Criss-Cross: Salinas pic appears as Keith Raniere in Google image searches

 Call it poetic justice. When one does a Google search of Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas’ picture shows up as Raniere.

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  • Regarding my call to have others state their identities in this forum. I was wrong. I have a wonderful husband who gave me a grand wake up call. As only he can. I asked the site admin to please remove my own post stating my identity. It was done so. Thank you Frank. I can get impassioned. I married reason (thankfully). It was reckless to ask anyone here to reveal identities. I humbly apologize.

      • Hey Aliz, I remember the first time I came to this site. The horror, the disbelief, the slowly coming to terms…
        I remember reading that you’re a nurse, would you know how to go about reporting Nancy Salzman to your professional governing body? She’s a ‘nurse’ too -so that could be a big help. Wishing you and yours all the very best!

  • Wow, these posts are a bit over the top and some good old fashioned mudslinging going on.

    The only thing that is going to stop this group is the long arm of the law. It’s been years in the making for that to happen.

    This organization and its top leaders have been written about for over a decade now with pretty damaging information but they continued to grow and get away with their evil deeds.

    Countless legal authorities have been contracted for the same amount of time. All with no results of stopping the insanity.

    With each thing Raniere got away with, as soon as his high wore off, he was on to his next scheme. It wasn’t until he step over the line of his creation of DOS that and a few brave souls leaving and telling their stories to the authorities that the tides turned in our favor to finally have hope that the house that Raniere built is about to crumble.

    The reality is, the authorities could no longer turn a blind eye to what was happening in Albany NY.
    It’s not like they didn’t know about the tax evasion, cash coming over the Mexico boarder, that Raniere was running an MLM even though he had been band in the state of NY from doing so,.arranged marriages, Visa fraud, the list goes on. The State AG was given so much information on this year’s ago but nothing happened.

    Any authorities who read the paper they had to know he was a sexual predator years ago.

    People have a right for privacy in this matter. No one should be bullied to “come out with their stories”. Their stories can be told to the FEDS now and used in this case. The fact that Raniere is behind bars and testimony is happening with the grand jury means enough brave souls have come forward.

    There are some who are still talking to the press and some due to the legal matters at hand have been told by their attorney’s or the FEDS to not speak out at this time.

    Those that want to know more, hold tight the circus is just beginning. Go make some popcorn and stayed tuned in. The wheels of justice can move slowly. Some of us have been in the trenches a long time fighting for these coming months/years to take place.

    Justice will be served, finally and we will all be able to live our lives without looking over our shoulder wondering when the boogeyman might be gunning for us or for us next.

    Since Raniere love to destroy, it’s not beyond him to take everyone involved in his evil deeds with him. He has no honor and no real devotion to his partners in crime. He only cares about himself and being in control. I would not put it past him to have set aside all the evidence the FEDS need to sink the NXIVM ship if he was ever caught. Why, so he can enjoy the final destruction all those lives, knowing he will never see the outside of a prison again.

    If that is true, that is Karma. They say you shouldn’t dance with the devil unless you have asbestos pants.

  • it is curious this coincidence the first time I came across the name of keith raniere was not looking for something on Nxivm but on the page of jness which comes following a link left by allison in one of the publications on his blog to which I always followed in that publication she started talking about a play that dealt with gender violence and ended up talking about this group of wonderful women with whom I was taking some courses, so I followed him and started to look at everything there was on the site I saw the endless salad of words that part of what is jness? I saw the testimonial videos including allison’s and I really did not recognize that feeling that it seemed like everyone spoke the same language then when I saw the part of “our executive leaders” I was very surprised to see the picture of allison along with her bio was the first time I learned about lauren, nancy, claire and Pamela Cafritz but the funny thing is that the bio that appeared next to the picture of pamela was keith and I thought that was the name of the woman in the photo and that was his bio I thought fence this woman is awesome that friend got allison but when I wanted to search in Google to keith raniere I came across the image of this man who has this slightly sinister look without mentioning the picture of him in bed with the book “how to win in betting I remember being so confused that I opened the link in another tab and look for the same bio again but this time the bio of pamela was the strangest thing had two tabs open and n the same page and both had different information then I gave it back to the first tab and updated the content of the bio always ask me if that happened because of an error or something was done as chance coincidentally made me see it and since then I have always had this feeling of the negative that is keith almost as if it were more than just a bad man cheating people especially the women who follow him

    • Many layers. The Expians here seem to recently get lost in the sex cult aspect. Ignoring the more glaring pyramid scheme. That they’ve all been a part of. That’s the really “ew” sticky.

    • They’re all too scared about thier own tax issues. That trumps any humanitarian effort to stop a next generation. They only care about themselves.

  • Have you all lost your minds? Insisting that victims come forward and expose their story is ridiculous. Victims don’t have to come forward they don’t want to. They have valid reason not to. Bronfman’s have a lot of money and a lot of legal friends and a lot of shady friends. Victims stories are unique and many of their stories would identify who they are and make them a target. It’s one of the main reasons I have not shared my story and never will. Am I chicken shit? You bet. Am I awful and enabling a criminal empire? That’s a stretch, I am just trying to stay safe and heal from the ptsd.

    And now a message to anyone left:

    People in esp were taught to shun people who disagree. This further separates the people who just don’t want to be wrong from the people who knew what was wrong. I hope and pray that the people left please please get some help…. any help… from the “outside world” just in CASE it’s possible everyone else is telling the truth. And no one will hate you if you are wrong. It’s ok to be wrong about Keith and ESP. It’s ok to leave. There are people who can help.

    • When victims get enough peace, they can stand up. In a situation like this, where the ball hasn’t landed, all involved have a responsibility to stop the cycle. Loud and clear. Stop the Cycle. That is what has to be done, Others want a second generation, they post here too. Say NO.

