9-videos show Grace Park drank Kool-aid served by Keith Raniere

Despite Grace Park’s best efforts to hide her involvement in the horrifying cult of NXIVM  – led by now-jailed, alleged sex-trafficker Keith Raniere/Federal Prisoner #57005-177, these nine videos [links below and available on the Artvoice Channel on YouTube], show just how enamored the former Hawaii Five-0 actress is/was by his cult teachings.
In these videos, Park appears virtually mesmerized by Raniere.  While the topics discussed in the videos are largely non-controversial, observers can see what appears to be Raniere virtually hypnotizing Park.
In my opinion, these videos are interesting in that they show how Raniere uses his eyes, the tone of his voice, hand gestures, body motions to lead, dominate and possibly hypnotize his listener.  Watching Raniere’s actions and Park’s responses suggest to me classic cult [brainwashing] techniques.
Park also appears to be sleep-deprived, which is also part of the technique Raniere utilized.
These videos are excerpts and it is likely Park did only one long sitting with Raniere and a series of videos were made and given various titles. Many more videos were once easily available on YouTube. But following my reporting of the human branding and blackmail scheme Raniere operated in June 2017 – a scheme that ultimately landed him in jail – Park asked Raniere to take them down.
Raniere agreed in July 2017 – possibly under the condition that Park make no public statement against Raniere or the cult.
In the interest of fair reporting on the cult, I copied the videos before they went offline and have published a small percentage of the videos under what I would certainly consider in the public interest and “fair use.”
It is not my intention to embarrass Grace Park. She has chosen for whatever reason to hide her involvement in the cult – especially now that it became notorious on a world-wide scale. I believe it would have been better for her to have come out and condemned the cult – especially when the ruthless Raniere and his henchwoman, Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, tried to put several whistleblowers – some of whom were Parks’ close friends – in jail.
But Parks did nothing. She remained silent. Later, when a news reporter from another publication, tried to contact her for an on-the-record comment about being in the cult, she told her she had nothing to do with the cult and begged the reporter not to write that she was connected.
I believe Grace Park is probably not deeply involved in NXIVM any more. Now that Raniere is safely behind bars, she is probably less terrified of him than she is of being outed. She is probably not a branded slave of Raniere or Allison Mack, but for whatever reason, she remains afraid to speak and afraid not to speak about the cult. So, she hides – and tries to pretend she was never in the cult.
This too is worthy of study and is presented here as part of the observations that need to be made for people to understand the workings of a cult and how it presupposes the loss of free will and the ability to think clearly and in one’s best interest.
Because Grace Park has a modicum of fame and because Raniere utilized that fame to market himself and his cult, Park is worthy of being revealed as a member. If she was not an actress of some celebrity [she was a co-star of Hawaii Five-O], she would likely not have been asked to make the videos – which, in turn, were used to offset the rumors and published reports of Raniere operating a cult.
The rebuttal that his followers used to persuade others to join the cult – and become enslaved in it – was that actresses like Grace Park were getting value by learning from Keith Raniere. In this respect, Grace Park was used to hide the truth of the sex-trafficking cult. Whether she knew about its seedier and illegal human trafficking abuses may never be known.
What is known is that when she found out, she said and did nothing.
Keith Raniere with Grace Park from his video series “Conversations with Keith Raniere.”

Annealing the human spirit

Eliminating the seeds of fear
Ethics of Authority
Ethics of Power
Finding Self
Keith Raniere on overcoming fear
Light and darkness and the nature of living
The nature of all goodness within
The trap of mutually reinforcing roles chunk

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    • Google and youtube are protecting pedos.
      They where given instructions by their controllers to remove the videos.

  • These actresses are women in their 30’s. They are not children. They are stupid and have weird school girl crushes on a man who can’t string together one coherent sentence. I do not feel any pity for them. I hope all the scum is put away for a long time so the real victims and potential victims can be protected. Enlightenment…….what a joke.

  • How did she get deluded by Keith Raniere?

    It makes slightly more sense that Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk, who didn’t go to college, and Nicki Clyne, who took a few courses but got no degree, might be more easily fooled by someone who sounds smart. But Grace Park specifically studied how the mind works, so you’d think she’d see through Keith Raniere more easily.

    A description of what she studied: https://psych.ubc.ca/undergraduate/bachelor-of-arts-degree-in-psychology-2/major/

    • The people who are attracted to study psychology often do it because they have issues themselves. I knew a psychologist who had a breakdown himself and instead of treating people he had to go into therapy himself.

