NXIVM unveils new website

NXIVM.com has just gotten a makeover.

Just like his own personal website, gone are the bullshit claims of highest IQ, judo championships and speaking in full sentences at age one. [Fear not, there are ample screen captures of the old website – and much of the old site is readily available on the Wayback Machine.]

NXIVM’s new website has a new modern look – but features the same old pervert liar.

The website says “Raniere has founded multiple companies focusing on increasing joy and ethics in the world.” The picture of Raniere is about 20 years old.


Here is what NXIVM says about itself:

Society, government, religion, family—all human systems are made up of people. Large-scale change must therefore find its root in the individual. If we are to create a noble civilization, this transformation must begin by looking inward.

NXIVM is a new ethical understanding that allows you to create an internal framework that reflects your best self, and offers the resources to manifest that vision into a reality. It allows you to explore your most fundamental nature and begin to redirect your power of creation, a power that we all possess in a very human sense. The NXIVM philosophy is expressed through its various companies, their contributions, and, most importantly, the individuals who work together to create a better world.

All of these companies and social movements were conceptualized by NXIVM’s founder, Keith Raniere.

“NXIVM is a company whose mission is to raise human awareness, foster an ethical humanitarian civilization, and celebrate what it means to be human,” its website claims.

Oddly enough, there is no mention of DOS, branding women or taking collateral on the website. I guess that will be part of a future update.

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5 years ago

On twitter and facebook, on Valentine’s Day, and with heart emojis, Sara Bronfman declared she is “so proud” of “our new website.” https://mobile.twitter.com/sarabronfman/status/963775448399441920

5 years ago

Hmm that scribbly sun symbol also reminds me of a symbol I’ve seen on wikileaks FBI official symbol release:


Twig and Berries
5 years ago

The fact that Keith has his face all over the new site despite all the negative press and media and the authorities investigating him shows a level of narcissism akin to Donald Trump. And that they feature the scam companies AND Rainbow Cultural Garden (which is a completely evil company) spits in the faces of authorities. Say what you want about him, but the guy has balls. Extremely small ones (with a tiny twig in between) but they’re still there.

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago

Yeah right. None of this is a sign he has balls. Having no conscience is not equivalent to having balls. Sociopaths will lie to your face and not blink an eye. Here he’s not even lying to your face. He’s inflating himself on the same website like he’s done for years. When the heat was put on, he ran away to hide out in another country like the chicken shit he is. Do you think he’s going to stop propagating his lies? He’s got a good scam going where he has idiots with millions of dollars serving him like a king thinking he’s something more than the fraud he actually is. Privilege is never given up by those in power. It is always taken.

F.D.C. Willard
F.D.C. Willard
5 years ago

At least Raniere and NXIVM took some of our suggestions to heart and changed his home page. They removed the BS claims and listed most of the enterprises they are affiliated with. This makes them look a lot more professional and trustworthy. Good job on that one Keith.
The main issue with your page is still that it is about BS as you do not have a philosophy you can teach people in the first place. Maybe it would look even more believable to the unknowing, if you would claim less. It is a huge problem with PR, especially in US companies, that they over-promise and under-deliver. But what do I know. DT is President and maybe your way is the right one. I always try to sell things I either can deliver now or I can make work within a reasonable timeframe.

If something sounds to good to be, it tends to be not true most of the time.

5 years ago
Reply to  F.D.C. Willard

In good tradition I have to reply to my own post ;)…

Was going through his recent CV and it is shocking. Despite claiming metaphysical BS he is still listing his patent denied rational inquiry method as patent pending.[1] If he was at all honest, he would admit that the only thing that is actually patent approved in NXIVM is their stylish sash.[2] The rest is still impossible to validate. I was trying to find the award-winning performing arts company, but I had no luck with that. The claim about overcoming Tourette’s Syndrome seems to be made up as well. There is no document about it that has Mr. Raniere as an author or co-author. It was impossible to come up with either a patent or a paper that made it through the peer review process. This does not mean that there were no denied papers after all.

[1] https://patents.google.com/patent/EP1320843A4/en
[2] https://patents.google.com/patent/USD469594S1/en?inventor=Keith+Raniere

5 years ago

“NXIVM is a new ethical understanding that allows you to create an internal framework that reflects your best self, and offers the resources to manifest that vision into a reality. It allows you to explore your most fundamental nature and begin to redirect your power of creation, a power that we all possess in a very human sense.”

This is utter bosh, a paragraph of vagaries that doesn’t really say anything. It is typical cult-speak.

“A new ethical understanding.”

Understanding is the act of the mind where a concept is grasped and its meaning is known. It is certain recognition in the intellect of an intelligible and its proper place within a system. There is nothing “new” about it and every healthy human being has such a capability at varying levels of aptitude.

“internal framework”

This is just another term for a “belief system”.

“your best self”

Really? How does it know this? Who knows their own self better than the person themselves? Another person cannot grasp their consciousness, i.e., what it is to be them. They can only understand “where they are coming from” – or what it is to be *like* them – due to another human power conceptualized as “empathy”, a universal “form” presupposed to be intrinsic to human nature. So how do you know what is a person’s “best self”? What they can only be implying is they profess to have an objective standard from which to judge what is your best self.

“explore your most fundamental nature”

This is effectively same thing as “your best self” and whatever was said about that applies to it.

In other words, NXIVM is effectively just another way of life, or a “religion” in the general sense of the term, with Vanguard as its “messenger”.

“By their fruits you shall know them.”

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