Corrupt law enforcement has to be investigated in connection with NXIVM

Sexslave cult attorney, William F. Savino of Woods Oviatt Gilman (l) with sexcult client, Clare Bronfman (r).

By Bob Boswell

I have followed reports of this closely for months now because, as a young man, I was tangentially involved in a therapy that became a cult. It then very publicly crashed and burned.

While Keith Raniere and his clients-turned-slaves-turned-henchmen are clearly at fault for their nefarious acts, what is equally shocking and despicable is their successful use of local, state and federal authorities as enforcers.

If proven true, the cunning ability to take the Bronfman fortune and apparently find corrupt authorities at every level of our government is chilling.

As the investigations continue (and they will continue for a long time, unless the Bronfmans have a lot more money), I hope that the government employees, agents and agencies that have perpetrated the criminal proceedings against Frank Parlato and the various whistleblowers are examined microscopically for any signs of corruption.

That truly is the part of this story that should scare us all.   Whether you take affirmative action by getting involved with diseased and wicked scum like these people, or are just unlucky enough to run afoul of them by living next door, no one should be able to buy revenge with the legal system in America.

clare and sara bronfman
Clare and Sara Bronfman were used to destroy peoples’ lives by using their wealth to corrupt the legal system by Keith Raniere.

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  • Recently there has been a strong flow of anonymous comments making outlandish claims that certainly smell like intentional disinformation. Claims that NXIVM has the technological prowess to intercept and block phone calls, emails and internet activity and ridiculous enough. Now it has escalated to claims of male Raniere “clones” being sent out to do NXIVM’s bidding across the country, claims of criminals being given phony credentials and being placed into government positions, and claims of NXIVM having ties to terrorist groups. These posts are being made in order to discredit this blog…if readers (especially current or former NXIANS) are pointed toward these absurd and impossible conspiracy theories being posted here, they can be told “look at what’s being posted on Frank Report…how can you believe anything anyone is saying?” This is a desperate attempt at engaging in information warfare, but thankfully, the overwhelming majority of readers can see that it’s pure nonsense meant to distract readers from the wealth of critical information being shared on the blog. Anyone who points out the absurdity of these posts is accused of using “word salad” to attack victims. This poster (or posters) is working very hard to muck up the comment section with garbage to prevent readers from discerning what it real and what isn’t. We see through you, Anonymous.

    • Yes. Those comments are just plain ridiculous. NXIVM was just an MLM creation to make its conman founder some money that devolved into a a place to satisfy his egotistical and sexual whims and lusts. The more quickly justice successfully takes its course against Raniere et al, and the more quickly the remaining “faithful” realize this, the better off their lives will be.

    • Hear! Hear! clearly a very incompetent disinformation ploy, hoping to draw the unwary into a ‘Conspiracy’-conspiracy.
      This a vivid and sharp-witted site, so dullard ‘lorem ipsum’ bullshit really stands out. whoever you are – Fix-up! go get a day job!

  • The system is corrupt and the peepul remain quiet. They only speak about what’s trendy easy safe. Cowardly. Good on you Frank for having passion and speaking up.

  • For those of you who don’t know, its def not just raniere–there are several male “clones” of him who started off in the capital region then were “assigned” to be scattered throughout the country. That’s because he realized he can’t be everywhere at once so wanted to multiply and spread evil and torture as efficiently as possible. Also, it seems theres a good chance nxivm & associates (and their countless shell criminal companies they hide behind) may have already sold what little souls they had to terrorists who share a joint mission of killing our freedoms and tearing apart our justice system.I know the bronfmans have money but a.) Their money is not limitless. People have been known to blow through millions overnight, esp when you have a raniere telling you what to “invest” it in.
    And its not legitimately all their money. I’m sure they’ve prob already blown through their inheritance on him and their combined insanity anyway but either way, there’s no question they are raking in a ton of dirty money obtained through their countless cowardly crimes of trafficking children, endless fraud and scams, etc. and
    b.) There are many known adversaries of our country who know just who they can count on to buy them such chaos and help them strip us of our most basic rights. Look around–who do terrorists target & use as tools and weapons most in their own counties?? INNOCENT CHILDREN AND WOMEN.
    Terrorists, sociopathic cult leaders, & devote followers are one and of the same. They are identical in most ways at their core. Why wouldn’t they be linking up in this way at a time when they can so easily do so by way of borderless internet? One might even argue they are more in control of the terror being unleashed than the ones directly inflicting it. Its very possible they could simply be targeting, training,& brainwashing our most sociopathic, personality-disordered & mentally unstable as 3rd-party inflicters of terror upon our own… those disguised as “self help gurus”, law enforcers, judges, politicians, law makers, etc. so as to gain access and authority to inflict maximum pain without being held accountable. Which would obviously have great implications for all of us eventually.

