You decide: Mexican woman or imposter? Describes dark world of Raniere in Mexico

Here is a letter emailed on August 30, 2013, by a purportedly frightened Mexican woman who was associated with Keith Raniere’s organizations in Mexico.  Perhaps readers might weigh in on whether or not they believe the letter is authentic:

The email:

I am writing to you because of Keith Raniere. You already know much of this. Please forgive me for repeating. I do not speak English and I will write many people. It takes a long time because I have to translate on the internet. I have no one to help me. So I have to say to the extent possible for all those who will be reading this. I am sorry if it is difficult to read.

I have been involved with groups of Keith. I have begun to think that I have make a mistake. So I have taken the decision to quit. I have to be careful how to handle this. Other people have tried get away. They were threatened. One woman died. They told me that it had been a suicide. Now, I am afraid that it might not be true because of the things I have heard. If they know what I am doing, I do not know what will happen to me and my family. But somebody needs to tell what is happening.

I have come to understand that Keith is obsessed with sex and to get so much money from his followers. On the outside, it may seem that the messages of Keith and others is about spirituality and humanity. But, once inside, you know that it is sex and money.

I am ashamed to have believed all this, and to becoming a part of it. I have spent more than one hundred thousands of dollars to Keith. This money will never return.

Also, I wish to leave because of a thing named RAINBOW CULTURAL GARDEN. It is a program for the children. Keith says that he started this to help children to learn. But I think that it is much worse than that.

Some members have asked me if i want my children with Rainbow Cultural Garden. That put pressure on me. I ask many questions. They gave much talk about sexuality. Keith tells us that the main goals of the Rainbow Cultural Garden is to teach children that sex is beautiful. He say it should be practiced openly. At first,  I thought I do not understand the translation in English. But I became frightened when I knew it is true. It was then when I realized I must do something to protect myself and my children. And to tell the world what this man and his people are doing.

Sex is one of the major philosophies of Jness also. Those of us that women are told we are as equal to all men. Nancy Salzman is the boss of Jness. She is a partner with Keith for many years. She had sex with Keith many times. There have many other sexual partners. Keith and Nancy tell us to practice sex openly and without fear. It is encouraged to women members of Jness to have sex with men, especially with Keith. They say that having sex with many people teaches us to be more human and to have compassion. I have resisted these things. I think that some of the members have rejected me because I never wanted anything like this.

If adults want to do such things, I cannot see why it is bad. But, I began to see things similar between Jness and Rainbow Cultural Garden. That was when I got scared. It seems that Keith, Nancy and others are creating a club to teach the young girls to become sexual partners. They believe that sex may release the children and help them to be stronger. I heard of stories about Keith having sex with young girls. It seems that everyone think this is a good thing. Keith says many times that young people should have sex with adults. He says that it helps them to grow and to learn to be humans.

Some people talk about bringing children to the branches in Mexico or Guatemala. They want to hide the children from other people who might try to stop the Rainbow Cultural Garden. The groups are very secret. The people that speak outside of the groups are punished. They ask me to help because I live here. But I do not want to help. But they put more pressure on me and I have to be careful of how to respond to them.

There are many other people that participate with these plans. The people have much money. Some of the people are famous. Even the Dalai Lama came to a speech of Keith in New York. But I believe that he knew it was a mistake and pulled his name away from Keith.

These people have a great amount of power with other people. They put a lot of money on Keith’s projects. I don’t know how much involved some of the people are. But I hear names often. But some of these people I know as friends. Many of them are sexual insiders with the group. Allison Mack is a star of television. She has a relationship that is sexual with Keith. Allison is very deep with the groups of Keith, especially Jness. She has told some people that she would want to have a child with Keith. Or perhaps adopt a child. Sometimes, she say that they are a couple. Other times, she says that they are good friends only.

But they have sexual relationships with many couples. Some of the girls I have seen with Keith are teenagers. Perhaps even more young. I am not in New York many times. I am not aware of how much these girls are in the groups. But I see them and think if it was my daughter. I am sad to think about that.

[Name Redacted] is a great friend with Keith. He shares his girlfriend with Keith. She is called [Name Redacted]. I think [Name Redacted] also gives to Keith much money. [Name Redacted] is successful and rich because of his business. He has other sex partners in the group. But he says he is committed to [Name Redacted]. She is very deep with Jness and NXIVM. They living together in Texas. But they go to New York often to be with Keith and all of its people. I know [Name Redacted] because she speaks Spanish and English. That is how we become friends. She gives it her opinion easily.

She is proud to be shared by Keith, [Name Redacted] and others. She told me that they have examined also that she could have a child with Keith. She said that it would be raised as part of Rainbow Cultural Garden. She said that the community would be the family of the baby. She has another young daughter in Texas. She told me that they are thinking to take the daughter out to live in Mexico or to Guatemala. She said that she only have a child with Keith if she is moving out of the country. They will try to hide the daughter away from the ex-husband.

