NXIVM 9’s Angela Ucci: ‘Outs herself’; clarifies and defends Bouchey against critics

Barbara Bouchey was acquitted of computer trespassing.

[Angela Ucci is one of nine women who left NXIVM in 2009 after discovering the massive contradictions between Keith Raniere’s public statements and his personal lifestyle.]


By Angela Ucci

What began as a few comments to other posts on this blog as one who was there has spawned a vicious and unfair attack on Barbara Bouchey by Susan Dones and others. Susan has not only authored several lengthy insulting comments, a brand new story blaming Barbara for my words, imported new things I never said but also… spent considerable time and energy to copy / paste the negative comments into the more recent positive posts Frank wrote about Barb.

It is not only hateful and disturbing but makes it necessary for me “out myself.” I will be addressing my few comments and several of Susan’s with attempts to clear up any confusion that either she or the reader may have. FYI…I was enjoying anonymity… as I have been lied about in court filings and harassed by Nxivm in the past.

Points of clarification….

1. The comment was to a posting on Dec. 17th by “A woman from the inside tears apart Clare’s note of support of Raniere.” Frank reposted my comment the next day under a new heading “One of the Nxivm 9: Our famous resignation letter has resurrected with new lies”… which I was unaware of and was not my intention. In a nutshell, this woman on the inside is calling Clare out on “lying” in her letter to 20/20 producers. My comment was from personal experience and things already on public record anyhow….so I fail to understand Susan’s comments about the “harm to others and getting us dragged into court”.

2. Susan has likened my style of writing to Barbara. She would not know my style as she has never seen it. I can assure you that Barbara has never asked me to post anything on her behalf and does not choose to do so herself for reasons that Susan and others are well aware of…
The Bronfman sisters have a pending lawsuit against Frank Parlato… in which Barbara was their financial planner. Not only has she been accused of colluding with adversaries against Nxivm in their other lawsuits (i.e. Plyams, Ross, O’Hara, Dones)… but has also weathered previous attempts by the Bronfmans to have her business licenses removed. She is likely to be deposed again in this case and has decided against the risk of being involved with frank and this blog in any form…which can be verified by Frank.

3. My comment to the Dec 17th post began with “ This is someone who has known Clare and many of us who left” – in reference to the author of the post. Susan’s subsequent reference to Barbara knowing Clare best is irrelevant.

4. I made statements on this post…as I do have an experience of Clare lying about me in court filings regarding our resignation letter (which frank has posted on the blog and exists in several court filings) and claims of extortion (which are also of public record by both Nxivm and Clare and more recently by Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas). We all know this is ridiculous and have to question how my repeating any of it will cause harm.

I do, however, recognize what Susan is engaged in as a destructive campaign to discredit Barbara in the public eye. Quite frankly, this is right out of Nxivm’s playbook….like labeling people as suppressive to discredit and further abuse them…this is obvious and intentional harm.

I am saddens me to have been dragged into this cruel vendetta against Barbara and I would stand by any of the Nxivm 9 who were being falsely accused or slandered. I have always been proud of everyone one of us for questioning Keith about what we didn’t agree with and severing our relationship to Nxivm when we realized that his conduct and that of the leadership did not match our values. I felt it an honor to stand with these woman.
I remain supportive of anyone who has been victimized by this gang, and will continue to be truthfull and honest about everything that occurred.

A note to Susan Dones,
I never thought I would need to defend my words or Barbara would get blamed…nor would I ever intentionally harm anyone. If you feel I have or would like to discuss it , please reach out to me..as you know, I have always accepted your calls. I do agree with other comments that this is not the place for a “pissing match” or “airing of dirty laundry” . I will refrain from any such thing.

Thanks for listening.




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Chris Coleman
2 years ago

Would love to learn some of your methods outside of the Nxivm platform. Seen you on a few programs and liked what you had to say.


[…] Catherine Oxenberg, investigative reporter Frank Parlato, ex-Nxivm members Sarah Edmondson and Angela Ucci, former Nxivm consultant Joe O’Hara, and Albany Times Union reporter Robert […]


[…] Catherine Oxenberg, investigative reporter Frank Parlato, ex-Nxivm members Sarah Edmondson and Angela Ucci, former Nxivm consultant Joe O’Hara, and Albany Times Union reporter Robert […]


[…] Catherine Oxenberg, investigative reporter Frank Parlato, ex-Nxivm members Sarah Edmondson and Angela Ucci, former Nxivm consultant Joe O’Hara, and Albany Times Union reporter Robert […]

5 years ago

I hope Frank puts up a lot of post this week and gets this petty BS off the top feed. Really people enough with the Bouchey Show, go post how wonderful she is on her website and lets move forward with the REAL issue

5 years ago

to enough is enough…I believe you did not read the entire thread. There was nothing I mentioned in my original comment that was not already public knowledge. What Susan did with her following comments and story about Barb were really mean. She did not “simply ask for the author to come forward” That would have been reasonable if she really was concerned and wanted to protect people. I simply addressed things she said word for word and pointed out the inaccuracies . I did not say that Susan called Barb a suppressive. However, it baffles me how you can really think she never discredited her??? And you call me harsh ?

The Shinny Thing
The Shinny Thing
5 years ago

I love all this attention being paid to Barbara. It takes the focus off my true love and mentor, Vanguard.
Barbara was always a problem in the organization but now she is fulfilling good purpose. Please keep it up Bouchey fans. Every post about her is one less posting abou Keith – and it keeps you all fighting with yourself and Vanguard is happy. She once again gets to be the Shinny Thing.

Enough is enough
Enough is enough
5 years ago


I have not read where Susan has publicly called Barbara a suppressive or publicly discredited her. She only asked that the person who wrote the post to be public so the others wouldn’t get taken to court. She thought it was Barbara based on the writing styled and had seen that in her writing. To me, it sounded more like protections, misplaced and wrong in her assumption, but protection to the others. Overall, that isn’t a bad thing.

You might have some background information that other readers don’t have but your post seems just as harsh towards Susan as Susan’s was against Barbara as you are accusing her of things also.

As a reader of the blog, it sounds like split camps since the group has gone in different directions and this blog is not really the place to be airing your dirty laundry. I’m sure Keith is loving this as it takes the focus off of him.

I think you women need to knock this behavior off and get to the business at hand and take this “off line” as it has been mentioned before. Its gotten a bit childish at this point and tit for tat.

Susan, if I were you, I wouldn’t respond, I think you’ve said your piece and if you feel a need to apologize, do so to Barbara personally.

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