‘Co-founder’ Raniere to members: ‘I am not associated’ with ‘group of women’

His name is Keith Raniere. But he has instructed his followers to call him Vanguard - the leader of the new thought. .

Keith Raniere has issued a statement on the Executive Success Programs website:


Dear Members,

I am deeply saddened by the recent news published about our organization, a number of key people, and friends from the past.

The way in which the media represents us does not coincide with what I know of our community and our friends, nor with my experience of myself. However, as an organization and as individuals, we felt it was imperative that we hire experts to make sure these allegations were unfounded.

Over the past few months, highly qualified individuals have conducted extensive independent investigations, and have firmly concluded that accusations of abuse, coercion or harm to individuals are completely unfounded. These accusations are most disturbing to me because non-violence is one of my core values.

Additionally, I feel it is important to clarify that the group of women is not part of NXIVM and that I am not associated with it. I strongly support the right to free expression of people, so what this group of women, or any other social group, chooses to do is not our business as long as there is no abuse. Our experts, a forensic psychiatrist of international reputation, psychologists and former police investigators, tell us that the participants of this group are very well, in good health, happy, thriving, and have not experienced coercion. What’s more, the participants of the women’s group are proud of what they have created and want to share their story. Surely they will be addressing you very soon.

Today marks our first step forward. No matter how much we are part of the problem, it is our humble hope that we will be much more part of the solution. From now on we will communicate better, and we will report better.


Keith Raniere.

Keith Raniere a/k/a Vanguard names himself as the co-founder of Executive Success Programs. Presumably Nancy Salzman a/k/a Prefect is the other co-founder. 


Spanish version of Keith Raniere’s statement.


Estimados Miembros,

Estoy profundamente entristecido por las recientes noticias publicadas respecto a nuestra organización, una serie de personas claves, y amigos del pasado.

Lo forma en que los medios nos representan no coincide con lo que yo sé de nuestra comunidad y nuestros amigos, ni con mi experiencia de mí mismo. Sin embargo, como organización y como individuos, sentimos que era imperativo que contratáramos expertos para asegurarnos de que dichas acusaciones fueran infundadas.

Durante los últimos meses individuos altamente calificados han realizado extensas investigaciones independientes, y han concluido firmemente que las acusaciones de abuso, coerción o daños a individuos son completamente infundadas. Estas acusaciones son de lo más perturbadoras para mí porque la no-violencia es uno de mis valores fundamentales.

Adicionalmente, siento que es importante aclarar que el grupo de mujeres no es parte de NXIVM y que yo no estoy asociado al mismo. Apoyo firmemente el derecho a la libre expresión de las personas, así que lo que elija hacer este grupo de mujeres, o cualquier otro grupo social, no es asunto nuestro mientras no exista el abuso. Nuestros expertos, un psiquiatra forense de reputación internacional, psicólogos y ex-investigadores policíacos, nos comentan que las participantes de dicho grupo se encuentran muy bien, con buena salud, contentas, prosperando, y no han experimentado coerción. Lo que es más, las participantes del grupo femenino están orgullosas de lo que han creado y quieren compartir su historia. Seguramente se estarán dirigiendo a Uds. muy pronto.

El día de hoy marca nuestro primer paso hacia adelante. Sin importar qué tanto seamos parte del problema, es nuestra humilde esperanza que logremos ser mucho más parte de la solución. De ahora en adelante nos comunicaremos mejor, e informaremos mejor.

Keith Raniere


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  • What an asshole. He makes it sound like these women in the “sorority” are organic farm animals. Happy, healthy, joyous, roaming free of their choosing. Such insulting bullshit. And all of these women have taken ESP or JNESS, so his statement is a complete joke.

    • Maybe you are on to something.

      Most people thought Vanguard University, advertised as the fast-track to being an ESP Proctor or Field Salesman (and thus qualify for commissions on recruits of the recruits of your recruits…) was just an excuse to milk a few tens of thousands of dollars more of tuition money from the gullible.

      Are DOS girls required to register at Vanguard University?

      Will they have to move the campus to Monterrey?

  • Giving Raniere every possible benefit of the doubt, some members of JNESS (Allison Mack and/or Lauren Salzman?) started the DOS program of deceptive recruiting, blackmail, slavery, starvation, and genital branding, and kept it initially secret from Raniere, the self-proclaimed smartest and most perceptive person in the world.