There are two famous Bronfman sisters. They had sexual relationships with Keith during the years. They are in the news with Keith often. But I do not think that they have had sexual relations now. Perhaps, it is because they have gotten older. I think one has now had a child with another man. I have heard stories that one of them tried to have a child with Keith. I think that Keith wants to create children who only are raised by Rainbow Cultural Garden. They have adopted a child with this order already, and I think that they want to have more. Keith wants children to have his genes.

Many are the stories that appeared in the news these days, some criminals kidnapping young people and forcing them to the sex and prostitution. If you can imagine when I have begun to learn about these things, I was concerned about this. Especially when I heard the idea about moving children to Mexico and Guatemala. This is very serious for me.

The community can never learn that I did this email. This risk I take is large. I have learned how to hide myself on the internet to send the emails. There is no way to communicate for us after this. As I have said, I must to protect myself and my family. I know that you may not be able to use my story. But you have my permission to use it in the event that you are able. I think I am safe because here are many of us of Mexico with children. So they do not know which one I am. Perhaps, you could show to the police and do more research. Or perhaps it may only help you to discover something. I hope that someone will read this and show the world what is happening.

I will write to as many people as I can find. Especially to the families of the children who may be in danger of kidnaping or sexual abuse. I also try to send this to the police. But I do not know who is the contact person in the United States or in Mexico. And I have no hope that they will listen to me. Hopefully,  I am wrong.

I want to warn as many people as I am able to before that this leads to something much worse. That I would be so relieved if the group was exposed and I was able to get to know my family will be safe. But also I could not live if I knew that a child was injured and I said nothing. Please be attentive to how this information is used.

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  • For those of you who don’t know, its def not just raniere–there are several male “clones” of him who started off in the capital region then were “assigned” to be scattered throughout the country. That’s because he realized he can’t be everywhere at once so wanted to multiply and spread evil and torture as efficiently as possible. Also, it seems theres a good chance nxivm & associates (and their countless shell criminal companies they hide behind) may have already sold what little souls they had to terrorists who share a joint mission of killing our freedoms and tearing apart our justice system.I know the bronfmans have money but a.) Their money is not limitless. People have been known to blow through millions overnight, esp when you have a raniere telling you what to “invest” it in.
    And its not legitimately all their money. I’m sure they’ve prob already blown through their inheritance on him and their combined insanity anyway but either way, there’s no question they are raking in a ton of dirty money obtained through their countless cowardly crimes of trafficking children, endless fraud and scams, etc. and
    b.) There are many known adversaries of our country who know just who they can count on to buy them such chaos and help them strip us of our most basic rights. Look around–who do terrorists target & use as tools and weapons most in their own counties?? INNOCENT CHILDREN AND WOMEN.
    Terrorists, sociopathic cult leaders, & devote followers are one and of the same. They are identical in most ways at their core. Why wouldn’t they be linking up in this way at a time when they can so easily do so by way of borderless internet? One might even argue they are more in control of the terror being unleashed than the ones directly inflicting it. Its very possible they could simply be targeting, training,& brainwashing our most sociopathic, personality-disordered & mentally unstable as 3rd-party inflicters of terror upon our own… those disguised as “self help gurus”, law enforcers, judges, politicians, law makers, etc. so as to gain access and authority to inflict maximum pain without being held accountable. Which would obviously have great implications for all of us eventually.

  • I don’t really think that it makes any difference whether this letter-email is authentic or not authentic. First and foremost, Keith Raniere is an unindicted child rapist and pedophile. The Rainbow Cultural Garden is an obvious way to recruit and brainwash young children into becoming compliant sex slaves. Keith Alan Raniere is a criminal! Got that?

    “The global sex trade is the fastest growing form of commerce, worth 32 billion dollars annually.” (q.v. “Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls,” Review in Obstetrics and Gynecology).

    Keith Raniere is also a multi-level Marketer with a devious criminal mind. He is also a sociopath with psychopathic tendencies which accounts for his need to mind-control, rape, and torture his female victims, both girls and women. His primary goals are to have absolute Power, lots of Money, and continuous Sex. He had achieved his three primary goals by mind-controlling women who go on to pay him exorbitant sums of money and collateral to have sex them. He is a clever extortionist who manipulates women into turning over compromising material that can be used against them if they defy his will. Ultimately he is a very dangerous man who makes the claim in a video recording that “I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs” (q.v. youtube: “NXIUM cult leader Keith Raniere claims to have had people killed,”).