    • Also, the Bronfam’s money at this point doesn’t exist. It’s done. Everyone is free to tell thier story. It’s that big. It’s that wide open.

      • This statement shows exactly how little you know about the situation. Even if Clare Bronfman were locked up, it may not be done.
        No clue what is going on in your life that you feel the need to come spew b.s. at people who have been through really traumatic experiences, but I hope it gets better or you move on and find other people to attack and try to bully.
        Your statements here say far more about you than the people you are attacking.
        Congratulations on your sobriety, now get well.

  • Aliz…who exactly are you? You are making some weird comments. I think you are just an internet researcher, not really knowing the facts.

    In other news… the post about the Dalai Lama is correct, unforch. You have to pay to get acce$$. I know a business person who had to pay Millions to grease palms to get HHDL to make an appearance in Idaho.

    It is known by a few. And it’s not His Holiness, it’s the people around him. It sucks, it does. And it takes away from the teachings and work His Holiness has done. But that is absolutely a true account. Money buys acce$$ and alot of money gets you a lecture and appearance.

    Again, lesson is you shouldn’t worship Gurus, but instead make your own decisions and use critical thinking skills.

    I love HHDL, but I thought His Holiness the Karmapa was more authentic…

    • Who exactly are you? I’m not making anymore weird comments than there have been posts. Im not an internet researcher. Welcome to the next level. I represent hundreds of new veiwers looking into what happened. More importantly, how to stop a second generation. Does that make any sense to you? You are trying to irradiate Buddhism at the same time as exposing Nxivm. Not gonna work. At all. You’re killing the good work done,

    • My name is [redacted by Frank Report] I’m a nursing assistant with an 11 year old nonverbal autistic son. My email is [Redacted]. Come after me.

      • Anonymous on-line environments can come across as schizophrenic when you don’t know how posts what. Especially on a board like this, where many posters (including me) swaps out a constant, identifiable nic for a comment headline.

        Politeness seems to sometimes go down the drain when we can hide behind a keyboard, especially when we are emotionally involved in the discussion, but I honestly don’t think anyone is targeting you as an individual, but rather are responding to your dissatisfaction with this board. Which you of course have a right to voice; in fact I’m pretty sure that Frank champions free speech, including criticism.

        Some unsolicited advice from an ex-moderator of an Anonymous website: It’s not personal. Some one might react your posting style, which of course they also have a right to do.

        But it’s not personal.

        Hope you stay.

    • I’m not scared of you guys. I have much higher issues to worry about at home! But I hope I can make a point that nobody needs to be scared of any of these members, They’re done.

  • You guys are still sorely delusional if you think old tactics are going to work in todays environment. Not gonna work.

  • Creepy site! I’m only more amused that I used my real email to post here only to obviously have that used against me. I posted a single sentence here. Then had someone get from that, I must be drinking. LMAO. I am 12 years sober but belong to a number of recovery Facebook groups from way back. You’re not going to scare me away.

    • It sure comes across like she is trying to convince herself. I don’t buy it.

    • Have you been drinking, Aliz?

      Keith is world news now, thanks to Frank. If you don’t like the headlines here, go elsewhere. Or better yet, put down your devices and go out and get some fresh air.

      • I’ve been reading thus site and every comment for weeks, I might represent many others who have been doing the same. He has obviously done much to expose NXIVM. I’ve hailed him for doing so. But he’s also went off kilter. The post about the Dalai Lama coupled with this rediculous headline hurts the main cause. He’s losing credibility. That is going to hurt the main point. The exposure.

        • Salina’s photo is erroneously tagged as ‘Keith Raniere’ by Google.

          Maybe not noteworthy under different circumstances, but given Salinas attempt to erase their history – it’s friggin’ hilarious.

          And Keith allowing a scholar who was embedded in DL’s inner circle for decades to guest post here does not make him ‘off kilter. And since NXIVM used the DL visit to gain respectability, it’s also on topic.

        • Aliz, I agree with you. The click bait articles and headlines only serve to distract from the main issues.

      • You might need to remove the oxygen mask and take a nice vacation. You don’t know who I am by skimming my Facebook. I am 12 years in recovery. From alcoholism. 12 years sober. In multiple recovery groups in Facebook connected to my email. I am amused that you think you can hold that over my head. Everyone look up. I posted a single sentence with my own email “hidden”. But posted it just the same. He/she responded that I must be drunk!? lmao.

        • I am not the poster who asked if you were drunk, but I just wanted to say that it’s a common, albeit somewhat rude way to try to have a seemingly unbalanced/too emotionally involved poster to step back and catch a breath. I’ve seen it a hundred times amongst on-line anonymous adversaries.

          I highly doubt ‘Enough…’ is stalking your Facebook page.

      • You can’t scroll our lives via Facebook or Instagram and shut us up, We are not perfect OR prefect. We are real and live real lives as imperfect as they are. Wow! You people never cease to amaze me!

      • No, I’m very much an outsider. When I was 22, I got involved with a married man who looks and talks a lot like Keith.

      • I know what being snowballed looks like by a person who tries to infiltrate your core spiritual beliefs.

      • If he had 10% more charisma and better looks, he’d have taken off. I’m 45 today. Far removed. But am intrigued with this story. Same asshole. Diffrent circumstances. I apologize for the “cussing”.

  • Some of you expians watching this all go down seeing this as the main platform… might consider banding together for a more serious focused website. The NDA’s don’t mean anything anymore. Exposing NXVIM and everyone in it in a factual first hand account based platform is well overdue. Otherwise they can breed a second generation. Or worse. The cause has obviously outgrown this forum. Get together. Get louder.

    • “The NDA’s don’t mean anything anymore. Exposing NXVIM and everyone in it in a factual first hand account based platform is well overdue.”

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