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  • Thank you for making all the cult information available in one place, Frank! And for adding a search feature, great addition.

  • The right wing is using NXIVM as a tool to bash the Clintons (and will forever as far as I can tell). Amazing stuff on Twitter.

    The latest is they have found the NXIVM – Sara Bronfman – Baset Igtet – Libya connection. And Libya = Benghazi = Hillary = guilty.

    Before that was NXIVM – sex-trafficking & Rainbow Cultural Garden – Pizzagate child sex trafficking .

    And political contributions from Nancy Salzman and the Bronfmans to Clinton Global Initiative.

    So Frank can expect continued page hits from the right-wwing echo chamber of crazy for quite a while.

    • Both sides are nuts and full of extremists, and I don’t think this site is about silly politics.

      NXIVM / Raniere / Bronfmans donate to whomever they think they can get help from to legitimize them or help them cover up what they really are or cover up crimes or attack adversaries.

    • Far be it from politicians to turn down donations from, well, anyone. Of course NXIVM will have Democrat connections- Democrats dominate this state, so these jerks will back whomever will seemingly help them. If the state were run by the GOP, you’d hear all the left wing whackos finding connections there, too.

      Regardless, it doesn’t matter the political affiliation- anyone shining a light on these scum bags gets a shiny penny from me.

  • Thanks for this, always interesting. I was expecting a big dip around Jan/Feb 2018 and then a big jump around time of Raniere’s arrest.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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