Rainbow Cultural Garden needs to be shut down now – before more children are harmed

Rainbow Cultural Gardens - a dangerous experiment

Arrested sex-slaver Keith Raniere – busted by the FBI for branding and blackmailing adult women in his cult group DOS –  also devised a  program to indoctrinate children. It is called Rainbow Cultural Garden, is funded by Seagram’s heiress Sara Bronfman, is still operating now and, for the sake of the children still in it – it needs to be investigated by authorities.

Raniere’s concept is based on his theory that simultaneously teaching children many languages from infancy develops brain power.  Raniere speaks only English – and has no known credentials regarding child development or speech.

Raniere’s program provides children in Rainbow Cultural Garden with seven foreign babysitters. Each babysitter speaks in their native language to the child. The seven are Spanish, English, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, German and Japanese.

The Rainbow program costs $120,000 per year per child. Babysitters are called ‘Multi-Cultural Development Specialists’ [MDS] and paid between $10-$15 per hour. While they babysit, they speak to the child only in their native, foreign language.

The seven babysitters watch the child alternately for a total of 90 hours per week. Each is with a child about 13 hours per week. The Rainbow program engulfs most of the average child’s waking hours. MDS are hired from online advertisements.  An MDS does not have to hold a college degree or have a background in early child development.  There are no tests to ascertain how fluently a MDS candidate speaks her own language.

In Rainbow, parents have to take Raniere’s claim of brain development based on faith. But that is no problem for most of them, since they are already members of his NXIVM cult and believe he is the greatest, smartest and most ethical man in the world

When an MDS is with a child, the child’s parents are not supposed to talk to their child. So the child, Raniere explains, is immersed only in the language of the day.

In this way, Raniere ensures children in his cult spend little time with their parents and, as soon as they’re old enough, start attending his NXIVM classes where they learn he is the greatest, smartest and most ethical person who ever lived.

To date, not one of the children has ever been known to speak fluently in several languages. To the contrary, reports have been made that some children cannot even speak their own language but rather sort of babble in a hybrid of tongues.

Throughout the 11-years Rainbow has been in operation, it has never been licensed as a pre-school or a daycare provider. In reality, it is a human experiment conceived and conducted by an alleged sex trafficker and known pedophile on children whose parents have been brainwashed by his insidious teachings and hypnosis skills. Since many of his students are trust fund children of wealthy parents, their foolishness and their money are soon parted and Raniere gets a whole new set of future cult members.

Even though Raniere is in prison – which many believe will be for the rest of his life –  the toxic Rainbow Cultural Gardens program and its itinerant nannies is still going strong.  And even though this illegal operation has been reported to several governmental authorities – including, but not limited to, Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen, the Saratoga County Department of Social Services, the NYS Police, and the NYS Department of Education –  it is still in operation as of today.

Ironically, some of the nannies were also used in Raniere’s sex trafficking scheme. And, according to several sources, several of those who were involved in the Clifton Park, NY operation were also in the U.S. illegally – and were forced to kick-back some of their meager wages to NXIVM.

Although Keith Raniere speaks only one language,  he started a program in which children are taught seven languages and kept from speaking with their parents.

Although the federal authorities in the Eastern District of New York are to be commended for arresting Raniere and putting an end to his sex trafficking operation, that is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of all the crimes he has committed. And the Rainbow Cultural Garden-related crimes against the little children of his cult members – some as young as 6 months – may be his greatest crime of all

Clifton Park, NY: https://opencorpdata.com/us-ny/3839317 


New York City:https://www.facebook.com/RCGKidsNYC


Mexico City:https://www.facebook.com/RainbowCGMexico

Guadalajara Mexico:https://www.facebook.com/RainbowGuadalajara

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  • Of course these people that have been charged are linked to Hitlery!!! Disgusting vile people!!! What is wrong with the parents too? Nobody in their right mind would think that this type of schooling would be good for a child!!! Parents need to be looked at too!!! Imagine what could be done to these children and they wouldn’t be able to tell their parents!!! Abuse absolutely!!!

  • I have been emailing and tweeting Sadiqu Khan Mayor of London and asked him what is he going to do about this, no reply yet, began tweeting and got slammed to bit by someone for try to defend children

  • Keith Raniere is an unindicted child rapist and a psychopath! So why would a psychpathic child rapist start a pre-school/day care center under any pretext? I think that almost anyone can figure out that answer. He has been charged with sex-trafficking and forced labor by the federal authorities. Rainbow Culture Gardens, in my opinion, is a potential locus for the sexual abuse and the sex-trafficking of young girls and boys. RCG presents an opportunity to corrupt the minds of these innocent children and brainwash them into becoming sex toys for predatory pedophiles like Keith Raniere and his ilk.