    • Tellme another.

      Raniere doesn’t trust any males with enough balls to do anything remotely like what you describe. His speciality is controlling the gullible, and they are incapable of doing anything without his direction. And not capable of much with his direction.

      Go back to your troll-hole.

      • And yet another known cult troll tactic: the good ol turning the tables accusing a victim of what it is their coward attackers are actually guilty of. A troll calling me a troll. Keep em coming, I’m used to them by now. I’m speaking from direct experience so I’m not asking your permission or confirmation to let me know my experience is valid.
        And I know who you are btw. Not that you’re not making yourself ridiculously obvious or anything.

        • Words only a cultist would say. Please seek help.

          • So true. Binding an experience to a logical term is wrong-headed.

            Experiences are subjective. Validity is a logical term to describe reasoning that exists without any logical fallacies to undermine it. If the reasoning is sound, i.e., its premises are true, then the reasoning is also true.

            Experiences happen or they don’t. One cannot know another person’s experience from their perspective because consciousness is unique. However people with empathy can understand where a person “is coming from” because there is something objective in the human condition that can be shared. Obviously, this does not mean the experience occurred which is an altogether different issue. People can lie about such and one can assess whether they are lying by understanding their motivations and judging from their actions.

        • You’re making it ridiculously obvious that you’re here to spread utter bullshit in order to intimidate people from posting and reading. And now you’re trying to intimidate a poster, implying that you know who he/she is. You’re a liar and a phony, and nothing you post here will slow the justice that you and your fellow NXIANS are being dealt.

  • No, i wasn’t meaning blocked by you, I know it’s not you doing the filtering- its occurring on my phone since its linked up without my consent to these nxivm criminals who claim their “P.I.’s” and “cyber experts”. It happens with any and all attempts I make to reach out and/ or share what’s going on with our story. The nxivm terrorist associates who took my kid have even been hooked up with government security clearance (which they obtained illegally & fraudulently as well). As insane as people think this all is, what’s been openly discussed so far is only scratching the surface.

  • No, i wasn’t meaning blocked by you, I know it’s not you doing the filtering- its occurring on my phone since its linked up without my consent to these criminals who claim their “P.I.’s” and “cyber experts”. It happens with any and all attempts I make to reach out and/ or share what’s going on with our story. The nxivm terrorist associates who took my kid have even been hooked up with government security clearance (which they obtained illegally & fraudulently as well). As insane as people think this all is, what’s been openly discussed so far is only scratching the surface.

  • My comments are being closely filtered and blocked whenever they contain what they deem to be too much info.

    • I do not block any comments. If there are several links and/or if the replies meet some kind of threshold of some sort they wind up in spam sometimes. This is not my doing. Every few days I try to go through the hundreds of spams for the one or two comments that are accidentally filtered there. I believe in free speech and want to publish
      comments – even those critical of me.

      • A single web link goes through, but a second web link seems to send things to moderation.

        When the traffic was lower, Frank could keep up and approve such comments. Probably that’s not possible anymore.

        Try submitting your comment with one web link, then replying to yourself to add the next web link. Repeat as needed.

