Rainbow – unlicensed and untested (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

Artist's conception; [this is not an authentic photo]. A child of Rainbow Cultural Garden may grow up to be psychopath, but, since he will not be able to speak fluently in any language, he will likely be less dangerous to society.
Keith Raniere’s Rainbow Cultural Garden operation has to be licensed as a “day care center” or as a “private school” in New York State.
Knowing how he operates, I doubt it has either type of license – which, of course, makes it an illegal operation. Does anybody know if Rainbow has a license?
 Here’s the basic info on Rainbow Cultural Gardens LLC:
 Rainbow Cultural Garden, LLC is a New York Foreign Limited-Liability Company filed on July 30, 2009. The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 3839317The Registered Agent on file for this company is Rainbow Cultural Garden, LLC and is located at 5 Southside Dr. Ste 184, Clifton Park, NY 12065. The company’s mailing address is 5 Southside Dr Ste 184, Clifton Park, NY 12065.
 I didn’t find anything for a daycare center with the name Rainbow Cultural Garden on the New York State list for daycare centers (It’s possible – but unlikely – that Raniere registered it under a different name): http://ocfs.ny.gov/main/childcare/ccfs_template.asp
 Rainbow Cultural Garden is a human experiment conducted on children. Some children, coming out of Rainbow, are unable to speak in any second language. At least one child is unable to speak in her own language.
 The fact that the founder of the ‘concept,’ Keith Raniere, speaks only one language should be concerning to parents.  He only speaks English.  He has not published any study on the experiment.
 There are no educational requirements for the ‘nannies’. They are paid from $10-15 per hour, which means they are not likely to be highly educated.  The parents are told not to speak to the children while nannies are there so as to not ‘confuse’ the child with two languages spoken at the same time.
 Hindi, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, and English, are the seven languages. The fee for Rainbow for the full course of seven languages is $120,000 per year.
The foreign speakers are called “Multi-Cultural Development Specialists” [MDS].  At 90 hours per week, they are with the child most waking hours. There is a one-hour training session provided to an MDS before he or she is certified as “qualified”.  It is not known if Rainbow runs any background check in the foreign country in the MDS’ native country.  It is also not known if Rainbow verifies the immigration status of its MDSs (Rumors have circulated for years that many of the MDSs are in the U.S. illegally).
Rainbow does some kind of measurement on the child. This testing is devised and supervised by Dr. Brandon Porter who also conducts human fright experiments on young women:


– Rainbow Cultural Garden is not licensed as a school by  New York State.

– Rainbow Cultural Garden is not licensed as a daycare center by New York State.

– None of the MDSs are licensed to be teachers.

– None of the MDSs are licensed to be day care providers.

– No qualified research scientist is overseeing the experiment to determine if it is helping or harming the children.

– Some of the MDS are said to be in the United States illegally – and are subject to deportation at any minute.


Keith Raniere prefers to be called Vanguard,. This happens to be the same name as a video game he used to play when stalking children for sex. He was in this twenties and early thirties then. Vanguard is now 57.
Artist’s conception [above]. A child of Rainbow Cultural Garden may grow up to be psychopath, but, since he will not be able to speak fluently in any language, he will be less dangerous to society.



Dramatic reenactment: Rainbow is devised by ‘scientist’ Keith Raniere, so you can trust your babies to him. [However, when they get to be about 12,  be a little careful if your child happens to be female.]
Artist conception [not a real photo]: Dr. Brandon Porter conducts a female human fright experiment where he shows a woman films of rape, and murder and monitors her reactions. Dr. Porter is also in charge of monitoring the linguistic skills of children in Rainbow.




Rainbow-sin licencia y sin probar

 La operación de jardín cultural Rainbow de Keith Raniere tiene que ser Licenciada como “centro de cuidado diurno ” o como “escuela privada ” en el estado de Nueva York.

Sabiendo cómo opera, dudo que tenga cualquier tipo de licencia-lo que, por supuesto, lo convierte en una operación ilegal. ¿alguien sabe si Rainbow tiene una licencia?

Aquí está la información básica sobre arco iris cultural Gardens LLC:

Rainbow cultural Garden, LLC es una compañía de Nueva York de responsabilidad limitada en el extranjero presentada el 30 de julio de 2009. El estado de presentación de la compañía aparece como activo y su número de archivo es 3839317. El agente registrado en el archivo de esta empresa es Rainbow cultural Garden, LLC y está situado en el sur de 5, Dr. ste 184, Clifton Park, NY 12065. La dirección postal de la compañía es 5 South Dr Ste 184, Clifton Park, NY 12065.

No encontré nada para un centro de guardería con el nombre jardín cultural de Rainbow en la lista de estado de Nueva York para guarderías (es posible-pero improbable-que Raniere lo registró bajo un nombre diferente): http://OCFS.NY.gov/Main/Childcare/ccfs_template.asp

Rainbow cultural Garden es un experimento humano llevado a cabo en niños. Algunos niños, saliendo del arco iris, no pueden hablar en ningún segundo idioma. Al menos un niño es incapaz de hablar en su propio idioma.