    Finally, to all of you dozey-doe daffodils from DOS who have not as yet come forward to nail this depraved criminal’s rear end: You would be wise get off your pert derrieres and contact the FBI in New York City. They want to hear from you madam. Remember, you are only as sick as your secrets! Stop being complicit and compliant with Vanguard. WAKEUP from your hypnotic trance sleeping beauty! Keith is no handsome prince; he’s a deadly venomous viper who has been preying upon you and every other women he has effed over or raped. You are about as special as the next victim that he would love to pluck or the victim before you that he has already plucked. Don’t be ashamed to come forward – you are a victim of this scum’s depravity. Show some courage, some self-esteem, and some self-respect. Do you want to live your life as a weak and cowardly woman? Is that how you want to be remembered? The truth will out you eventually, therefore: its time to face the music. He’s in jail and he is going to go to prison and you have a responsibility, as an enabler of this vicious cult leader and his horrendous cult, to contact the FBI and help the federal officials so that they can put Raniere in prison for life without parole. If you contact the FBI, you will be helping yourself and all of the other female victims of this sex-obsessed monster. Please, just make that phone call now!

  • Lots of questions here – who received this email and when? If this was forwarded to Frank from elsewhere, it is easy enough to edit the original “date sent”. This could very well be happening (in which case it is reprehensible) or it could be the start of a tactic to lure people to Mexico (also reprehensible). If I recall correctly, this kind of thing has been tried before – luring people to someplace easier to silence them.

    There has been a poster claiming something like this happened to her daughter and wanting to reach out to Frank, Toni, and Catherine, but claiming that PLGGDN use by KR and crew prevents her from getting help. Then how was she able to reach this blog? If she really needs help, the FBI post makes it clear that they are actively seeking victims and gives legitimate contact info for same.

    This email might be legitimate; but I remain skeptical. Forward it to the FBI.

  • I’m reacting to this post and one of the latests comments in a previous post (a 8yo now girl that has been abducted when baby by the freakshow-NXIVM-gang) :

    If it’s true, then it’s frankly frightening : They created some kind of private school or camps to teach children to become sextoys when they’re grow up (or even not) ?!?!? So it’s about selling or renting human/children “meat” ? What the hell !?!?!?!?

    Then all that is related to NXIVM has to be shot down, worldwide, now !

    Would it be possible to start, at least, a boycott campaign using some kind of central registry ?

    Do you know if they are NXIVM businesses here in Europe ?

    I already boycott all Virgin products, but I want to go further and that none of my money, even a little cent, goes to those bastards ! If there is a way, please let me know !

    I wonder if Edgar Bronfman passed away just before changing his testament, if you know what I mean. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s found out that it’s a premeditate murder or a poisoning … or even a false diagnose for an imaginary disease but a real and lethal treatment… Giving that heritage to those two sideshow freaks is the worst move ever…

    • Office on Kensington High street – its a shell.

      The local ward councillors can be found on the RBKC website. Please forward your concerns to them.

      Also, here’s the address of the specific dept. that deals with Children in Education.

      You might want to contact OFSTED who claimRCG is an unregistered provision, therefore they have no jurisdiction.
      As they are the only body with real power to close down an educational provision, I think its worth persevering. Although the sun, thanks to Frank, published a big expose, (find it on this site) it didn’t change OFSTED’s position. Please do what you can.

    • SFMPE, just sent you a reply with key links but it didn’t come through, so i’ll try without links.

      The Rainbow Cultural Gardens UK. find on line.

      The local borough council: google RBKC. look for: ward councillor, Campden and Queensgate ward.

      Also, the Children in Education department.

      Try OFSTED, they claim to have no jurisdiction because RCG not registered. Persist anyway.

      Finally, find The Sun expose on this site, forward to any parties you think might be interested

  • “Cult”ural Gardens- – exactly, they have that way of tucking in hidden opposites of all they’re portraying

    • Ethical Science Foundation … is really the Unethical Torture Cult…

      Gees! Executive Success Program…is really the Lackey Failure ConJob

      Vanguard is really the CarThief or HeadCrook

      Prefect… is Chief Bootlicker.

      You cannot make this stuff up. Just take any title from NXIVM, use the opposite meaning – and that is what it truly is!

      Stephen King could not write this story.

  • Just noticing that email was from 2013. Thought it was one you just got. I think it was most likely legit.

  • Fyi, this site has been acting wacky, comments are coming up out of chronological order and not processing or displaying on first try then doubling up later on

    • I noticed that, too, and thought maybe it was a wordpress glitch. If someone replies while I am writing a reply, it goes as a new standalone comment instead of under the comment I was trying to reply to.
      Also, I have found if I post any comment with two links, it gets put on hold for moderation.
      Single link goes up.
      Apparently more than two links disappears completely.

      These may be simple wordpress issues.

  • What would the purpose be for an imposter to put so much time into writing such an email? Especially since everything said is reflective of all that’s already known. (Unless it’s meant to be a mockery of those who are legitimately trying to reach out for help in order to discredit & silence them further)

  • What would the purpose be for an imposter to put so much time into writing such an email? Especially because everything said seems to be true of what is already known. Unless it’s some kind of mockery of those who are legitimately trying to reach out for help.

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