Alex Betancourt tweets his Vanguard; plus photos of Vanguard’s last known address

Even if Emiliano Salinas is distancing himself from Keith Raniere, as reported in Aristigui Noticia and Frank Report, his partner, and longtime lover, Alejandro Betancourt, is standing by his Vanguard.

He tweeted links to the English and Mexican versions of  Keith Raniere’s “A letter from the Co-founder of NXIVM/ESP”.

I am puzzled at how Keith Raniere is now calling himself a NXIVM/ESP “Co -founder” when in the past he always called himself the “Founder” of both.

As for Alex Betancourt, he filed criminal complaints against ex-members of NXIVM which required him to lie about his former friends.

At one time, Vanguard told Alex that he was Benito Mussolini in his past life. Alex did not leave Vanguard at the time but continued to follow him faithfully.

It is rumored that  that Vanguard learned that US law enforcement was investigating him and arrests of top NXIVM leaders and possibly himself might be forthcoming. Vanguard fled the USA, possibly in a private jet chartered by Clare Bronfman and came to  San Pedro Garza Garcia near Monterrey Mexico.

Vanguard entered a rented home in the neighborhood where one of his DOS slaves, Carola Garza, lives.

DOS slave Carola Garza lives in an exclusive neighborhood and the homeowners’ association wanted no part of Vanguard.

Vanguard  donned a baseball cap and sunglasses but the disguise did little to save him when neighbors recognized him walking with his DOS slave Jimena Garza in the closely watched and guarded neighborhood.

Vanguard with his DOS slave, Jimena Garza.

For 20 years, Vanguard built a cult of personality with his images and exploits published in media. His appearance and habit of walking with different females – a stranger on the quiet streets – did him in.

The homeowner’s association forced Vanguard to move out of the neighborhood and into a condo owned by Jimena Garza, another of his DOS slaves.

Here are a few photos of Vanguard’s last known address: Torres Horizonte, Boulevard Diaz Ordaz 26, Col. San Jeronimo, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, CP 64660.

Jimena Garza and her husband, Omar Boone, run the ESP Center in Monterrey. Jimena has been branded with Keith Raniere’s initials. Jimena and Omar moved out of their condo to make room for Vanguard.


Jimena got her pubic region branded with Keith Raniere’s initials as a mark of her lifelong slavery to him.


DOS branded slave Jimena Garza with her husband, Omar Boone.
In some way,s this is cramped quarters for the Vanguard who likes to walk and visit different women’s homes throughout the night to mentor them.



While not shabby, the high rise apartment and condo complex is far from top tier.



There is a community swimming pool, but will Vanguard choose to use it?


Towers community pool.
The views are nice from the Towers but the windows are comparatively small.


View from windows.
Night view.

It is hard to say whether Vanguard will remain for very long in Monterrey or if it is only a stopping point, to determine whether he can avoid being indicted  by placing the blame for any criminal activities related to  DOS on Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, India Oxenberg and all the financial crimes on Clare Bronfman and Nancy Salzman.

Stay tuned. There will be a lot of action happening in the next 30 days….


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