Guest View: Did Raniere, Salzman use NLP and hypnosis to get followers to commit crimes for NXIVM and have sex with Raniere?

The NXIVM executive board. Nancy Salzman, with Mark Vicente [now out of NXIVM] Alex Betancourt,,Karen Unterreiner, Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas - all wearing their prized colored sashes indicating their rank.

Nancy Salzman [standing] addresses some of the High Rank of NXIVM. Seated l-r: Mark Vicente, Alex Betancourt, Karen Unterreiner, Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, and Emiliano Salinas. Note: Mr. Vicente has since left NXIVM and publicly denounced its practices. The rest are still active members in NXIVM.
Mind Control – NXIVM Style – Let me count the ways

By Ann Marie Morrison

NXIVM’s two top tools used for mind-bending and mind-control are 1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming and 2. Hypnosis.

Nancy Salzman was one of the top trainers in the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  She was also a master hypnotist. She never was a hypnotherapist. Nancy “sold” herself as a therapist, but she was not a licensed psychotherapist, nor did she have a certification in psychiatric nursing as she claims she does.

Keith Raniere is also a master hypnotist, studied NLP, and read a lot of books by people such as Tony Robbins (who is also a master at NLP) and read a lot about mind control over the years. One of Mr. Raniere’s favorite authors is Ron L Hubbard who started the Church of Scientology.

NLP and hypnosis are excellent therapeutic tools, in the right hands, with the right intent. Just like a knife in the hand of a surgeon can save a life, a knife in the hand of a killer can take a life. The knife is just a knife; it’s the intent.

So why is it important to even bring this up? Here is a good example that fits the issues concerning sex going on in NXIVM.

The link below is a case of an Ohio  lawyer, Michael W. Fine who was accused of  hypnotizing at least six female clients for sexual gratification. The women didn’t remember having sex with this lawyer. One noticed her bra didn’t seem to be on the same way after her meeting with the lawyer which started the chain of events that lead to an investigation, arrest, conviction and finally a prison sentence.

Mr. Fine pleaded guilty to five counts of kidnapping and one count of attempted kidnapping — all five charges also carried a sexual motivation designation.

Mr. Fine is expected to be sentenced to 12-years in prison. He will also be required to register as a sex offender upon release. Several civil lawsuits are pending against Fine.

Here is link to a video from the Dr. Phil show


Keith Raniere is said to be a master at Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


If Mr. Raniere and Ms. Salzman are masters at hypnosis, is it possible that some women are hypnotically put into a trance to have sex with Raniere? Would the same crimes Mr. Fine was convicted of be applicable to Mr. Raniere, Ms. Salzman and other leaders?

If hypnosis was used to convince women to have sex with Raniere, it is possible?

It’s been said by defectors that when a woman finds out that Mr. Raniere is not monogamous and has a reaction to this fact, the upper leadership of women come in and “work the woman’s issues.”

Could it be that the female leadership is brainwashing women into believing Mr. Raniere’s behavior has good intent and that if they could “just see things their way”: i.e: Keith is not owned by any woman, and you must only sleep with him. However, he will sleep with whoever he pleases?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Their Power Tools
The following is taken from: 10 Ways to Protect Yourself From NLP Mind Control

I suggest reading the entire page, especially the 10 ways to protect yourself.

Those who are in NXIVM or have left can see how they use NLP to “Get Ya.”

How exactly does this thing work?

[I should noted here that the large majority of NLP people, especially those who are primarily therapists, are likely well-meaning)

NLP is taught in a pyramid structure, with more advanced techniques reserved for multi-thousand-dollar seminars. To oversimplify, it works like this: first, the practitioner (or “NLPer,” as NLP people often refer to themselves, pays very, very close attention to the person they’re working with. By watching subtle cues like eye movement, skin flush, pupil dilation and nervous tics, a skilled NLP person can quickly determine:

a) What side of the brain a person is predominantly using;

b) What sense (sight, smell, etc.) is most predominant in their brain;

c) How their brain stores and utilizes information (All of this can be gleaned from eye movements)

d) When they’re lying or making information up.

After this initial round of information gathering, the “NLPer” begins to slowly and subtly mimic the client, taking on not only their body language, but also their speech mannerisms, and will begin speaking with language patterns designed to target the client’s primary sense.

