Raniere in Mexico: Is Emiliano Salinas lying to media, or is there a breakup between him and Raniere?

Aristegui Noticias [AN] reported that Keith Raniere traveled to Monterrey, Mexico to meet with ‘close supporters’ in Monterrey, such as Omar Boone and Carola Garza. The story is of interest because in it, Emiliano Salinas [through official spokespersons] is on record distancing himself from Keith Raniere. This may be a sign of how radioactive Keith Raniere has become.
There are four huge points to the story:


According to ESP Mexico’s public relations team:

1. Emiliano Salinas planned family activities for the next several days, so he cannot go to Monterrey to meet Keith. And Keith is not invited to attend Emiliano’s personal activities; only family and trusted friends were invited.

Frank Report comment: Emiliano has flown to Albany, NY, scores of times to meet with Keith and attend intensives. Year after year, Emiliano traveled to Silver Bay, NY to attend V-Week, Keith’s 10-day birthday celebration. Emiliano’s wife, Ludwika Paleta, purchased 18 Silo Drive, a $500,000 home in Waterford, NY, less than a mile away from the home of Keith Raniere.

The wife of Emiliano Salinas, Ludwika Paleta, purchased a $500,000 home less than a mile from the home of Keith Raniere.

Yet, on Keith’s first known visit to Mexico, Emiliano tells the media he is too busy to meet with him? This tells me that either there is an estrangement, or this is a sly statement meant to make it seem Emiliano is independent of Keith Raniere.

Emiliano Salinas on stage with Lauren Salzman at V-Week 2016 entertaining the ESPian audience which include their leader Keith Raniere, AKA Vanguard.


2. While he is in Mexico, Raniere will not teach any courses at ESP Mexico Centers. 

Partners, Alejandro Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas. Both have the rank of the Green Sash in ESP/

Emiliano claims he and partner, Alejandro Betancourt, own ESP Mexico, which includes ESP’s Centers in Monterrey, Mexico City and León ESP.  Emiliano claims ESP Mexico is a simple “licensee” and “facilitator” of ESP courses and methodologies created by Keith Raniere. Keith does not own the business, and will not teach any courses, Emiliano says.

Frank Report comment: Up until now, it would not have been up to Emiliano to declare in advance that Keith would not teach courses. Keith would decide that and if he chose at the spur of the moment to show up and teach a class, Emiliano would be thrilled. Keith would not have needed permission. In the past, if Keith merely showed up, Emiliano would have been willing to lick his boots.

Either Keith told Emiliano to say this or this is clearly not a good sign for Keith and anything but a “Welcome to Mexico, Vanguard.”

Emiliano [far right] sits on stage wearing his Green Sash listening to his superior in ESP Nancy Salzman who holds the rank of Gold Sash.

3. Raniere makes periodic visits to Mexico.

Frank Report comment: This is a total lie. Keith has never been known to go to Mexico. No one in ESP I have spoken to has heard of him setting foot in Mexico. The only known places outside of the USA Keith has been known to visit in the past decade are Fiji [Wakaya Island] and Dharmasala, India [to cajole the Dalai Lama to come to Albany]. This ‘periodic visits’ to Mexico sounds like a way to disguise the fact that Keith’s appearance in Mexico is highly unusual, likely desperate, and was not meant to be discovered by the media.


4. Salinas said he was surprised by Keith’s arrival in Monterrey.

Frank Report comment: If that is true than there is a true estrangement. Either that or Emiliano is lying again.


Emiliano dances on stage at an all-ESPian gathering during V-Week. His green shirt corresponds to his rank in ESP.
Is this the end of Vanguard?
You said it, Emi...

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[…] is entirely contradictory to the claims that were previously asserted by Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt that they owned the… – and that it was merely a licensee of the courses created by Raniere and had no direct […]


[…] is entirely contradictory to the claims that were previously asserted by Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt that they owned the… – and that it was merely a licensee of the courses created by Raniere and had no direct […]

Lair Lair Pants on Fire

Oh Emi is running from his Master like the pussy boy he is. His wife must have him by the short hairs.

He is also lying to the Mexican People. NXIVM does not have “licensee”. Nor can they keep the Grand Master from teaching his own work. He owns it and he licensee it to NXIVM.

Ask any Center owner from the past. Mark V Sarah E, Barbara Bouchey or Susan D, they all were contractors. The entire payments for all courses went to Albany first and then commission were paid to everyone the following month after NXIVM took their cut.

If in good standing, people would folk from all over Mexico to here their Vangaurd speak. Now that he’s been in the press as a bad boy doing horrible things to young girls and women, Emi the pussy has to distance himself while his Master is in town.

It’s bad to saddle up to the creepy one now. Emi never thought his Vanguard would be in Mexico. If you want to be the next President like his papa was you got to keep it clean now. His daddy most likely gave him a verbal whipping and told him, “What the hell you thinking boy, I spent all this money putting you through Harvard and your hang out with the pervert”.

Is Emi distancing himself from Alex is the next question? Will Alex meet with his Vangurad while he’s in Mexico?

The biggest lie is Keith has never been to Mexico while NXIVM has been around. He’s on the run and he’s got millions. Any kidnappers out there listening, he’s got millions stash away.

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