Has Allison Mack defected from NXIVM?

By Frank Parlato
Based on events today, Allison Mack has likely defected from the cult that brands and blackmails women. The conditions of Mack’s release on $5 million bond include:
1. She goes to California to live with parents in home confinement.
2. She wears an ankle monitor.
3. She can’t leave her residence without advance approval.
4. She cannot meet, speak on the phone, or email members of NXIVM.

The judge told Mack, “Basically, avoid contact with anyone you know associated in any way with NXIVM.”

This appears to contradict an earlier commitment she made. Mack made ‘The Vow”, a lifetime vow of obedience to Keith Raniere, the founder of the NXIVM cult. She gave him collateral to ensure that she would never fail to honor the vow of placing him above all others.

Mack accepted freedom by agreeing not to communicate with her master, Raniere.

She is not likely to have consulted with Raniere in making this decision. He is in Brooklyn in prison – having been denied bail.

One former NXIVM slave said, “There is nothing that would make Keith Raniere more upset than losing control of Allison Mack. He is striving for control. He created a master-slave group.  In the face of adversity, she was not willing to stand with her group.  It will drive Keith insane. He must have complete control of everyone.”

He does not have control. This is evidenced by the fact that she agreed not to talk to him or anyone – even Mack’s wife, DOS slave, actress Nicki Clyne, whom Mack married to keep in the USA. Clyne is Canadian.

One of Mack’s slaves, India Oxenberg, has previously said she’s willing to go to jail like Nelson Mandela to uphold Mack and Raniere, but pampered Oxenberg has not been cuffed and collared like Mack, who just spent four days in the brutal Metropolitan Detention Center n Brooklyn.  If she’s charges and arrested, will Oxenberg also seek to get out of jail at the cost of never speaking to anyone connected to NXIVM?

According to a court filing, Mack tolled the time clock for speedy trial because her lawyers may be trying to secure a plea. She won’t be consulting with Raniere on that either. And a good thing too, since any plea deal at this stage would require her to testify against him, her former master.

Mack’s next court date is May 3.


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  • Well its good to hear that she is out.

    Lets hope her hearing goes well on May 3rd and she throws saltzman, raniere and bronfman under the bus.

  • Was that trial drawing made by a devotee of Salvador Dali? They melted her face. I mean, yes, she looks thin and is wearing no make up and probably hasn’t slept well in years. But her face is not melted.

    • both of the court sketch artist are extremely elderly.

      At least they left out the moustache we see in the photos of her leaving the court. 🙂

  • quick question here…regarding her bail security/collateral
    if she had a contract with keith surrendering her condo to him prior to her arrest
    “if she defected”
    how does she use that condo as part of this security/collateral

    from what i get about keith’s legal team….that prior contract is written pretty well
    surely his legal team upon hearing “she’s defected” has some type of legal right
    that could very well supersede her bail/bond agreement

    • Its pretty bloody obvious. Contracts made with Keith were only enforceable while he was outside of prison. They could release it WITHOUT anyone knowing.

      People ALREADY know what he had over Allison ( its listed in a legal paper )

      So it no longer holds weight or power over her.

      And it wouldn’t have been his legal team that released it as it was damaging information and if people knew who it came from he would have been charged with blackmail

      So no. Collateral has no power over her anymore

  • She looks like a bitch and these classes ain’t shit and this NXIUM empowering tools ain’t shit for these fake ppl in jail! I’d love to see Reneire

    • The marriage was a SHAM. She didn’t have her ring on her finger when she left the court. It was fraud so no, she does not need to see her. The courts have stated she is not allowed to speak or go near Nicki

  • Just hope her parents make sure she doesn’t have access to a phone or the internet- I’m sure the cult would love to bring her back into the fold and are panicked. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t try and hit her up if she goes to the mailbox.

    • if she violates her bail conditions and winds up back in the slammer with no bail.

      That is the thing about everyone I have known involved with NXIVM. They are pretty arrogant, and generally believe they are much smarter than everyone else. She may think she can get away with whatever she does, just like she got away with getting out of MDC.


    I think folks need to realize one thing.

    All humans are capable of making mistakes.

    All humans are capable of falling in with the wrong crowd.

    Allison is no different. I would hate to see her swallowed by so much hate from the public that she feels that suicide is the only solution to move forward. It’s not. There is life beyond this.

    Allow the justice system to do its job and refrain from tossing mud at her. The truth will come out in due time.

    She has a heart. It beats. It hurts. It can be destroyed or supported.