    Close these facilities down and investigate & prosecute any associates guilty of criminal behavior. Where is Save the Children and the SPCC, not to mention Child Protective Services. Call the city, call the state agencies and ask questions and give them information about any thing unethical, immoral, or illegal going on at RCG. DO IT TODAY!

  • would love to see some frank reportage of Sara Bronfman. I get a whiff of sulphur every time i visit her twitter site. The fact she masquerades as an ‘educationalist’ – without qualification? and looks like she’s persuading some previously well thought of Ed. sites to take her seriously – should be exposed. she tweets like thats all she does all day, so I can’t remember which day this was, but a week or so ago she retweeted an
    Aleister Crowley quote – in relation to children? that auld satan? she needs to be stopped.

  • Message to Sara Bronfman, we havent forgotten about you and how you are the true patron of Rainbow Cultural Garden. In name it might be Loreta Garza’s company but methinks it is your purse strings keeping it afloat. Much like Clare floats NXIVM/ESP and Rosa Laura Junco floats The Knife Media.

    What do you like to say Sara?


  • for bringing the attention back to this important issue.
    Rainbow Cultural Garden and The Knife Media are IMO disastrous because both are branches of NXIVM parading as legitimate businesses.

    Also, it is disgusting and pathetic for people to try to use this platform to push their political agendas.

  • Also I wondered whether any exians were aware of the multitude of new age videos on the subject of “rainbow children” that are all over youtube? Having endured watching quite a few of these videos it seems that many psychics, life coaches and new age entrepreneurs promote the idea that “rainbow children” are “special” children who require non-conventional schooling and educational experiences. According to these videos, these children are often misdiagnosed as having ADHD or Aspergers but are really superhuman entities who represent the latest stage in human evolution. They are here to save humanity. Or something. See also crystal children, indigo children and star children.

    This might not have much to do with the Rainbow Cultural Garden entities, but I was just thinking that KR may have appropriated elements of the new age zeitgeist into the melting pot of his various schemes. I have read here and elsewhere that KR has studied other cults, so it is highly likely that he is familiar with these kinds of videos and ideas.

    just one example that conveys a lot of the prevalent ideas about rainbow children in a compact form.

    • Found this too, “Rainbow children are spiritual beings here to help heal the Earth and Humanity.” That sounds like Keith, and he likes multiple meanings to his titles.

      • Thank you for taking the time to watch it and think about it.

        I didn’t mention when I posted the video, but the indigo / crystal / rainbow / starseed children thing is massive in Mexico. There are, to my knowledge, very serious criminals running special schools for these “new” children in Mexico. There are many indications that they are involved in human trafficking, child sexual exploitation and blackmail. I think that there are layers to NXIVM that have not yet even begun to be revealed, specifically in relation to its relationship to serious organised crime on a transnational level.

        Also, if you check out the videos uploaded by the channel owner of the above video, you might be interested to discover that there are lots of videos advertising workshops on being a new age entrepreneur, using the “law of attraction” to gain business success etc. I would put money on them being MLM scams. Again, this blend of life coaching, supernatural bullshit, “ancient wisdom”, astrology, conspiracy theories and MLM scams is a very well established MO of serious OC networks in certain territories, especially Mexico and Russia.

        NXIVM seems like a horrific example of cultic extreme criminality to most readers, but if you have an understanding of the MO, it is actually not uncommon. The branding is the only element unique to NXIVM that I am aware of. Horrific though it may be, there is likely to be much worse to be revealed – I say this not as someone who was involved with NXIVM – I have no personal experience of them. I am just depressingly familiar with the MO

  • From a previous post…

    By Argus Panoptes

    The government officials overseeing Rainbow Cultural Garden would be quite different than the ones that would care about the crimes against adults. If Rainbow Garden had zero eight-year-old’s enrolled, it would not qualify as an entity to receive a charter from the New York State Board of Regents in order to be a legal, private school.

    There has to be at least one eight-year-old enrolled, and then the application to operate a private school would be considered.

