Karen Unterreiner has been with Keith Raniere since he was in his 20's. She brought him scores of women and helped him with underage girls too.

Film Crew at Clifton Park – trying to get interviews with NXIVM folk – no luck

By Laura Darby
Clifton Park Correspondent
Yesterday I spent four hours with the film crew. We got Karen U leaving 2 Flintlock. She actually rolled down her window and then when she saw the camera she said Oh and rolled on. She has an automatic car starter. The car was on but when we tried to get her to answer her door she would not answer. We moved on down the street a bit. She came out got in and we did catch her on Independence.
The crew headed down to New Karner Road for more filming.
We pulled up to Rosa Laura’s and there were two nannies in the yard with children. One Chinese, one Hindi. The crew got one to say… that child speaks 11 languages.
So, either RCG is running out of Rosa Laura’s house or her children are being schooled there.
I am pretty sure Damon and Sally Brinks kid is in RCG with the older kids we just do not know where.
As for Keith Raniere’s house, there was a Fedex and another package on the front porch of 21 Oregon Trail. Now they could have been addressed to someone else and someone else could be picking them up but we did find that odd considering the house is believed to be unoccupied currently.
I respect the work of newspeople. It is tiring especially when you are out in cold temps trying to get the story. A lot of work goes into getting one.  Phew.

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