    I’m not saying you need to like her but there is so much about this case that WE the people do not know.

    In time we will.

    Let him who is without sin throw the first stone.

    • Well said.

      I don’t know if I’m biased because I’m a big fan of hers but I hope that she will change for the better.

    • Give it up.
      Anyone who would torture and enslave people has a depraved heart.
      Allison Mack is an adult who lived a very privileged life and ended up using and abusing women to enhance her own power.
      This was not one small mistake.
      It was a long term continuous pattern by Allison Mack of using and abusing women.


        shadowstate its innocent until proven guilty.

        Give that damn woman a chance to throw Keith under the bus.

        Its not over while the jury is out.

        There is not a long term pattern of AM. Before 2006 there was none of this. Then after she met him it all began.

        Not in one single blog comment do you mention anyone else but AM. Your hatred runs deep for her more than anyone. I’m guessing it was already there to begin with in yourself and now all you can do is project it on to her.

        • Innocent until proved guilty only applies to the Judge and jury.

          We already know enough about NXIVM and Allison Mack’s role in managing the slaves to judge her as a vain,egotistical, self-centered,
          narcsisstic sociopath.
          She has no sympathy or remorse for anyone but herself.
          If she manages to testify against her co-conspirators it will only be to save her own rotten hide.

          Everyone gives Allison Mack the benefit of the doubt because she is a well to do white female celebrity.

          Would the same consideration be given to a poor black male from the ghetto?

          • Again Shadowstate you display your ignorance of the law. You don’t know anything about this women except allegations. That is it.

          • I know what the indictment says.
            Sex Trafficking and Enforced Servitude.

            Do you think DOJ prosecutors bring indictments for kicks?

          • I agree with you!!! I was just about to say all this! She’s playing the victim card to excuse her bad behavior and to get off free and clear! She’s the real mastermind behind all of this because she created the group to serve her own needs. She’s a narcissist, a sociopath, and a true con artist. She’s an actress, lest we not forget! The fact that she’s released from jail tells me that this case is completely over before it began. She should rot in jail. .How have they not required her to be in clinic at the very least??Nicki Clyne should be deported. All Raniere’s businesses and assets frozen!

          • Apparently Ms. Mack was involved in importing children from Mexico to serve as house slaves and sex workers for the NXIVN elite.
            Children as young as 12 years old.
            If Ms. Mack can weasel out of charges like this it will be a shame.
            Allison Mack and sex cult leader Raniere may have trafficked teen and preteen girls from Chihuahua, Mexico

      • If by “very privileged life” you mean working like an adult since you were 4 years old, no childhood, no being a high school student or going to college and getting actually smart (not Raniere crazy), and dealing with all the crap that children and women encounter in Hollywood, you have an odd definition of privileged.

        It took years for Mack to become enslaved by Raniere (witnesses say she got serious about NXIVM around 2012 and had more casually participated before that) and then turn enslaver herself (when did DOS start, 2016?). She has a long recovery ahead of her, and amends to make, including jail time, and no life to come back, her old life has been destroyed, including the money she earned from a lifetime of work and relationships, including fiance, that she had built throughout her life.

        But you see privilege? Your lack of humanity is showing.

    • You do realise, it is ridiculous to be sanctimonious while you are slinging mud all over the comment section of every single page ?

      Oh wait, it is only okay to sling mud when you are protecting the actress you worship. Right.

  • Time will tell if Mack is more like Rick Gates, who is cooperating with Mueller, or Paul Manafort, who is stonewalling.

    Either way, Allison Mack’s acting career is as dead as Kevin Spacey’s.

    Who wants to see an actress who brands and enslaves people?

    Allison Mack won’t even be able to work in community theater.

    • She’ll be a shoo-in to play herself in the NXIVM miniseries though! Especially if she comes out of this not too worse for wear.

      • No Hollywood will go for a younger sexier model.
        They always do.
        Which made A. Mack very susceptible to Raniere’s word salad on acting
        She knew after 10 years living in Smallville
        She would have a hard time appealing to adult audiences
        Which brought this poor waif to tears.
        And reading the Frank Report makes you wonder
        If there is something in the water in Vancouver
        Which makes the women there so impressionable
        Heroic Sarah didn’t see the light until she smelled her own flesh burn
        Sorry fans

    • Facts Only Please No Speculation (especially from tools like shadowstate, brigid and scott johnson) says:

      Enough with your false news shadowstate

      She wasn’t the one who branded and enslaved.Keith was.

