Guest View: Keith is a moron — in response to Monte Blu

This guest view is in response to one of Monte Blu’s: Monte Blu: The Vanguard has nothing to do with our sorority

Guest View by You Think We Don’t Know

Honestly Keith – do you think any of your followers are going to buy that you had nothing to do with DOS? You bragged to many of us that you started DOS. You were proud of it. And that you were planning it for years.

Typical cowardly behavior on your part to now say you had nothing to do with it! Do you think we really don’t know?

Keith Raniere says he had nothing to do with DOS. Even if you didn’t start this stupid sorority, your top masters are the HEADS of all of the companies within NXIVM (which now you CO-founded, LOL).

The Source, the Knife, Exo/Eso, ESP etc….

Allison Mack actually recruited my friend IN THE SOURCE, when she was a student under Allison, and then (after you saw her naked photos) was invited to come meet you “for a walk”. You are nothing but a dorky outcast with a sex addiction who found a barely successful way to be a guru. Enjoy your harem while they last – and before they are all behind bars.

And one more thing – your “statements” are so full of shit. IF YOU were really so responsible – why haven’t you fired your head trainers for ESP who were actively enrolling for this so called unrelated sorority WHILE TEACHING ESP and the other curriculum YOU CREATED?

Lauren, Allison, Rosa Laura, Charmel – SHOULD ALL BE FIRED. Has this been done?
Have fun “miming picking the trash” in Mexico. It will help you with picking up the soap in prison.



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  • For anyone who still believes that story about him pantomiming the picking of trash is a noble thing… it’s not… for once a person who truly is noble and humble wouldn’t need to talk about himself so much, and even if he did, it wouldn’t be the same stories over and over again. This guy is a pretender…
    He said he wouldn’t really pick up the trash because that was someone else’s responsibility and he were to do it again and again they wouldn’t learn and to prove he isn’t a lazy piece of shit he would pantomime it..What a load of trash… If he truly cared about the responsibility of the people… he would find other ways to get the message across to them, rather than blaming them for not picking the trash… in my opinion here he is teaching and doing the noble thing, but really it’s just him blaming others for not being how he wants them to be… it’s all about him.. even the pantomiming is about him not being lazy, not about addressing the issue in the community. Enough with buying anything he says or has ever said or done as being noble…

  • I agree with it all, except for one thing. They can put the Haydn in jail, but he will successfully build two more It their place



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