    • Far smarter people got caught in this.
      Also, people who are attracted to study psychology quite often do it because they have issues themselves they try to understand. You see that actually quite often even with therapists. In a way it works because they have a better understanding of the issues their patients have, but that doesn’t mean that they are immune to fall into the same traps.
      Grace stated in an interview somewhere that she was quite shy. I would think she got introduced to NXIVM by Sarah Edmondson or another actress she worked with. One of the things NXIVM peddled were courses for actors to overcome shyness issues. And as I understand, their “intensive” courses were well designed to wear down even stronger characters by sleep deprivation and constant repetition. And the courses she took may actually helped to some degree. I don’t think they could have built all this without at least some level of value on the surface. But at the same time those courses were certainly designed to make the students susceptible for brainwashing. It all was designed to draw people in deeper and give them a more thorough brainwashing.
      Though I kind of doubt Grace went really deep into this organization.

    • probably helped her to be less deluded in the end. I’m thinking of that scene in the incantations where keith mentions his judo prowess, and she can’t hide her disbelief. Also wouldn’t her ‘shame’ be intensified precisely because she should’ve known better?

  • Until seeing Hard evidence to the contrary I consider Grace a victim in all of this, like almost all of the women involved. Even Allison Mack is really just a victim herself, suffering from a form of Stockholm Syndrome which made her coming up with new cruelties to gain her master’s favor.

    I would wish Grace would come clean about her level of involvement to clear her name. I seriously doubt she had anything to do with the illegal practices of this multilayered organization. And I’m absolutely sure she had anything to do with DOS.
    But coming clear in any form will likely have as much negative effect on her career as staying silent – which is most likely the true reason for her trying to swipe it under the carpet and not some collateral. Grace is a way too private person to give such things away.

  • I’ve said it before and il say it again… this dude speaks a whole lotta shit. He waffles on and on digresing from the topic at hand, faking intelligence …he is a classic bull shitter..I get why GP wanted these videos taken down….id be embarassed that i had allowed the world to see how I fell for a conartists nonsensical ramblings..however..GP should own it and move past it…I don’t believe she was part of the shady side of Nxivm but I do believe she was aware….just like KK …rather admit you were misled and believed in a con…no one is perfect …we have all made mistakes…but you need to own it before you can move on and heal….

    I’m glad Frank posted these videos..as i was quite eager to gain a small insight in what “wise” teachings KR had to share with the world….needless to say I could not watch an entire clip…not only was it boring.. but I find fortune cookies more insightful…

    • 2.26 GPA…and notice how all the other BS NXSCUM claims have disappeared.

      State Judo Champion, 100 yard dash champion, speaking in complete sentences at age 2. IT WAS ALL A SCAM.

      We’re pulling the fraudsters from their sand castles. The best disenfectant is the light of day.

      And there’s MORE TO COME!!!

  • I’m trying to keep score here.

    Months ago, were you not making a deal of the fact that despite GP asking NXIVM repeatedly to take down the videos they wouldn’t and you condemned KR for those actions. Now you’re turning the condemnation back on GP in a (very) thinly veiled suggestion that there is more to her involvement than what is being reported?

    Were you making those same accusations last July? Or were you more focused on KR being a horrible person? Now that KR is behind bars, the same old chestnut has been flipped and turned against another victim?

    Or have you always maintained that GP was still culpable? Still involved? I can’t quite remember. Or does it matter to you? It seems that now that the sociopath is behind bars everyone else is fair game in order to keep the clicks alive? Come on Frank.

    If you really want to discuss or illuminate the the effects of a cult on members (the way you soft peddled the post in the end, suggesting there is deeper learning to be had from this) why didn’t you frame this argument as such, instead of suggesting there is something lurking beneath her decisions and that is now worthy of persecution.

    In any event, once again you seem to be exploiting the star and celebrity power of these actresses to further your own agenda in much the same way as KR has been doing for years. Just like Raniere. It’s all the same language games.

    KR built his shaky empire on these same tactics.

    Do you not see that you are being as equally manipulative and abusive of these women as KR and AM have been for years? Can you not see that armed with nothing but supposition, you are taking advantage of the victims?

    If you have something concrete, by all means report it. You not only have the right to do so but you’ve created a responsibility for yourself to do so. But that responsibility ends at exploiting victims unless you have more than suggestions of conspiracy to back up your theories.

    Frank, your cause is severely undermined by your exploitative manipulation of wild suppositions, trying to turn these conspiracy theories into fact.

    I have no issue with being proven wrong on GP.

    If you back it up, I will fall in line readily when supplied with concrete evidence.

    Until then, this feels a lot like the National Enquirer trying to back up Donald Trump with lies and supposition designed to destabilize everyone’s perspective.

    Do better.

    • Every other post is a takedown of an actress, who is probably a victim. Some of Frank’s earlier misogynistic writings were shared in the comments, and that told me all I need to know about him.

