Raniere’s new attorney is an expert in sexual assault trials

I don’t think Keith Raniere chose Paul DerOhannesian II to represent NXIVM/Bronfman/Raniere solely because of his skill as a civil litigator.

DerOhannesian’s real expertise is in criminal law and, in particular, sexual assault trials.

According to published reports in the New York Times, the Albany Times Union [and, of course, as first reported in Frank Report] Raniere is under federal investigation. He faces the prospect of being charged with numerous sex crimes.

But before we go farther, I first want to help people pronounce the name, DerOhannasian.

You Tube has several interviews with DerOhannasian. He is or was YNN’s ‘Legal Eagle.’ This video pronounces his name at 34 seconds.

Let me try to help out phonetically: Dare-a-Nxian. [This is not a joke; check it out yourself on You Tube videos.]

But let us return to our topic: Keith Raniere and others in his DOS group may be charged with sexual assault crimes.

DerOhannasian is an expert in defending those charged with sex crimes.

He wrote a book: Sexual Assault Trials, available via Lexis Nexis. It is in its 4th edition. It is available in hard cover or as an e-book. The cost is a pricey $254 for the two volume set.

It is meant, I assume, primarily for lawyers, law enforcement officials, and experts in the field.

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  1. Sounds like Raniere has figured out that he’s going to be facing some sort of sexual assault charges. Why else would he hire an attorney who specializes in defending that particular crime? And, besides, it’s just so hard to find a good “branding” defense attorney these days…

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