Lama Tenzin was a predator and Sara Bronfman, his fresh meat

Sara Bronfman and Lama Tenzin

Guest View: By a Keen Observer

Lama Tenzin is a predator and Sara Bronfman was served up to him like fresh meat by Keith, Nancy, and Clare while her so called BFF Alex Betancourt watched and said nothing.

It’s despicable.

In the three years leading up to meeting Lama Tenzin, Sara had been sexually abused and discarded by Keith and psychologically beaten down by Keith and Clare, as well as being defrauded of $35 million.

She was desperate for redemption (because she blamed herself for all) and easy pickings for Lama T. When rumor of their affair came out on the Saratoga in Decline, Lama T. dumped her hard in 2010. No one in NXIVM cared one iota, as the leadership surrounds Sara and are conscienceless liars who will go to any length to use and abuse her, and others to get what Keith wants.

Unfortunately for Sara, she was so lost in the cycle of abuse, like most women in her situation, she couldn’t or wouldn’t see it. The Bronfman’s have been accused of a lot of evil things in the media and this blog.

Make no mistake, it’s all Clare.

Sara, hopefully you can find happiness in your hotel business with Basit, and your life in Europe. Don’t let these people abuse you anymore and crush your dreams.

Clare and Sara Bronfman

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  • What’s up with the Sara Bronfman vocal defense fund? The last time I checked, she still supports her VanDouche. Also, how the hell do you rationalize fucking a monk? Seriously?

    A monk who fucks around is like a stripper who’s a nun.

    The people who still remain in this farce have some serious issues.

  • “When teachers break the precepts,
    behaving in ways that are clearly damaging to themselves and others,
    students must face the situation,
    even though this can be challenging, criticize openly, that’s the only way.”

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

    Sarah, don’t let Aristotle’s Knife
    cherry-pick your Lama drama-
    And when is a rebrand not a rebrand?
    When it’s a flesh wound filmed
    For pornographic intent for
    Extortion, blackmail, for shame.

    Tax Sarah tax, your share could build schools, hospitals, housing in your lifetime for hundreds of thousands, like the Cadbury’s the Guinesses, the great social philanthropists whose wealth protected and provided for millions over centuries up to the present day. Just by rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. What a magnificently practical legacy, what visionary compassion.

    What is it you serve…? Cease and desist notices? An emperor with no clothes ?

    Please remain happily in France and let Kensington raise its multicultural self. Hard enough even with our great good will, adequate governance and sincere hearts. Fix up, Look sharp.

  • “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” ― Albert Einstein

    Posted by Sara Bronfman on Facebook yesterday. “Oof,” as she often says.

    Perhaps Bronfman has a kinder nature than her sister, but she is also 100% complicit in enabling Raniere.

    Keen Observer, you are clearly compassionate. Save your compassion for people without the limitless funds and options available to Sara Bronfman. Bronfman can live anywhere in the world and yet chooses again and again to return to Raniere.

  • Some of these female victims, become the enablers. Every sexually abusive cult has the perpetrators, the enablers and the deniers. The female enablers, for vicarious power, keep the sexual abuse going.

