Raniere gets disciplined by prison authorities – has phone privileges canceled

Keith Raniere

It may come as no surprise to readers of the Frank Report  that Keith Alan Raniere – a/k/a The Vanguard and n/k/a Federal Prisoner 57005-177 – has gotten into a little trouble at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Although sources have not disclosed exactly what transgression(s) he committed, we do know he recently lost his phone privileges – which is a fairly typical “first-time” punishment at MDC and generally lasts for 30-60 days.

In another development, Raniere’s frequent requests for trips to MDC’s Medical Unit have come to a halt after medical staff determined he’s been faking symptoms to get out of his cell for a few hours at a time. The problem for Raniere now is that – if he does come down with a serious medical condition – which is always a possibility at the filthy MDC facility – guards will be reluctant to call the Medical Unit on his behalf.

It also appears Raniere may be making changes to his legal team. Not certain yet whether he’s changing lawyers or adding more, but we may find out more on this front either before – or at – Wednesday’s scheduled status conference.

Lastly, it looks like Raniere may be on the move again – within the MDC facility. He was in a Special Unit – then moved to Sex Offenders. No details have emerged yet but the rumor is he’s going to be headed to yet another unit at MDC.

Stay tuned. There’s likely to be a lot more news coming this week.

As one of one our long-time contributors likes to say, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…

From a high and mighty Vanguard – who had slaves waiting on him hand and foot – the world’s self proclaimed “smartest man” is having a hard time figuring out what to do in prison.
Keith Alan Raniere – the world’s dumbest man – is now forbidden the use of a phone in prison. Whether this punishment was meted out to him for faking illnesses to get out of his cell – and rest at the medical clinic – is not known. In any event, he is not adjusting well to the horrors of MDC.

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  • Thanks for the update. So this story reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. Unfortunately the one time he gets sick for real they won’t believe him.
    I am curious who will be arrested next and when. I know we have to wait until the news officially announces it. Both local and frank. Channel 10 does a very good job covering.
    Are the feds waiting until they have enough to stick ? That’s what I am assuming.

  • Perhaps the Bronfman sisters have decided to reduce Keith’s defense allowance in anticipation of needing more of their wealth on hand to keep themselves out of prison. Though I do know that their devotion to him in the past has been so generous and selfless, they might be changing their minds now.

    • Fuck the Bronfman sisters. They’re the two mental midgets who enabled this clown for so many years. They should spend their time in cells next to his for allowing him to spread its poison for almost two decades.

    • Once again it is rather tragic to think of the advances that might have been made if a portion (30%? 40%?) of the money the Bronfman girls gave their Vanguard access to would have been donated to legitimate scientific research. Heck well funded scientists and researchers may have been able to discover a cure for strabismus and body odor.

  • Hey Frank! Can you stop using such a LARGE copy of that picture of Vantard? it is seriously hard to look at.

  • Well, I guess Raniere finally found a situation where love-bombing people won’t work to get them to buy into his nonsense.

    Oh, the sweet Schadenfreude.

  • Glad he’s being seen through. A fake is a fake this medical treatment was an obvious ploy, he wss probably planning an escape attempt using constant upheaval. Just a thought, I’ve watched to much true crime. But I never thought he should have phone privaliges , sneaky Keith probable got caught intimidating witnesses.

  • Of course he’s going to start getting antsy and cause trouble. The fake has been living an easy life for decades fooling a bunch of rich idiots into thinking he’s some ethical leader when it’s just been a game for him, to screw around and live as his own little king. Now he’s in the shit hole where he should be for being such arrogant pissant. I hope the guards keep fucking with him in direct proportion to how much he’s fucked with other people’s lives. Just throw the fucker in solitary and call it a day.

  • What no calls to his baby mama to see how Keith Jr is doing? Like he gives a shot about his kid anyway.

    Looking forward to what the next round of arrest and charges will bring. Gotta love Christmas in July.

  • Shut the Fuck up Scott Johnson. No one wants to hear about you and Amway.

    Get the Fk off our blog!

    • Fuck off Amway. No one gives a shit about you or your worthless opinions.

        • Amen, I can’t stand the idiot. Nothing worthwhile to say, 90% of the time. I can understand this crap, coming from a 12 year old…but Scott’s supposedly 60+ (read that here, somewhere). It’s time to grow up.

          Back on topic, looks like Keith Raniere will have to invent “new tech” in order to communicate with the outside.

          Maybe old Vanguard could do the old “tin cans and a piece of string” trick, and apply for a patent: “A New and Recyclable Method to Foster Communication”…

          • 60 years old, supported by his wife who works in admin for public schools, and he’s red-faced drunk in his son’s wedding photo. Real classy guy. Obsessed with Amway since forever. Imagines himself brilliant. The opposite is true. Truly pathetic.

    • Wish your posts were like this ^ all the time.

      I’m really surprised none of the harem girls have gone to visit him, although the lawyers may have told them to stay away.

      • Jesus Christ, I replied to the fake Scott Johnson, instead of the real one as intended….LOL. Ah well, joke’s on me.

        • Laugh it up LIBTARD.

          My attorney loves to go Balls deep in a case, just like I went balls deep in Amway.

          Won’t be so funny when you meet his meat, if you catch my drift. I enjoy it. You, not so much. LOL.


        • Seriously, who can tell the difference and is there really a difference?

          I do enjoy seeing Raniere put in his place by the authorities–no one is buying his crap anymore, Must be difficult.

        • But you have neither a Howitzer, nor a peashooter…just a limp noodle, to match your limp brain.

          You really should market yourself as a cure for depression: 1 look at how pathetic you are is enough to make anyone feel better about themselves, even “lower than whale shit” Vanguard.

        • I know all about howitzers. Especially big black ones that like to pump plump white meat.

          If you get my drift. LOL.


          Tune in to my radio show on FM 108.1, at 5am snowflakes.

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