Don't it make my blue eyes brown? Keith has many followers in Mexico. As this magazine cover seems to indicate, when he goes to Mexico, just like a chameleon, he begins to transform his appearance to look just like a Mexican.

Guest View: Will Keith reinvent himself in Mexico?

Guest View by: Let Mexico Keep Him

Maybe Keith Raniere’s plan is to reinvent himself in Mexico. That is what the cult leader in Holy Hell did (Netflix) when he moved to Hawaii after being exposed in California as a sexual predator.

The Mexicans seem to still love him. Enrollxment seems to continue, their centers have not closed their doors, and people are willing to house them in their homes.

I say, more power to the Mexican people. Let the Mexicans keep their Vanguard, let the Mexicans gather up their young women to be branded and conned into being his sex slaves, let the Mexicans spend thousands of dollars per year – maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to be personally trained by their Vanguard. At least he’s out of New York and the United States (at least until the United States wants him back to arrest him).

It makes it harder for Raniere and Bronfman to sue anyone outside of Mexico if they are both in Mexico. They have to be available for depositions and would have to return to the United States or Canada to do so. They cannot sue anyone from the US or Canada in Mexico, as Mexico has no jurisdiction over US or Canadian citizens.

I cannot believe the Garzas would house him with their kids living with them. Where are the Garzas’ parents?

Keith looks like a Mexican in this 10 year old magazine cover. You would almost think the photo was [ethically] retouched to make him look Hispanic.

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  • Keith will escape to the Fiji island bought for him by the Bronfman sisters — he will take with him only the thinnest and most obedient slaves, plus a few male slaves to serve him — If anyone gets out of line or tries to escape, I have no doubt that he will devise a way for them suicide. Maybe there will even be a Jim Jones scenario —



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