NXIVM: Bombshell TU story; Apropos meeting; J’ness down, fears of raid, shifting residences; Fiji may be imminent

Sunday November 12, 2017 was a grim day for NXIVM followers. The Albany Times Union came out with a shocking expose: Law enforcement has fielded NXIVM complaints for years.

The story appeared on the front page [the headline in print: NXIVM Could Feel New Scrutiny] and was spread over most of two more pages.

The lead:

Numerous people with connections to NXIVM made troubling reports about the Colonie-based self-help group to a host of law enforcement agencies. They shared allegations of money laundering, tax evasion, immigration fraud, kidnapping plots and perjury.
 Despite the litany of complaints, no criminal charge has ever been leveled against the secretive organization or its leader, Keith Raniere.
 The story may have shocked some NXIVM members. NXIVM members have been told not to read stories in the Times Union for fear that it might hurt their “internal representation” of Keith Raniere, the founder and leader of NXIVM who insists that his followers address him by his made-up title of “Vanguard”. Those who did read stories in the past were told that the sources quoted in the story were bribed by the Times Union to lie about Keith.

Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017 

At around 6:30 pm, the parking lot of Apropos on Route 9 was full in front, and there were cars parked in back, behind the building. NXIVM members often meet for classes and planned social gatherings at Apropos.  This meeting may have been an emergency meeting.

By around 7:30 PM, there were empty spots in front. Cars pulled up to the building, as other cars left, suggesting that High Rank, possibly Keith Raniere himself, were on hand for people to meet with intermittently.


Branded DOS slave Loreta Garza [l] with branded DOS slave Melissa Rodriguez. Loreta is a candidate for charges of tax evasion, conspiracy, and immigration fraud. She could face 20 years. Her criminal role in Rainbow Cultural Garden and immigration fraud has been made public for years on this website, and elsewhere, and in court records.

Keith, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack have received heavy media attention in the last few weeks. The Times Union identified Clare Bronfman prominently and ran her picture in the story on Sunday.

Keith might have preferred that Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, and, if necessary , Jim Del Negro, Kathy Russell, Loreta Garza and Rosa Laura Junco be charged if authorities finally choose to pursue criminal charges but, unfortunately for him, Clare Bronfman is front and center.

Branded DOS slave Rosa Laura Junco has her name on documents, bank accounts and Raniere-owned companies.


Danielle Roberts, D.O., a slave woman of DOS, did the female pubic branding. She obeys Keith Raniere.


A source says some NXIVM members are shifting quarters in Clifton Park. They are worried about a raid by law enforcement.

The feeling is that Dr. Danielle Roberts and Dr. Brandon Porter might not be alone in facing legal trouble. It appears a broader focus is being considered.


NXIVM observers believe incriminating evidence not destroyed when DOS was first exposed in June, or following the New York Times article in mid-October, may be destroyed, moved or hidden now.

Karen Unterreiner is usually tasked with such assignments, as she did successfully in the Rick Ross case.

Michelle Salzman and Ben Meyers may be asked to tamper with evidence. While such an assignment would be nothing new for Ben, it may put Michelle in harm’s way.


Kathy Russell, Michelle Salzman, Ben Meyers, and Angel Smith may be asked to help  from their own computers to destroy evidence. Marianna Fernandez may have to leave for Mexico to avoid criminal charges.


Some members are believed to be ready to flee from Keith Raniere. One may have already left, without notice. Keith is in no position to threaten a defector with punishment as he would normally do. Collateral can’t be released now, as it might draw media attention and spark law enforcement to act quicker, not giving enough time to escape as a group.


Allison Mack is believed to need extensive Exploration of Meaning therapy before she can be of much assistance.


Websites up and down
The website for Executive Success Programs is online.

The website: Jness.com is down.

NXIVM.com: is back up after being down for days. It is now laden with incomprehensible word salad and new age babble from the mind of Keith Raniere. It contains nothing else. Visit the site for pure bullshit and no substance.

Exo/eso.com is down.

JnessTestimonials.com can still be visited to hear from cultists about how wonderful Keith Raniere’s teachings are for women. This was used to recruit unwitting members to DOS.

Society of Protectors website is still up, but there is virtually no information on it available to the general public since it is password protected.

Keith Raniere conversations is back up online, after being down last week.

The conversations feature students of Keith interviewing him as he rambles on with lengthy word salads and psycho babble.

Richard Mays, Emiliano Salinas, Marc Elliot, and Allison Mack have videos with hours of Keith to view. Although not as well known as many of the others, Mr. Mays is a former Arkansas Supreme Court judge and a close friend and confidante of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Mark Vicente and Mark Hildreth have left NXIVM. Their filmed interviews of Keith are no longer view-able. However, their pictures and bios are still on the Raniere website giving the illusion of their remaining as NXIVM members.

Actress Grace Park, who is listed as an active member of NXIVM, managed to get her image, bio and videos taken off the Raniere website.


Names make news

Kristin Kreuk brought Allison Mack into the cult that changed her life.


Kristin Kreuk’s role in bringing in Allison Mack into NXIVM  may be of interest to some in the media. Grace Park may also be featured as the cult gets reviewed and likely condemned.

Sylvie Lloyd, Sara Bronfman, Rita Georgia Webb, and Nigel Havers have all caught the attention of British media. Reporting on their roles in NXIVM may occur as soon as next week.

Nigel Havers and  wife, Georgiana Bronfman, have not expressed their view of the blackmail and branding cult that Sara and Clare Bronfman fund.


