Emiliano Salinas may have had mental health issues. Did his Vanguard cause or cure them?

Emiliano Salinas deletes NXIVM from his Wikipedia page

Emiliano Salinas

A reader was kind enough to offer us this:

Curious, Emiliano Salinas’s Wikipedia page was edited today.

And one guy does all the editing, It’s also the only page he regularly edits. (His few one-time edits include a high school in Bangladesh, the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party, and Kaliyani (a district in India)).

That guy, Stanguys52, deleted content that talked about NXIVM. Content that was true, but not positive regarding Salinas, and the NY Times was the reference. Yet Stanguy52 cited “unreferenced” as his reason for deletion,

“:16:21, 17 January 2018 (diff | hist) . . (-689)‎ . . Emiliano Salinas ‎ (→‎ESP and Nxivm: deleted unreferenced content)” links to here: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Emiliano_Salinas&diff=prev&oldid=820957905

Can you guess where Stanguy52 references links go? If you guessed “www.executivesuccessprograms.com” you are correct.


Emiliano Salinas knows nothing about DOS, he says.

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  • Frank, it’s wikipedia you can add that information again. If you believe it might be a conflict of interest, you can got through the approved process of using the wikipedia “talk” feature and provide reason for adding it back. I believe the user who made these changes was a fake user, perhaps someone they hired using fiver etc., and his pages exist anymore, but I do believe wikipedia has administrative structure in place where others who monitor these changes would look at the talk, if you wanted to go that route, and they would undo that users edit.




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