An NLP person carefully fakes the social cues that cause a person to drop their guard and enter a state of openness and suggestibility.

For instance, a person predominantly focused on sight will be spoken to in language using visual metaphors—”Do you see what I’m saying?” “Look at it this way”—while a person for which hearing is the dominant sense will be spoken to in auditory language—”Hear me out,” “I’m listening to you closely.”

By mirroring body language and linguistic patterns, the NLPer is attempting to achieve one very specific response: rapport. Rapport is the mental and physiological state that a human enters when they let their social guard down, and it is generally achieved when a person concludes that the person they’re talking to is just like them.

An NLP person carefully fakes the social cues that cause a person to drop their guard and enter a state of openness and suggestibility.

Once rapport is achieved, the NLPer will then begin subtly leading the interaction.

Having mirrored the other person, they can now make subtle changes to actually influence the other person’s behavior. With subtle language patterns, leading questions and a whole slew of other techniques, a skilled NLPer can steer the other person wherever they like, as long as the other person isn’t aware of what’s happening, and thinks everything is arising organically, or has given consent.

It’s actually fairly hard to use NLP to get people to act out-of-character, but it can be used for engineering responses within a person’s normal range of behavior—like donating to a cause, making a decision they were putting off, or going home with you for the night, if they might have considered doing it anyway.

From this point, the NLPer will seek to do two things—elicit and anchor. Eliciting happens when an NLPer uses leading and language to engineer an emotional state—for instance, hunger. Once a state has been elicited, the NLPer can anchor it with a physical cue—for instance, touching your shoulder. If done right, the NLPer can call up the hungry state any time they touch your shoulder in the same way.

It’s conditioning, plain and simple.

Woman sentenced to 15 months in texting suicide case

This case involves coercion to get people to do things they would not do if they didn’t feel pressured.

Since NXIVM upper leadership from Keith Raniere, both Nancy and her daughter Lauren Salzman, and down through the executive board, are well trained in the art of hypnosis and NLP (which they call their advanced technology). They have the ability to coerce others into doing things they would not do under normal situations.

Put a student on limited sleep, limited food intake, and fear of punishment for not walking the company line – Their Mission – and you have someone ripe for mind control.

It makes what Michelle Carter did with her boyfriend look like a sideshow in a circus.

Is this how they get their students to sleep with Mr. Raniere, bring cash across the border knowing it’s an illegal act, not pay their taxes, punish other students, ask students to go deep into debt to take courses they cannot afford, ask them to give up their careers to move to Albany to work dead-end jobs for little pay, and to set up bank accounts in their names that NXIVM uses for their own purposes, such as paying commissions.

This is a list of few things that students will do for their Prefect and Vanguard.

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Lydia Salia
Lydia Salia
6 months ago

I have written extensively about this subject, including the use of ‘Abject Obedience Hypnosis’ to induce permanent changes to unhealthy subconscious habits. I’ve also…, arguably, used hypnosis for personal (including sexual) gain. You people have no idea how deep this really goes. You might want to contact Vegas hypnotist Richard Anthony to learn about ‘secret societies’… Or you can contact me. 😈


[…] how NLP was used heavily by NXIVM leaders, including president Nancy Salzman, who was one of the top NLP trainers in the world and a […]

6 years ago

Sorry, I did not see your post re VigilantCitizen before I wrote my comment.

6 years ago

The website of VigilantCitizen had an article about NXIUM in which they pointed out that Raniere’s techniques sound a lot like trauma-based mind control. Hypnotism, torture and dissociation are part of this scenario.

Pants on Fire
Pants on Fire
6 years ago

Nancy was a nurse but stopped being a nurse and started taking workshops and traveled around teaching NLP workshops.
She opened a therapy practice but she worked under someone else who had a license.

It’s like all the claims that Keith makes but can’t back them up either.

Fake, phony, fraud are three things that go together.

Nancy is ...
Nancy is ...
6 years ago

A monster

6 years ago

What the actual fuck is Nancy’s accreditation?
She’s not therapist?
She’s not a hypnotherapist?
She’s not a psychiatric nurse?
Is she even an RN?

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