  • Yes, these Tibetan Lamas are predators, they are driven to seek out sexual Tantric partners for their medieval practices with young women, for a Hindu Shakti experience, that they are promoting as the ‘highest of Buddhist’ practices, that have little to do with Buddhism but have everything to do with Tantric HIndutva guru-worship and their medieval beliefs that they can turn into Lord Chakravartins, androcentric, androgynous beings by absorbing the energy of females while keeping them slaves: They have create many masks to fool the West. The Dalai Lama always feigns surprise, when his Tibetan lamas are caught. Just like he feigned surprise in the slack-jawed way he does, about Lama Sogyal of Rigpa fame. He was forced to call him out after forty years of protecting Lama Sogyal and his keeping of harems, and beating and treating his female western consorts as slaves. Of course the Dalai Lama knows everything that a Lama like Tenzin was doing. ( Tenzin still has his foundation I see) Tenzin wouldn’t do anything without his Kundun’s approval. This is a very rigid, hierarchy of guru-worship and control with all these lamas obeying a higher-ordered guru lama. The Dalai Lama is at the top of this very organized, hierarchical Lamaist ‘religion.’ The Dalai Lama calls the shots. He would have approved of everything Tenzin was doing: the sexual encounters, the financial skullduggery, the spiritual abuse. Tibetan Buddhism is Lamaism, a thousand-year old cult that uses a Mahayana disguise, to fool everyone. The real history of Tibet should be released by the CIA, particularly since the Kagyu sect is now colluding with China to weaken our country from within with this amoralism of Tantra that they are spreading everywhere with their ‘mindfulness’ practices, and their ‘faux-feminist’ disguise. Just like here, Chinese billionaires have been seduced by these Tibetan Tantric Lamas.

    The Dalai Lama has created such a veil of deception over the West with his Mahayana Buddhist facade, his ‘compassion rhetoric” and his pretense that these lamas are ‘celibate’ and only here to bring peace. These Tibetan high lamas, of every sect, are here to cause amoral chaos in marriage and the family values of a western democracy, they are all seeking out female sexual relations with students; they are driven to do so by their Tantric medieval teachings that they believe having sex with young females will make them androgynous Lord Chakravartins. Their energy has already created a rampant amorality that is allowing a sect like Raniere’s to flourish. There are 40,000 cult groups in the West, that have exploded particularly in the U.S.. What the Tibetan Lamas are bringing to the West, is NOT what the Buddha taught, but are the teachings of Indian sadhus and sorcerors, that plunged that country into the longest despotic theocracy of Lamaism the world has ever known. These high lamas and their inner circle, like Tenzin was, are all sexual predators, financial predators, spiritual predators, and use westerners for their free labor and as wealthy benefactors to keep to build out their Adi-Buddha world according to the inner teachings of their Kalachakra Tantric prophecies. They are particularly attractive to other sadistic type cult leaders. They particularly target wealthy millionaires and billionaires, flattering them and seducing them into their Tantric net. with their phony mask of compassion, giving a compassion mantle to these philanthropists who have been fooled and will be unwilling to admit it, most of them. So they keep themselves from knowing the truth.

    Often these wealthy benefactors are clueless about what goes on, inside the Tibetan Lamas’ inner circles inside their sanghas. until it is too late. All these women are victims of Tibetan Tantra, and not just of Keith Raniere. That is the real scandal that has yet to been exposed, i.e. what is the cult that is under the cult of Raniere and many of these new-age cults, because it will cause such cognitive dissonance around the world, and there are many unscrupulous psychologists, academics, so-called third-wave feminists, Hollywood , journalists and others who can never admit they were this badly duped by the master of the masked dance: The Dalai Lama and the other Tibetan Lamas. But if it isn’t exposed, and these lamas keep building out their infrastructure for the World War III their Kalachakra prophecy predicts and are helping to create with their chaos of Tantra spreading to undermine the ethics and values of a free democracy, and with their now many thousands of centers, foundations, institutions, paid for by so many wealthy benefactors who believe the Dalai Lama’s deceptions and rhetoric of compassion, it will be too late. Some of these billionaires, like father of the daughters of the Bronfman family, need to wake up and protect not just their own daughters, but the daughters and sons of so many other western fathers. Can they be humble enough, to admit they were fooled and do some real research into who these Tibetan Lamas really are, and what they created in Tibet, a thousand-year religious tyranny of permanent serfdom and slavery, only sixty years ago? Maybe they can get the CIA to release the real history of Tibet under these lamas while the FBI goes after Raniere.

  • then how come Sara litigates along side Clare to the tune of $150m? I believe she is a 100% complicit flying monkey

  • In Europe life is different and I’m sure she is rebuilding herself, and she appreciates life in France, it’s rather nice

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