Last but not least: Fiji

Keith Raniere has long planned an escape from the US if things got too hot for him here Clare Bronfman purchased about 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji last year.

In Fiji, extradition may be forestalled for years.

Honduras has also been discussed but the site there is not ready yet.

I suspect a well thought out plan for a flight from Clifton Park to Fiji is in place for Keith and select members of NXIVM. It may be imminent. Keith knows you can arrive in Fiji months early, but he will not be able to leave the US even one minute late.





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  • I dated Angel Smith for several years. Easy to believe her fake front, in reality just another brain washed NXIVM drone. I cannot express the emotional abuse I was put thro, but I do hope this sociopath cult is shut down so those who participated will see reality as it is…..from behind bars.

  • Jim Jones moved his cult out of the reach of American law enforcement before he made everyone drink the Flavor-Aid. If something isn’t done soon, this cult will end in mass suicide. The people who actually know and care about Allison Mack (her real friends, not her fans) should act quickly and make every effort to get her out of that situation. She may not have much time left, and I’m not being hyperbolic. Raniere is following a pattern of behavior that many other cult leaders have followed, and it always ends the exact same way.

    • Except that Keith will not drink the Flavor-Aid and everyone else will. Keith doesn’t give a shit about anyone. The remaining espians are his sheeple and will probably do anything he asks of them. Keith’s behavior has been escalating at a rapid clip since the Times Union series of 2012. Prior to the 2012 TU series the only real source for NXIVM news was the Saratoga in Decline Blog and John Tighe’a first blog post specifically on NXIVM was in 2009. John Blogged heavily about NXIVM during 2010-2011. His blog had little to do with Saratoga Politics anymore and was almost all NXIVM.. Back then John was reporting on the meddling in the bankruptcies of Susan Dones and Kim Woodhouse, Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie and the Precision Development case that Frank Parlato became entangled with.There have always been troubling signs with Toni being stalked and the alleged attempt to trick cult-buster Rick Ross onto a cruise and either get him to join or push him overboard, That level of derangement has escalated to plotting to kidnap the above women and now we have women permanently disfigured with Keith and Ally Mack’s initials like pimps mark their prostitutes for human trafficking.

  • “Allison Mack is believed to need extensive Exploration of Meaning therapy before she can be of much assistance.”

    What exactly does that mean? Is she trying to get out? Is she too psychologically damaged to do anything?

    • “Exploration of Meaning” is the ESPian equivalent of Scientology “auditing.” It’s one-on-one pseudo-therapy, done by a high-level coach or proctor with no therapy training other than ESP. It’s of course not really to solve your problems, it’s to enforce ESPian orthodoxy. Keith and ESP are always right, and if you don’t think so, “that’s your issue” to fix.

      But yes, I’m sure that Mr. Parlato’s source means that Allison is panicked. The parts of her mind that still process what the outside world thinks of her realize that her name is mud. But I’m sure that Keith and company are EM-ing her think that it’s her fault
      1. that DOS got exposed, and far worse
      2. that Keith’s name is associated with it, when she was supposed to take the sole blame.

  • The old Saratoga in Decline blog touched on the possibility of NXIVM having their tentacles reaching into the County AD’s office, the NYS Attorney General’s office, the IRS and the NYS Police, and it’s been covered here on Frank Report, too. The number of complaints, for many many years, against NXIVM is simply staggering. The fact that so many of these misdeeds were documented and that the authorities never ONCE decided to do ANYTHING strongly supports those rumors of compromised officials. Finally, something as appalling as genital region branding of women has created so much uncontrollable public outcry that it appears that the authorities are gearing up to finally do something.

    • If the feds, the state and county law enforcement officials have already been compromised, who’s left to do the investigating? Too bad Preet Bharara isn’t still around because that’s the kind of person it’s going to take to actually do something about Raniere and NXIVM. And why the hell has the Saratoga County DA, Karen Heggen, not done anything to stop the brandings and the blackmail that are still going on in her backyard? She needs to be replaced ASAP.

  • The TU article really underscores just how little has been done to investigate NXIVM and Raniere but it doesn’t really explain why that is so. Are local area law enforcement agencies simply afraid of Raniere because of his ability to tie them up in court for years or is there something more sinister going on here? And why were the State Police meeting with NXIVM’s attorneys so often? Finally, weren’t those attorneys from the same law firm that was sending one of its senior partners up to Canada to pick up the bank records and other private information on local Federal judges?

  • Considering that the punishment should fit the crime, I support the penis brand. Now we just need to find a metal worker/artist willing to craft such a brand. Perhaps measuring the intended area first to ensure maximum coverage would be a good idea?

  • I love the fact that they rate their own courses and achieve approval ratings even Kim Jong Un dreams of at night. Still all these things are just pointless claims. Some are so obvious BS… I mean they write this.

    ‘Five hundred participants were surveyed anonymously on their experience of our Five-Day Intensive program
    between August 5, 2009 and March 15, 2012.’

    But how are they supposed to rate whether this helps them to achieve their goals while still undergoing the Intensive? Would it not have to be the other way round? If they wanted to present something believable it would be the following: finish Intensive => apply your new skills => compare results => rate

    Another bit is that they are proud to sell ‘unique material’. FFS what is that supposed to mean? They expect one to pay thousands of dollars for a meeting. Am I supposed to be happy that they did not plagiarize it or that I simply did not notice it?

    Last but not least, how do you measure your ability to express emotionall [sic]. I mean when you say it improved for 98.4% of all people one could disclose that.

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