Emiliano Salinas may have had mental health issues. Did his Vanguard cause or cure them?

Susan Dones: What is Emiliano’s Motivation?

By Susan Dones

What Emiliano Salinas Occelli and his lawyer do not understand, at least in the United States, is NXIVM’s “Confidentiality Agreement” has already been defined in a US court of law.

The confidentiality agreement does not prevent a former member from speaking about their opinions concerning the personal behaviors of founders, employees, board members or other students.

It does not prevent a former member from contacting current members and sharing their concerns about behaviors they believe are immoral, unethical or illegal.

If current members do not want to talk to those who left, they have free will and can say, they choose not to talk to those who have left. If they do not like what is in Frank Report, an article, or a TV show, they are free not to read or watch it.

It does not prevent a former member from speaking to the press about anything other than NXIVM training notes. Training was defined in federal court as “where sashes are worn, and the mission statement is being read before classes are taught”.

Certainly, DOS branding did not include wearing sashes and reading the mission statement.

How can one’s truth be an act of sabotage to alienate their customers?

NXIVM did not invent this term. The sabotage Salinas talks about ex-members causing is a “Reverse Causation.” It is Raniere’s and other’s behavior that is the cause of sabotage. It is what is alienating their customers and is the real reason centers have crumbled to the ground throughout the United States, and Canada and why enrollment is down in Mexico.

Any attempt to file a lawsuit against a former member for any of the above things is a projection of the continued harassment through the legal system. NXIVM and their leadership have been so good at using the legal system to harass so why stop now? They can no longer win with this in the United States, so they are moving it South of the Border to Mexico.

The same attempt was pretty much what NXIVM did to me after I left, when they took me to court. They filed over 200 claims against me. They said I had financially harmed their company from New York to Mexico City to Vancouver BC. The alleged I was teaching their program after I left; I breached their confidentiality agreement; I attempted to extort money from them, plus a bunch more. In the end, I beat every single count without a lawyer representing me.

It’s not because I’m super smart. I don’t have a 240 IQ; I didn’t speak in a full sentence at one years old. It’s because they lie, lie in court. The good news is when we get sued, we get to depose our accusers and be each other witnesses; that will be fun. I’d love to sit across a table from NXIVM’s leadership and asked them questions about their lives and behaviors over the past 20 years.

The other point to remember is that Mexico has no jurisdiction over American citizens. They have to come to the American justice system, alleging we broke the law, show good quality proof, give us a chance to provide counter evidence and we can fight extradition.

So don’t be fearful stormtroopers. Raniere pushed the envelope too far this time.

It sounds like Emiliano Salinas Occelli is playing like he is unaware of it. Maybe this is true, and DOS was a total secret to him. After it was exposed, he is in denial and claims he cannot believe his mentor would do something like DOS. It increasingly appears he is lying about his knowledge of DOS.

What would cause a man of his intelligence to want to pretend that DOS isn’t real and that some women felt like a bait and switch happened to them?

Emiliano Salinas is defending Keith Raniere in the Mexican press.

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