      Your hate for her just makes you look like a bigger fool.

      • pretty sure she benefited finically from having slaves. Pretty sure she held women down and said “think of your master” as their flesh was cauterized with Raniere’s brand. Yah know, too keep rustlers from stealing from Raniere’s herd.

        “Allison was the best ranch hand I ever had.” — Keith Alan Raniere

        • all the free personal assistant services like errands, laundry, etc. Personal assistants aren’t inexpensive. Not good ones, anyhow.

  • Video of Allison being mobbed as she leaves her bailing hearing with her lawyers. Appears someone hit the deck trying to get the money shot:


    IMO, she physically looks better than she did in the video from Mexico but much thinner than the last time I saw her last October running thru Knox Woods over by Monmouth Way on a Friday when she smiled at me and the three people I was talking to while outside on a beautiful Fall day in Upstate NY. We were actually talking about NXIVM as Catherine Oxenberg’s story had just aired on TV and it was the talk of the neighborhood. We were trying to find where India was holed up. Based on the video clip that was aired of India skype-ing home, we were able to locate the exact porch India was on and that turns out to be Allison’s condo. However, it had appeared India had moved on to another location and was probably staying with Keith, Allison and Marianna over on Oregon Trail and was no longer living in Knox Woods. Whenever I saw her walking, she was coming from Stage Run, walking thru Knox Woods and then headed back to Stage Run.

    Moving on to other tidbits:

    A van and truck emptied the rest of Nancy Salzman’s belongings from 3 Oregon Trail on Sunday a neighbor reports. No trespassing signs sit on either side of her driveway now.

    Lauren Salzman’s driveway also sports no trespassing signs. There is no sign of Lauren at her home.

    The Porters have fled their home on Oregon Trail, although the garage door has been seen up with a car in it from time to time. They are still most definitely in the area and appear to have relocated to one of Clare Bronfman’s homes in the area. A friend followed them over towards Clare’s Button Road home which is secluded.

    • Facts Only Please No Speculation (especially from tools like shadowstate, brigid and scott johnson) says:

      Laura, yes they all stayed at different properties. There was like 5 or 6 properties. 7 highland clifton was allisons place.

    • Thanks again for your input! You guys seem to have a great neighborhood watch team.

      “Based on the video clip that was aired of India skype-ing home, we were able to locate the exact porch India was on and that turns out to be Allison’s condo.” LOL amazing

    • Wish there was a mute button for the worthless comments, so it would be easier to get to yours.

  • Let’s mention how bad this court artist is. It looks nothing like Allison. The photos today of Mack leaving (still can’t believe she actually walked out the front door with no police escort) show her to be looking as good as she ever has. I suspect some application of makeup may have happened before she left, but there’s no way I can believe she EVER looked as rotten as the two court sketches we’ve seen suggested.

    • I’ve been wondering whether court artists have implicit bias to draw any accused party worse than s/he appears.

    • Dude I love figure drawing, I majored in fine arts, love to draw on the spot. If I drew like this courtroom artist I’d consider it a “practice” drawing. I would hope they get a lot of practice drawing quick gesture sketches of real humans every day through court cases, but who knows? Where the heck can I submit a portfolio or do a working interview to become one? Part time hours okay. I’m not picky. Once I got out of work too late to ht my community figure drawing session in Providence, RI, so I took to drawing at Kennedy Plaza bus station of degenerates. There I had my first meeting with “Papi Chulo,” who begged me to draw him, which I did rather poorly but he loved it, somehow knew at least a dozen people and showed them my drawing while asking for a nickel bag of weed, then introduced me to his police “friends” before threatening my bus driver that he better get me home safely or he’d kick his “white ass.” Papi Chulo’s drug use evidently erased all brain cells because I had several other encounters with him with complete failure to remember me, including asking me for a lighter, when I said I didn’t have one, he proclaimed “If you can’t hang in da hood, don’t be in da hood!” I have no idea what that means, I lived across the street.

      Live figure drawing is a lot of fun to meet some strange folks up close or afar, I figure court drawing is similar

  • First off, Keith has no control over anyone. He’s behind bars and will stay there. No plea deal for him.

    Second, collateral over Allison was only effective when people didn’t know. People already know now (so that’s gone )

    They have nothing over her and she is the first one to put forward evidence against them so she has the upper hand and the control in this situation.

    I believe that Allison immediately entered a plea deal as soon as she knew she had escaped NXIVM (and the bronfman legal team )

    Her belongings from her clifton house have been removed now and sent to California.

