Bubba: Why didn’t you do anything to stop the mad man?

Guest View by Bubba

Near-Sighted wrote: “Why would anyone ever speak out against Keith? Or inform on Keith to law enforcement? That would be the fast track to getting indicted  by corrupt law enforcement. Everyone who fights Keith gets into legal trouble. As for me, I will stand where I stand silently, and I advise you all to do the same.

In response to the comment above:

Dear Near Sighted;

Now Bubba hopes you ain’t one of those stupid ones that have broken the law for your Vanguard and are waiting in silence to see what is going to happen darlin’.

Not every law enforcement person out there is corrupt and some day those who are speaking out are gonna find those police with the white hats who can’t be bought.

They would rather see this Vanguard hang by his short hairs than take any of Clare Bronfman’s money. If she, or any of the other mobsters are a bring cash in a brown paper bag to buy them off, well they themselves will be finding handcuffs put on faster than tick jumps on a hound dog.

Word on the street is the FEDS have already had a bunch of visitors from far and wide. Not just in that there fancy New York where the authorities seems to be sleeping on their watch waiting for their pension to kick in. We’re talking real states where real cowboys don’t like what this Vanguard’s been up too. Ya see, the FEDS work in every state, so if New York wants to sleep through this, other FEDS would love to make this their claim to fame.

Don’t think if you’ve left and not gone to the FEDS about your wrong doin’s your safe either. Too many people know too many secrets. Matter of fact, Santa might bring you handcuffs for Christmas.

So, Near Sighted, honey, you stand in your silence and be part of the problem. There is only one person you have to answer to in the end. Hope “I was a chicken shit” at the Pearly Gates works for your darlin’. We know others will have the same answer when asked “Why didn’t you do anything to stop the mad man”.

Bubba, over and out.


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  • In one of the interviews Sarah Edmondson did with a Canadian news outlet, she indicated she and Mark were doing everything in their power to get those they enrolled out (except for the brain dead like, Lucas, Pam, Diane and Leah etc). She also indicated in that interview that she hand delivered a box of information over to t he authorities. Maybe in those boxes lies evidence of money laundering?

    The only problem with Canada doing anything is……It was released in the Paradise Papers that Justin Trudeau’s close adviser: Stephen Bronfman (1st cousin of clare) has also been linked to moving boat loads of cash to the Cayman Islands and other tax havens – https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/nov/05/justin-trudeau-adviser-stephen-bronfman-offshore-paradise-papers

    Bronfmans’s moving money off shore to evade paying taxes has been their nom-de-plume for years – https://vigile.quebec/archives/00-3/bronfman.html , Nxivm doing the same is just standard operating procedure.




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