Coaches Summit scheduled in Albany for NXIVM in mid-January

A four-day coaches summit is scheduled in the Albany area at the NXIVM clubhouse, Apropos, on or around January 10, 2018.

Coaches from all over NXIVM are expected to trek up to Albany and pay around $500, plus travel and accommodations expenses, to get the latest lessons from High Rank.  Keith Raniere is not expected to be in attendance as he remains in hiding in Mexico, hoping to avert arrest on felony charges.

The $500 fee includes food provided at Apropos – which by all accounts is guaranteed to give one flatulence.

Coaches will be expected also to clean, serve meals, pick up after meals, and be utilized as servants who paid to be there. Lower rank coaches are expected to clean toilets.

In the past, these gatherings were often two days of coaches summits and two days of games and hanging out.  One summit recently consisted entirely of coaches writing letters to coaches who did not attend, chastising, cajoling and guilting them about not appearing.

Meals are included and on the menu is Quorn, a highly processed, vegan protein guaranteed to provide one with an upset stomach and flatulence.

A warning about the product is “after eating Quorn™ products … some flatulence may develop in susceptible individuals – this generally only occurs after the first few times of eating the products and soon disappears.”

Can The Society of Protectors do nothing to protect other members?

Here is what one aficionado said about Quorn: “I’ve been eating Quorn for the last two months and really enjoying it, but it gives me crazy [flatulence.] Has anyone else had the same problem or is it just me?”

Others responded that they had flatulence plus nausea, and diarrhea at a velocity they never before experienced when they ate meat. This might be good to know if you are a lower ranking coach when deciding whether you will attend.

Clare Bronfman is not expected to attend the Coaches Summit, but Lauren Salzman, Danielle Roberts, Esther Chiappone, Amanda Canning, Diana Lim, Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Sara Bronfman, and Nancy Salzman, if she is up to it, are expected to attend. Expect a lot of flatulence from both ends of these ladies.

The predicted absence by Clare will make no one unhappy. Her dour and grim outlook took much of the joy out of previous coaches summits. Now that NXIVM really has something to be dour and grim about, who needs Clare to encourage that mood?

The predicted absence of many coaches in Mexico and elsewhere may be occasioned by a desire to distance themselves from the self help group that brands and blackmails women. Many are fearful of telling the truth about why they are not going.

Sources say a lot of excuses are being offered. One not being used is that a coach has come down with a bad case of flatulence and does not want to come and be offensive. That won’t work at ESP.


Start Point – I understand that this venture is now defunct. It was Vanguard’s idea, allegedly for creating co-working spaces where people get together to work at a cafe where you could order food from your computer.

Was it just another way for the insatiable Vanguard to get more tax free money from his flock?

There was $10 admission fee to get into Start Point [which was at Apropos] – which entitled you to a discount on Quorn and other flatulence producing items, but not much of a discount.

Clare often said the food served at Start Point was “remarkable” –  which is remarkable since no one ever saw her eat it.  She brought in little Tupperware bowls with her own gruel and other tasteless items.


In the past, because of overcrowding at Apropos, people were told not to bring backpacks [where they sometimes hide non- Quorn food] violating health and safety regulations, but now the attendance is likely to be small and backpacks are again welcome.

Keith and company will be pulling out all the stops between promises and threats for coaches to make sure they attend.

I expect Keith will require some letters from DOS women and possibly videos confessing DOS was all their idea and Keith knew nothing about it.

The brand is just a Latin symbol.

Any similarity to Keith Raniere’s initials is something he knew nothing about, he said.

For those attending Coaches Summit – consider not signing any confessions or anything that might be construed as a confession. Law enforcement interest in NXIVM is reportedly high and they are likely aware of this summit. If Keith asks via Skype to drink Kool-aid – consider abstaining. But feel free to eat as much Quorn as you are able.


Keith is away and may not attend the Coaches Summit.

Videos of Keith are expected to be played during the summit. When watching Keith on video, it is said, if someone falls asleep – and many do – it meant they had a disintegration, perhaps over this particular issue. So how come Nancy Salzman fell asleep the most?


The upcoming SOP Weekend in New York City, starting Friday, January 5, 2018was listed on the website of SOP until recently – along with another one, years from now, called ‘Lost Collateral.”

Now both are gone from the NXIVM website. Here is the website as of 1:00 AM on January 4, 2018.

I wonder if everyone found their collateral and none of it is lost?

It is not known if the immediate SOP Weekend is off or on.

I will try to get details.

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Ways to make quick cash
Ways to make quick cash
5 years ago

Most likely Lauren Salzaman is running out of money since there has not been any major trainings of late. The girl has some bills to pay and she can’t clean her cats litter box out herself, that’s below the next NXIVM queen you know.

Coaching training will bring in some fast cash to split up amongst Nancy Salzman, even if she not healthy enoug, she still gets a cut since its her company. Lauren & Karen U can train it to pay their bills.

All the coaches and higher ranks still left on the sinking ship have to come together for their after holiday brainwashing. Wouldn’t want them getting to far from the mission by spending too much time away with outsiders. They might get in touch with their inner wisdom and learn some outside data that might start some wondering if things in the real media might have some truth to it.

Imagine the first day after money is collected (cash preferred), new non-disclosures signed, cell phone and other recoding devices taken away, there will be very long lectures of why poor Vanguard, like Gandhi, is being bullied for his beliefs. Why he had to run to Mexico for his life and the mission. All the while he’s there he thinks nothing but of you, and is dragging a wooden cross around the streets of a gated community where he isn’t really welcomed. The splinters are painful, but he does it for all us to show his love. He just can’t do it after dark due to the HOA rules, but he would.

Now for our first new coaching class
Catch him if you can, the art of lying to protect your Vanguard. This class is based on the Germans who lied to the Nazis to protect the Jewish people they were hiding in their attics. This was a Nobel thing. We all want to be Nobel, correct?

Now we’re going to take you through some more mind-binding questions so when we’re finished you will come to our, oops your conclusion that
Vanguard = the Jewish people in this story
Nazis = any Authorities in this situation
When asked you will think your lying is a Nobel thing because it = saving the Jewish people from the gas chamber.
It’s a remote set up used in NLP and hypnosis to brainwash people into believing your way is the right way.
Keith Raniere didn’t invent it nor did Nancy Salman but they are sure good at using it along with their inner circle.

5 years ago

Have you been able to get details?

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