her dirty from the Consumer Byline days? Cause from the day she left, she has been on the defensive and has been viciously attacked. Or are you repeating Keith’s bogus claim (that was proved bogus under questioning) that her family is mafia? Just curious, because it seems from your commentary that you were around for much of the 2000s. If you are repeating inner circle lies about Toni, I get it – but if you were around from the beginning, I wonder how you could think Toni is a “ganster bitch”? As proven by Kristen, I bet the innerest of the old-school inner circle know in their hearts that Toni got screwed over, and is a good person.

  • Vanguard, Seems you’ve been living in existential isolation and and honing your sociopathic skill-set for decades. Hubristic, no?

  • Well on the bright side, I understand the MDC does a pretty great weekend brunch. Bottomless peach bellinis and an omelet bar as well.

  • It’s ironic that “The Vanguard” is now being guarded round the clock and has to conform to a schedule at other people’s whims like he did so to others, although his schedules if they could be called such were much more whimsical, crazy, sexist, and rigorous.

    With all of these women seemingly turning on him, it’s only going to reinforce in his mind his misogynistic views. It is now an intrinsic part of his nature to disclaim any responsibility for any negative situation that happens to him. The card that “there are no ultimate victims” doesn’t apply to his special pleading self.

  • Dear Mr. Raniere of cell block douche. Please think critically of the following quote from the great basketball coach Bobby Knight “If rape is inevitable, try to enjoy it”. This should be right down your alley so to speak, based on your current lodging situation. Keep your energy levels up! Remember, there are no victims.

  • The trick is that you have to rope him in to reading most of the letter before you drop the hammer on him and his pathetic little ego.

    • I am thinking to send a postcard.
      It’s almost impossible to not manage to read a postcard.

      Dear Keith,
      Thanks for the free intensive since I know it means you thought I was pretty enough to be one of your girls. Thank God I found you creepy and repulsive. Not at all surprised to find out about you raping 12 and 15 yr olds. Enjoy your stay at MD. I hope it is permanent. Signed, Moi

    • Dear Vanguard,
      The truth of the matter is that true genius is never understood; true genius is feared and harassed, as you are being right now. The United States government has unfairly persecuted too many leaders in thought and religion, locking them away or deporting them out of irrational phobias. The charges brought against you simply cannot be true, you are the most rational and empathetic person whom I’ve ever come in to contact with. You bring joy and happiness to the people around you and enrich your followers with knowledge and compassion. Except when you force women to maintain a 600 calorie diet, effectively starving them, and then order they be branded with a cauterizing tool. Then, you are a evil. Evil and worthy of being raped anally for the next fifty years of your life, clinging to the slim hope that eventually, you won’t feel a thing when man after man holds you down and takes away your ability to go to the bathroom without pain.

      Yours Faithfully,

  • What you do is… write every other inmate around him and tell them the real Raniere Story.

  • May I call you Van? I am writing to inquire if you are putting forth what is necessary to be noble. I hope so. Humans can be noble and it’s important to try. I think often of your wise words, “there are no ultimate victims.” May you find time in your busy days to reflect on your wisdom as well. Also, smile! When you smile, the world smiles with you. Well, not exactly “with you,” but we are all smiling. And each experience of joy is an experience of joy for all people and a victory for human kind!

  • We need someone to pretend to be a “follower” and see if he tries to brainwash via letters… lead him on for years… setup a website with all the correspondence to laugh at him…

  • Allison is telling everyone you have a teeny weenie and you can’t get hard unless there’s a naked guy around. Don’t worry, the guards didn’t see this .. 😉

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