    She now has 10 days to spend time with family before a hearing

  • I think we are FAR BEYOND collateral that he has over her. (People already know what he had over her so it no longer holds the power that it once did). It also only holds power if people don’t know who released it. We all know Keith was the one who held it.

    Allison is free of this monster and can now rebuild her life.

    Sure, she may never again work as an actress and she might feel at the lowest point in her life but the only way is up now.

    She can choose to drown or swim to the surface and do what is right – —— hand over everything she knows and has on Keith.

    I truly believe she will do the right thing.

  • Who is the brunette female in the court drawings? The 2 male lawyers are on the video of Allison’s release.

    • It is Kristin K, of course.
      KK is supporting her former BFF…
      …or relishing the evil that she has loosed upon the world.
      Take your pick.

    • The brunette female is probably a US Marshall.
      Only the lawyers , court personnel and US Marshalls are allowed near the defendant.

  • I hope that is the case. 4 days in a prison can change a person. Then she has 10 days before May 3rd with her family. That will do wonders for her.

    I think the focus should be on Keith, the Salzmans, and the Bronfman sisters

    • You actually cannot change a person that much in four days (unless we are speaking in terms of PTSD), but you can really change the circumstances (social pressures) and thereby alter behavior (roles, goals, etc.)

      • Actually Ron yes you can.

        Fear can make a person do many things.

        What works for one, might not work for another but when you are staring down a 15 to life sentence, you can be damn sure she considered her alternatives.

        • You just identified a social pressure. To change a person suggests a fundamental alteration in values, personality, synaptic connections, self-narratives, etc. For example, you could fundamentally change loyalties, but the same predisposition, inclinations, and vulnerabilities could be the same things motivating you in a new direction.

          I’m not disagreeing with your speculated outcomes, but just cautioning against the notion that a person can “see the light”, “deprogram”, or “reform” in a short time space. The inner work is more demanding than the outer work.

          • Wasting your time trying to explain anything to someone who is incapable of comprehension outside of their own filtered, delusional position.

        • If she helps bring down a Monster, she will at least partially redeem herself and maybe start healing. She is certainly culpable but maybe it all started with innocuous intentions of loyalty, “life meaning”, and dedication. I do believe that near starvation, indoctrination by a confirmed sociopath, and sleep deprivation can alter the normal thought / reasoning process. I cannot believe that she nor anyone else actually sat there and heard women scream in pain without reaction, but this is well beyond my experience – thank God! The world needs to be shielded from the KR’s of our time. Allison, please help us all and do the right thing. You can do it. If you will do that, I will root for you. You are very young indeed.

      • Remember what ESP can do to a person in 5 days.

        And ESP doesn’t even have 24 hour/day barred cells and guards……

  • So, if Mack defects and turns state witness, what about all the others who committed crimes under her supervision (i.e. all her slaves)?

    Do they get thrown under the bus?

    Some would certainly deserve it, but surely not all.

    • You’ve got a brain, use it. If Jane Doe 2 got wrapped into Allison’s indictment, will CC2 even be charged? I won’t be surprised if no further slaves are arrested (except for Lauren, deeply involved with NXIVM backend) and remaining focus turns to the Bronfmans, the Salzmans, the two doctors, and whatever people were directly involved with illegal money and immigrant shenanigans.

      • Nicki Clyne is really too stupid to be a big fish, but unless she has anything to offer that Allison can’t offer it will be difficult for her to make a deal. Same might be true for India.

        And any of the slaves who had slaves themselves or tried to recruit slaves has committed crimes.

        I’m certain, once Allison “sings”, there will be an avalanche of indictments.

        • Why do you assume she’s stupid? She’s no genius but her writings are eloquent enough, she has had intelligent discussions on podcasts and interviews, and during the brief meting I had with her at a convention she seemed witty enough. But yeah, the fact Allison is at the top means she probably knows everything any other girl would know unless they were present for something specific or had the names of others. But truly I think having more than one eye-witness can only help the courts get a conviction, making a deal with the most harmless two seems like a good idea, especially since India might be a PR nightmare because of how important her Mother was in shining a light on this.

    • I suppose that would depend on the details of her deal. Not giving information on certain people’s crimes.

      Could she theoretically secure immunity for some of the other slaves? Not sure what stipulations can be made or if the defendant even gets a say in the Plea deal.

      • I don’t think that’s not how plea deals work. You can’t exclude anything and I really doubt that you can make deals for others.

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