El hecho de que el fundador del ‘ concepto ‘, Keith Raniere, habla sólo un idioma debe estar en relación con los padres.  Sólo habla inglés.  No ha publicado ningún estudio sobre el experimento.

No hay requisitos educativos para las ‘ niñeras ‘. Se pagan desde $10-15 por hora, lo que significa que no es probable que sean altamente educados.  A los padres se les dice que no hablen con los niños mientras las niñeras están allí para no ‘ confundir ‘ al niño con dos idiomas hablados al mismo tiempo.

El hindi, el ruso, el mandarín, el árabe, el español, el japonés, y el inglés, son los siete idiomas. La tarifa para el arco iris para el curso completo de siete idiomas es $120.000 por año.

Los hablantes extranjeros son llamados “especialistas en desarrollo multicultural” [MDS].  A 90 horas por semana, están con el niño más horas de vigilia. Hay una sesión de entrenamiento de una hora proporcionada a un MDS antes de que él o ella esté certificado como “calificado “.  No se sabe si Rainbow ejecuta cualquier cheque de antecedentes en el país extranjero en el país nativo de los MDS.  Tampoco se sabe si Rainbow comprueba el estatus migratorio de su MDSs (los rumores han circulado por años que muchos de los MDSs están en los Estados Unidos ilegalmente).

Rainbow hace algún tipo de medición sobre el niño. Esta prueba es ideada y supervisada por el Dr. Brandon Porter que también lleva a cabo experimentos de miedo humano en mujeres jóvenes:

– Rainbow cultural Garden no está autorizado como escuela por el estado de Nueva York.

– Rainbow cultural Garden no está autorizado como centro de cuidado infantil por el estado de Nueva York.

– Ninguno de los MDSs tienen licencia para ser maestros.

– Ninguno de los MDSs tienen licencia para ser proveedores de cuidado diurno.

– Ningún científico calificado de investigación está supervisando el experimento para determinar si está ayudando o perjudicando a los niños.

– Algunos de los MDS se dice que están en los Estados Unidos ilegalmente – y están sujetos a la deportación en cualquier momento.


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  • From: http://ocfs.ny.gov/main/childcare/safety.asp

    The State Office of Children and Family Services maintains a toll-free complaint line for complaints about day care programs. Call this number during normal working hours and a staff person will take the information.

    The Office is empowered to investigate any possible violation of child care regulations. If you think a person or program is operating without the proper license or registration certificate, this is also a basis for making a complaint. Your complaint will be investigated, and if it is substantiated, staff will work with the provider to correct any violations.

    If you wish to make a complaint, call:

    (800) 732-5207

  • The government officials overseeing Rainbow Garden would be quite different than the ones that would care about the crimes against adults. If Rainbow Garden had zero eight-year-olds enrolled, it would not qualify as an entity to receive a charter from the New York State Board of Regents in order to be a legal, private school. There has to be at least one eight-year-old enrolled, and then the application to operate a private school would be considered.

    Even more difficult to get is a daycare, or preschool designation. The governing body for this would be NYS Social Services, and the requirements are VERY granular, and difficult to meet. It’s fire codes, accessibility, health and safety….so many rules! Ask a daycare administrator about this… it is very difficult to set up a legal daycare business.

    Are they wiping down all the toys and surfaces with an antibiotic solution every night? If not, then they are in violation of the NYS Social Services rules for daycares. It goes on and on….

    You can’t charge money to take care of multiple children, and not register with social services….unless you are a private school. Were Social Services to become aware of the Rainbow Garden operation, they would probably be quite responsive. They love shutting down this stuff.

  • Once again, it appears that the government – in this case New York State – has been bought off or scared off by Bronfman money. How else could an unlicensed operation like this be able to operate in the open? Have to think that Governor Cuomo has put put the word to his agency leaders that NXIVM is to be left alone, no matter what it does.

    • True. Justice takes second place to the almighty dollar and unbridled capitalism. If you don’t think hedonism and money is “god” nowadays for many people you’re living in delusion. That’s all these people care about nowadays. What their status is in the eyes of others as it comes to purchasing power. So many things happen under the table and in back door secret meetings. Look at 9/11. An obvious inside job and yet the brainwashed masses still buy the fake story that some third world country caveman perpetrated the greatest terrorist attack on American soil where not one person lost their job. Millions of foreign deaths inclusive of women and children because the secret society sociopaths want to make some extra billions so they can buy an extra private jet to fly to their third tropical island where they can sip margaritas on their beaches and fuck some prostitutes in their island huts. This cult leader does the same type of thing. He uses multi-millionaire money for his purposes of sex, controlling, and living off people. It’s no different except in scale.

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