Leaked document: 8 penances of the Ethicist

Volleyball does not figure into Keith Raniere's future.

Did you ever wonder what the prescribed penances for Espians are?

This leaked document from “Participant Notes” from an Ultima/Ethicist class may help you to better understand.

The creator of this document may not have wished it to be published and may claim it is covered by a confidentiality agreement.

However, since NXIVM officials routinely fail to hand out signed copies of the confidentiality agreement and decline to provide anyone with copies of any confidentiality agreements – even if requested – one can only assume there is no agreement or they are no longer in force.

Most honest people provide copies of agreements to the other party to ensure compliance.

Since I am publishing this document, it brings it now into the public domain and nobody ought to think it is covered any longer by a confidentiality agreement – if there ever was one.

{Remember, if they never signed an agreement, it may not be valid.]

So readers, please leak more info to me so I can publish it and end the rascal’s Keith Raniere’s claims of confidentiality on his executive failure success technology .

The penances below are interesting and seem to set people up to fail, be punished and manipulated by Keith.

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  • Keith doesn’t need to foĺlow these because of Karma. He loved suing his enemies. So now its their turn to sue him.

  • It’s the punishments/penances from 4 to 8 that are the worst, and surcharges are unspeakable. Keith is a demon. I’m glad he’s in a cell where he cannot so easily attack his victims.

  • Keith-
    I’ve never read such a pile of ill gotten fruit.
    I want to give the fruit back.

    But make it worse
    that you got the fruit

    with a surcharge.

  • From the ESP website: “During 2007, Keith Raniere created Ultima®, a multidisciplinary program designed for the advancement of human expression. Different branches of Ultima® have resulted in movements and companies, ranging from a revolutionary model for physical fitness and body awareness to a company specializing in ethical standards for media.”

    I needed a good laugh. Yep, those word salad penances are sure to advance human expression! The expression of sycophant humans who have lost their minds.

    • Tell you what vantard is a big fan of video games. Ultima® is a video game series I played on a commodore 64 computer. He ripped this name off, just like the name he want to be called.

    • Raniere loves to punish. Likely an over-reaction to bad parenting by his allegedly alcoholic and sexually abusive dance-instructor single mother.

      It is Vanguard’s ethical duty to punish anyone in “ethical breach” (as defined by the ultimate authority on ethics, himself). The punishment must be meaningful, so it must be worse than thebreach.

      An example is confining Dani Fernandez to solitary confinement in a bedroom. For about 2 years. For not helping him do some computer hacking.

      • Thank you. I also wondered what surcharge officially meant. So it means worse than the so-called breach.

        That someone so broken (psychopathic narcissist who never stopped raging at his mom) was able to become a god dispensing whatever sadistic punishments whenever he wanted to, with his broken followers acquiescing (except Dani, who listened to herself and was actually ethical only to be unlawfully and criminally imprisoned for her audacity) is tragic and amazing.

        Before seeing this list I’d assumed his followers were typically of average intelligence but broken. But average intelligence people would see through this Keith-aggrandizing and Keith-god-making (defining every breach and dispensing every made-up punishment makes you king) word salad. So Keith attracted people who don’t have deep or complex thoughts that want to feel deep and smart so they embrace his mean-tempered unscientific thoughts? Or is it that by the time you move up the ranks [Ultima VII in this case], you’ve lost access to the intelligence you once had?

        It’ll be nice when Keith goes to jail. And every follower who participated in defining breaches and dispensing punishment just like Keith is also complicit.

    • Its kind of like….with interest. Like if I borrow 100 bucks from you and don’t pay it back when I said I was going to- then when I finally do, maybe I pay you back 150. Or something like that. But this was also used in the Crime and Punishment module – “punishment with a surplus”- like to get someone back worse than they got you. LIke if my wife cheats on me, maybe i cheat on her back- but with her best friend. Shit like that. By the way, ETHICIST cost 10 thousand dollars. Lauren and Clare were so proud of it, like they were going to “change the world” with this curriculum, and it was the worst training they pumped out. Money grubbing idiots.

  • The crimes are so general (non-mindful, pride, apathy, comfort), Keith can spew a word salad whenever he wants to declare someone "unethical" says:

    God that’s so sad. And people subjected themselves to this. Jesus Christ.

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