    Raniere eventually found out about DOS, if only by reading Frank Report. So what did he do?

    Raniere could have said, “Don’t brand! Certainly don’t brand my initials! Don’t even tattoo, certainly not my initials! At most, ask members to wear a little decorative ankle bracelet that can’t be removed symbolic of the sorority, and without my initials! Don’t ask women to go on an unhealthy starvation diet! Don’t ask women to take a vow of slavery, to me or anyone! Don’t collect embarrassing collateral, or ask members to sign over their bank accounts or real estate! And don’t be deceptive when you recruit!”

    And if the DOS organizers didn’t agree, Raniere could have publicly repudiated DOS as soon as he learned what was being done “behind his back.”

    Instead, Raniere is trying to DEFEND the DOS abuses, and promote further DOS recruitment!

    Raniere is just a hopeless sociopath.

  • “What’s more, the participants of the women’s group are proud of what they have created and want to share their story. Surely they will be addressing you very soon.”

    Anyone here think he’s having the slaves do a press conference on his behalf?

    • Yes, this makes a lot of sense.

      The women’s group (DOS) that isn’t part of NXIVM (according to the lying sociopath), even though ESP/JNESS members make it up, the leaders of which allowed themselves and their members to be investigated just for the hell of it by those hired by NXIVM, would love to tell their story to everyone in the world about the wonderful world they have created (of course, ignoring the starvation diets, collateral, blackmail, coercive practices of holding down a naked woman while she is branded near her vagina with the Keith Raniere’s and Allison Mack’s initials, etc.,) and clear the air for an organization and a man that they aren’t associated with, you know just because.

      I guess you really have to be hypnotized to believe this guy is the so-called “smartest man in the world” when he is clearly so fucking retarded.

      “My experience of myself.”

  • Co-Founder says “I am not associated.”

    Is it a stretch for me to think think implies the other co-founder is involved?

    Is Nancy being set up for the fall?

  • The chronology seems to be

    1. The http://www.executivesuccessprograms.com web site added a link “Letter from the co-founder” to http://www.executivesuccessprograms.com/letter-from-the-co-founder/ which had another link to a Spanish translation. The http://www.nxivm.com website also replaced the previous link attempting to distance itself from DOS with a new link to http://www.nxivm.com/letter_from_the_cofounder.php containing the same letter, which has a link tka Spanish translation.

    2. Aristegui Noticias in Mexico found it and posted it.

    3. A reader of Frank Report (me) posted a Frank Report comment containing the letter, thinking that Aristegui Noticias had a leak from Raniere in Mexico (they likely just found it on the ESP or NXIVM website, although tney do get credit for noticing it first).

    Regardless of the chronology, it is interesting that ESP/NXIVM (Raniere) posted a Spanish version simultaneously with the English. Pretty clearly, the only future that Raniere thinks he has depends critically on Mexico.

  • Cool story Keith. You say that the accusations are unfounded and that these things did not happen within your organization aka NXIVM. Mr Raniere, could you please explain to us why such a secret organization would allow you, someone who is not on the inside, to investigate this? This would be very dangerous for it’s leaders.

    But the best parts are the last two paragraphs. You were able to find them, convince them to see a doctor and come forward AND you speak about NXIVM/ESP being part of the problem. What is true now? Is your organization involved or not? Why do they carry your initials on their skin? Maybe you could comment on that.

  • Read it with a Trump voice. We hired the best experts ever. The best. They’re so qualified. Like really. Really qualified.

  • He can’t even come up with a half-decent statement where he doesn’t lie through his teeth.

    And you can’t have an “independent” investigation if you’ve hired the people to investigate, you moron. This is what’s called a conflict of interest.

  • How does he define ‘associated’? Because if fucking, coercing, directing, founding, masterminding, enslaving isn’t considered ‘associated’ I am truly not sure what is. What a fucking liar.

    • He did not know a thing. Remember the VW scandal in the US? A single engineer, James Liang, did all that without informing any of the thousands of coworkers within the company… He will find a scapegoat as well.

  • Interesting. He writes “I am not associated”. With the group bit he doesn’t mention the other principal and board member, Nancy Salamanca.

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