  • For those of you who aren’t familiar, read up on the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard- a little girl who was held hostage and tortured for 18 years by her sociopathic captors- those very much like the nx & co. Her kidnapper was ON PAROLE for another kidnapping and rape at the time he took her. Law enforcement visited the home where she and her daughters were locked in the backyard shed more than SIXTY TIMES and still they remained captive. On one occasion, she was even with the bold psycho when he went to the police station to check in. Once she finally was freed, she filed a lawsuit with the Fed government and lost- the fed govt denied any accountability yet in the same breath, admitted they “dropped the ball”. This was a decision made by a judge transferred in appointed by our former pres.

  • Your condescending responses, use of word salad, and senseless replies yet again are exposing your intentions. Thanks for confirming who you are.

    • I do not know who Anonymous is. But – if former NXVIM, I have a suggestion: LET THESE PEOPLE TALK. Without fear, blame, or ridicule. The need support! This website has done a stellar job of taking down Keith. Maybe we can re-purpose as a recovery resource. (I did not ask Frank about this.) If we cannot do it here, maybe Toni will.

      • Thanks Orange Cty.
        They attempted to coerce me in but I refused then they took my kid, who they were planning on using for Rainbow Cultural Gardens (aka Child Slave Grooming, Sociopath Creation Inc). Altered her birth cert, my prenatal records, court records, the whole nine. Then each time I went to law enforcement or courts, our case was transferred to those who BLATANTLY ignored all laws and procedures, refused us our most basic rights and protections, and harassed and threatened us even further..telling me Id never see my kid again if I kept trying (since my standing up for us was essentially interpreted as my disagreeing with their criminal acts and being an open critic/ whistle-blower. They delusionally believe they own rights over their targeted victims just as one owns rights over property.

        • “Altered her birth cert, my prenatal records, court records, the whole nine.”

          …So official records were changed, huh? You sound like a cultist tryiing to disrupt this site by adding crazy talk. Keep the crazy in your cult. The only crazy on this site are the facts about Keith Raniere. Also, get out.

      • Thank you OCD, (your new name 😉 your right, people need a place to feel safe. As far as the above poster “anonymous”, we got her, and yes sadly I think she’s for real, so please don’t victim shame. 57005-177 would not be in jail, nor would we be here if it where not for the brave that spoke out, and the brave that wrote about, what everyone else believed to be lies.

  • err….What ever happened to the Actor Danny Masterson Case?…..Aftermath didn’t show the episode on masterson because the LAPD was hot on the case (six months ago ) …..Could it be that (scientology) cos/cob “snookered” the public yet again ?? Cults have bought off the police before!

    • Fired by Netflix in Dec 2017, dropped by his management team in Jan 2018. After getting fired, Danny Masterson said, “Law enforcement investigated these claims more than 15 years ago and determined them to be without merit.” So his cult protected him for 15 years. I’ll be curious to see if he ever actually gets charged. If he doesn’t end up in court, at least his career is over. He’s a toxic brand and no one will work with him again.

      I’m so grateful to social media, what a huge agent for social change it’s been, and the recent #metoo moment, for making unacceptable behavior harder to hide. Without the interwebs and social media, how much longer could Keith Raniere have operated? Raniere’s get out of jail free card has been revoked.

  • To the puppets attacking victims and claiming PLGGDN is just a fallacy: it’s clear youre either totally oblivious& have no clue or are actively seeking to discredit& silence victims you believe are sharing too much. My daughter & I have been victims of it just as everything else these sociopathic coward fraud terrorists are behind. And to clarify, I never claimed Raniere was smart by any means. Anyone who understands his style knows he’s a master thief who relies solely on stealing OTHERS’ ideas–even on how to target & abuse prey, & obstruct their attempts for help so he can continue getting away with it.
    Refer to the DNS list– links on how to abuse, target, etc are from varying countries-countries where Rainbow cultural garden aka child slave groomers,inc. “nannies” are snuck into the US from).

    • I am not a puppet, and I already did my time in hell with KR long before this current iteration of his psychopathic behavior. Either you have been convinced into hopelessness by these manipulators or you are continuing to manipulate others. In the first case, contact the FBI and may your daughter be returned to you safely and swiftly. In the second case, using “robtex”and “abuse” on the DNS list is either ignorance on your part of what those are in the context of network data, or a deliberate attempt to obfuscate.