      Meanwhile, I can’t get through one Keith Raniere video. He makes no sense. He is not wise. But he does say famine is important to understand suffering so prolly that’s the justification for the starvation diet.

      • “But he does say famine is important to understand suffering so prolly that’s the justification for the starvation diet.”

        Another thing he ripped off from religion where it’s called “fasting”, except both men and women are required to do it. His purposes for it though are inverted and degraded, for his own sexual gratification and female humiliation, not for spiritual elevation.

        He thinks he’s above everyone just like the Pharaoh: “I am Your Lord Most High”. And everyone who has heard about or read the story knows what happened to him.

      • I watched the “Annealing…” vid – where he talks about sociopaths thinking of everything as a game. Sounds like it fits – and his escalation over the years is him upping the ante. Hope this time he loses completely, utterly, permanently.

        • There are other videos where he notes the advantages that sociopaths like himself have over normal empathic humans. But in this one, he’s going farther and saying that only by contrast to sociopaths can we learn about love. The implication is that we should give him “tribute” for being a sociopath and thus teaching us about love.

          Compared to other videos in the series, the Grace Park ones are in a very dimly lit setting. Which is more conducive to hypnosis. I think Raniere realized that he hadn’t brainwashed her enough to get what he wanted from her without some hypnotic assistance. She does seem to alternate vetween being mesmerized and being about to giggle.

    • Really?? Have you not been paying attention? Frank Parlato has been spot-on for 15 years.

      If you’re still part of NXIVM, you’re part of the problem.

      Keith Raniere made these videos to reach a wider audience. Note that he conversed with celebrities because it helped his cause. Grace Park’s celebrity was used to spread his teachings.

      The videos are instructive. Consider “The trap of mutually reinforcing roles”: https://youtu.be/hP-lyTb7-eo

      What’s fascinating (but not surprising) is how much Keith Raniere misrepresents what actually happened in the Stanford Prison Experiment. He says it was the prisoners’ attempt to insurrect that caused the guards to act like guards, not true at all. (Subtext message, cultists shouldn’t question.) He stresses that the prisoners could have left at any time. (Subtext message, cultists are free to leave.) We could deconstruct the falsehood of every one of Raniere’s statements. And note how Grace Park smiles and laughs at very odd times (eg, when she’s told about students being arrested in their homes, when she’s told about the “punish room”). This video is particularly enlightening because it’s essentially discussing and revealing cult mechanics.

      Background on the Stanford Prison Experiment:

      In 1971 24 male college students (75 volunteered, culled for crimes and drug abuse, and medical and psychological problems) were chosen to be experimented on and were paid $15 a day (worth around $94 today; minimum wage at the time was $1.60, and tuition was around $3K). They were randomly assigned prisoner (24 hour a day imprisonment) or guard (8-hour shifts) status. The “prisoners” were:

      “…arrested at their own homes, without warning, and taken to the local police station. They were fingerprinted, photographed and ‘booked.’ Then they were blindfolded and driven to the psychology department of Stanford University, where Zimbardo had had the basement set out as a prison, with barred doors and windows, bare walls and small cells. Here the deindividuation process began.

      When the prisoners arrived at the prison they were stripped naked, deloused, had all their personal possessions removed and locked away, and were given prison clothes and bedding. They were issued a uniform, and referred to by their number only. The use of ID numbers was a way to make prisoners feel anonymous. Each prisoner had to be called only by his ID number and could only refer to himself and the other prisoners by number. Their clothes comprised a smock with their number written on it, but no underclothes. They also had a tight nylon cap to cover their hair, and a locked chain around one ankle.

      Asserting Authority

      Within hours of beginning the experiment some guards began to harass prisoners. At 2:30 A.M. prisoners were awakened from sleep by blasting whistles for the first of many “counts.””

      • Thanks very much. Crucial information. Well explained. In his legal team’s efforts to prove his lack of Guilt, there may be much recourse and appeal to the legitimate knowledge Raniere claims as the ‘reasonable’ premises of his Rational Inquiry. There will be shenanigans, there will be semantics, there will be a concerted effort to cast his ethics as being little more than morally ambivalent, “its not Jim Jones/Koresh were dealing with here” and the sexual aspect, will be ‘crowded out’ by the word ‘consensual’, there will be eye-rolling “Everybody ‘knows’ how loose the acting fraternity/high society is..” this highly polarising aspect will be pushed to the limit with the intention of drawing a veil over the darker aspects of the systemic exploitation, as you’ve explained above. The implications of the Stanford experiment are alarming enough. to subvert them for his own use is very cruel and unusual, very sinister.

    • “Equally manipulative and abusive of these women”. C’mon. Please. That’s laying it on a bit thick.

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