    Even more difficult to get is a daycare, or preschool designation. The governing body for this would be NYS Social Services, and the requirements are VERY granular, and difficult to meet. It’s fire codes, accessibility, health and safety…. so many rules! Ask a daycare administrator about this… it is very difficult to set up a legal daycare business.

    Are they wiping down all the toys and surfaces with an antibiotic solution every night? If not, then they are in violation of the NYS Social Services rules for daycares. It goes on and on….

    You can’t charge money to take care of multiple children, and not register with social services….unless you are a private school.

    Were Social Services to become aware of the Rainbow Cultural Garden operation, they would probably be quite responsive. They love shutting down this stuff.

  • In an article on Yahoo today, Steven Hassan, author of the books Combating Cult Mind Control and Freedom of Mind: Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling People, Cults, and Beliefs. thinks Trump is a cult that must also be shut down! https://hellogiggles.com/news/donald-trump-cult-leader/ An expert says that Donald Trump fits the traditional description of a cult leader In the interview, Hassan stated that Trump “fits the stereotypical profile of a cult leader.” He added that Trump’s followers and their willingness to stand by the president no matter what also mirrored the traits of cult members.

    • I think they are called Cult 45. Yes, I agree these people are similar to a cult in many ways. They have lost their ability to think logically about Trump , and they support Trump no matter what he does, as though they are so so brainwashed that they can’t see the truth. A group of these pro-Trump supporters are so brainwashed they are convinced these QANON posts are real and the information legitimate . They actually believe it’s all true, so I guess that does give them cult status .

      • Just to preface my comment: USA Today referred to Nxivm as a “cult-like self-help group,” and The Times Union of Albany wrote a series on Nxivm comparing it to a cult. Raniere allegedly established a more secretive group within Nxivm called Dominus Obsequious Sororium (DOS), latin for “master over the slave women” (I see this as a Charles Manson type of cult).

        To address your “Cult45” comment and the one before it. Yeah, by golly, good ole boy Trump comes on over 60ML TVs spread all over the US including the military in foreign lands every day and mind melds us.

        Time for you to look up cults and understand the closeted, physical, everyday brainwashing
        that occurs. Scientology does the same thing. Contained to physical space with barriers and no other information is allowed.

        Well, us here Deplorables are not closeted, not restrained and not force fed. It is a choice and our access to information is widespread due to technology (go Iran!).

        Just saying… I would rather be a “Cult45” member… than a “I’m With Her” member.

    • As much as I realize Trumpty Dumpty is not stable, I have been coming to Frank Report for the last 8 or 9 months partially to escape the news media’s infatuation with all things Trump. Part of the gratification of following Frank Report is that justice was eventually served, and Karma confirmed. Not sure that will be the case with the Commander in Tweet.

      During the NXIVM dialogue here and elsewhere, many things and people have been compared to cults, i.e. the Marine Corps.

      Was the Cleaver family a cult? If we look hard enough, we could probably find some evidence….
      (If you are a young’un and the “Cleaver” reference sailed right over your head, google “Leave it to Beaver”…)

      • Agreed. People on the so called left and right are both stupid. All politics are cults. People moronically follow many leaders.
        They can take their political b.s. elsewhere or put it where it appropriately belongs.

      • Good call, before KR became the Vanguard he followed Muktanand, and spent time at the Ashram in South Fallsburg, until he was asked to leave, for trying to elicit the attention of the very young female devotees.

        • There are many yoga cults exploiting people in horrific ways that are very similar or the same to the way that NXIVM is operating. It is a very well established criminal modus operandi. I think that this may not be the place to provide details of those larger cults, however there are also many smaller “entrepreneurs”, attempting to work this particular scam.

          For example:

          Michael Lyons AKA Mohan Singh, a fraudulent guru and rapist who was jailed in the UK for multiple rapes of multiple victims. He had an entourage of brainwashed female accomplices who recruited fresh meat for him. One interesting aspect of his MO was that the assaults usually started with massages that left the victims feeling incapacitated.

          Craig Stasio, an interesting case allegedly a Christian minister, who runs a massage school and recruits attractive young women to his cult. His followers believe he is Jesus and many young, attractive females have dropped out of law school / higher education to follow a spiritual path consisting of satisfying Stasio’s sexual proclivities and delivering cut price massages to Stasio’s customers.