    • You are the only person on this blog as far as I know who believes that PLGGDN exists and is working. And you’ve offered no real proof whatsoever. I could see though how your posts MIGHT dissuade morons from going to the FBI. Luckily (if that’s what you are trying to do) there aren’t that many morons who read this blog. Only a few. Keith’s criminal enterprise mostly consists of himself and a few minions trying to get him laid and taking the Bronfman’s money and gambling it away like it’s dust in the wind. If Pluggdn does exist the FBI will shut that shit down within minutes. AND not sure if you heard but Keith is in prison (maybe you aren’t reading the blog???). But if this massive corruption circle exists, it didn’t do him any good the last month or so. I don’t doubt there was some corruption at some points, but clearly not enough to keep his ass out of the slammer now that every paper and media outlet in the country has covered this story.

      • Ahh. I am actually slightly envious of your ignorance. It really is bliss in many ways and i only wish i didn’t know what you clearly still don’t. But then again, you are a low soul when you continue attacking someone for something YOU YOURSELF know nothing about. Orrrr you know everything about it and are attempting to discredit the messenger. (Well known tactic of the cult btw)
        Fyi, for your reading pleasure. If you’re able to comprehend that much, feel free to educate yourself further by looking up info on the IP’s associated which are listed in the link. If you still can’t wrap your mind around it,not everyone is capable so just be satisfied with not being able. It really is bliss in this case. I tried to make it even easier for you and attach the brow-raising sites listed but it won’t allow me to. So if you genuinely don’t know& wanna know more about plggdn — SEE:
        Refer to the DNS list– note the links on how to abuse, target, etc. Which are from varying countries- countries where Rainbow cultural garden aka child slave groomers,inc. “nannies” are snuck into the US from).

        • The link proves absolutely nothing. Rather than repeatedly posting the same link with vague references to “DNS,” why don’t you explain exactly what it shows. You are just posting it repeatedly and implying that it’s evidence of something, and then when someone disagrees, you act like they are too stupid to understand.

          I’m an IT professional and I can say without any hesitation that what you keep posting is utterly meaningless.

  • They’re not just “finding” corrupt authorities, they’re strategically placing them in those positions for these purposes. Many are actually criminals working under aliases with fabricated credentials, in true cult terrorist manner.
    When you start looking closely at them, you’ll see most are “transfers” who “relocated” from other areas who have a “wealth of knowledge, experience, and awards” that make them eligible for political, law enforcement, court, etc roles. Most of us are just blindly believing and buying what these master manipulators are claiming. Yet we know by now how they work.

  • This is why those victim shaming and telling tortured people they should’ve done more and they’re not doing enough is despicable and part of the problem. But its also a telling sign these cults & terrrorists associated are doing their jobs by brainwashing society to enable them further. This is actually a classic part of their process. And how EVERYONE plays a part in evil like this. So as much as those who are just plain oblivious or intentionally trollish want to shift blame to those who have carried a burden they’ve never had to (not could they), such responsibilty falls to them just as well.

  • This is why those victim shaming and telling tortured people they should’ve done more and they’re not doing enough is despicable. But also a telling sign these cults & terrrorists associated are doing their jobs by brainwashing society to enable them further. That’s a classic part of their process. And why EVERYONE plays a part in evil like this.

  • I feel like the only way this whole thing could get shut down is if ‘they’ wanted to protect every dirty lawyer, politician, and law enforcement officer who enabled these atrocities.

    To me that is one of the more likely ways for Raniere to get killed in prison. To protect those people if he ever talked.

    • I’m more and more convinced that they’ll all experience the Kennedy’s syndrome in less than 3-5 years : Assasinations by “The Catcher in the Rye” readers, car/plane crashes, sunken boats, unknown causes like Nile virus’ relatives, etc.

  • I am certain the Bronfmans and Vantard wish they had not double crossed Frank as he single handedly has brought down their criminal enterprise

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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