          Czech citizen Jaroslav Dobes AKA Guru Jara operated a “school of tantra” where with various brainwashed female accomplices recruited attractive young females for their master to rape. His MO (which is unfortunately fairly widespread) was to claim that young women’s reproductive organs were armoured / polluted / infested with parasitic entities that connected them by invisible hooks to former lovers and people who had previously sexually abused them. These hooks had to be severed so that the women could be free to enjoy sex. Submitting to rough (some would say brutal) sex with Dobles was the only way to get rid of the pesky parasitic entities. Dobles is currently in jail.

          Then, for those with strong stomachs, there is the notorious “porta-potty peeper” Luke Chrisco. Luke had intended to establish a goddess worshipping sex cult where women would sell sex and he would benefit from the revenue and on-tap sex. Chrisco had established websites selling the sexual services of himself and his teenage girlfriend and had made a start of his goddess worshipping female emancipation / prostitution website when his plans were cruelly crushed. The poor chap was discovered hiding inside a portable potty at a yoga festival, where he was staked out in an attempt to “be blessed” by the women going to the bathroom on him. Covered in feces he made a run for it and, unsurprisingly, security were unable (possibly unwilling) to accost him. He was arrested soon afterwards and confessed to spying on women in multiple restrooms. Secret eye holes were discovered by the cops, the prostitution and “tantric goddess” websites were discovered and poor Mr Christo anded up in jail. Who knows, if it hadn’t been for the unfortunate incident with the porta-potty he might have established a fully fledged pimping cult by now. Instead the poor chap will have to make do with being an “also ran” in the long list of cultic pimps and predators.

      • Also, if you want to get really old school, I recommend anyone interested in researching this kind of MO to check out the book “My Life in a Love Cult – A Warning to Young Girls” by Marian Dockerill (real name Alma Hirsig), it is very rare in printed form but some parts can be accessed online via various sources.

        Although the narrative voice of the author is somewhat mystical and narcissistic (as one would expect) the author provides a fascinating account of various sex cults and scams preying on wealthy socialites and heiresses in the early 20th century.

    • Ian Watkins is a vile, pathetic excuse for a human. Too bad no body pushed him in front of a bus when he was free.

  • Thank you for this Frank
    It is exactly the right time to post this, hopefully the authorities are paying attention.
    I have been reminded of various other cults and predators when reading your blog and I wondered whether you were familiar with the appalling abuses committed by the lead singer of the band the Lost Prophets, Ian Watkins?
    There are some stark differences between Watkins’ abuse of minors and adult women and KR’s but also some sickening similarities.

  • Rainiere’s first child (that we know of) was the beginning of this Rainbow experiment. Mother is Kristen Keeffe. She had been with KR since she was 17, one of his first victims & supporters. When she was pregnant and had been away from the community, the story told was… wait for it….she had cancer. When she reappeared, cancer free and in great health… 6mo later… she had a baby. Said baby was told to be a friend of a friend. Apparently, the mother had been in a tragic car accident then was GIVEN to one of his long time harem women, who is now deceased due to cancer. KK took responsibility for the child back then and raised it as her own. Baby looks just like her. The RCG was created for this child. Help those children. Shut it down.

  • Is that kid in that creepy video that Mack posted on her IG part of this thing? And what happened with Penelope Cruz’s kid? How did she end up putting her kid in this, assuming that was true?

    • The creepiness is from proximity to Mack. The child is actually loved and awesome and part of a family that has nothing to do with NXIVM.

      I was curious about that child so I found the original video. The family moved from coast to coast and the parents regularly listen to self-help audio books. When they listened to Prem Rawat, the child took it all in and wanted to share those thoughts with his old friends, so a parent taped the child and posted it to youtube for their friends on the opposite coast. On youtube it became viral.


    • Jim Jones also had a star child – John Victor Stoen – with one of his female followers. Very scary similarities in the situations. He would up dying at age 6 in the Jonestown massacre. I hope KR’s children (at least two that we know of) never get exposed to him and his psychotic ideas.

  • If it sounds good, people will fall for anything. Not the substance of what is being said, but the tone and flowery adjectives used. Most people are sheep. Hard core rap brought lyrics calling women bitches, whores, etc…, but because the music had a nice beat, kids blasted it out of cars all over the world without a thought. If the Kardashians’ last name was Krunk, no one would give 2 farts about them. Keith speaks in such a nice smooth tone and dummies have been falling for it for decades. Unreal.

  • Thank you for this valuable information ! I take note and I’ll watch carefully if those creeps try to bring their fester pseudo-spiritual-cultural seppage around…

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