In defense of ESP: Supporter – Executive Success Programs work but you have to be persistent

Claudia Estrada offers a testimonial on how ESP made her a better mother.

Frank Report allows contrary opinions to be expressed. The policy is transparency and disclosure. Here is a guest view by someone who writes in support of Keith Raniere and his Executive Success Programs. Hers, she says, is not an authorized statement from Executive Success Programs, but is written from her own personal experiences, she says. Her name has been withheld at her request.

By Yolanda Roas [A fictitious name]

Executive Success Programs is a professional coaching company which offers seminar-style training called ‘intensives.’ To maximize the experience for students, the intensives begin at 8 AM and end at 10 PM, and are enjoyed successively in five-day or 16-day segments. In the intensives students learn Rational Inquiry, a remarkable invention of Keith Raniere that has been compared in importance to the discovery of writing itself.

The reason students sign nondisclosure agreements is to protect the teachings from unscrupulous people. There is nothing sinister here. Confidentiality also prevents students from getting sidetracked by uninformed people who do not understand the technology and, therefore, are unable to give good advice about it.

Even if there was no need for the confidentiality agreement to protect the highest ethical values from suppressives and parasites, Vanguard has said students would still be better off not communicating with friends and family (who have never taken an intensive) while the intensive is being conducted, and for a reasonable time afterward. Students take intensives to change undesirable behaviors which hold them back. Yet oftentimes, students asks advice about the ESP curriculum from the same people who enable the undesirable behaviors the students came to ESP to correct.

ESP’s teachings and activities are not book knowledge that can be assessed secondhand. It is scientific and psychodynamic understanding and technology that can only be taught in a controlled setting with qualified trainers in order to facilitate the goal which is a new ethical understanding that allows us to build an internal civilization and have it manifest in the external world. It allows us to explore our most fundamental nature and redirect our power of creation, a power that we all possess.

To date, the intensives have imparted to over 400,000 individuals the philosophical and practical foundation necessary to acquire and build the skills for success. This is what Damon Brinks meant when he said Vanguard has built more than 1000 millionaires.

I have seen with my own eyes millionaires being built by Vanguard; people such as Carlos Emiliano Salinas Occelli, Cecilia Occeli, Cecilia Salinas Occelli, Vera Autrey Da Costa,  Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma, Rosa Laura Junco de la Vega, Clare W. Bronfman, Sara R. Bronfman, Allison Mack and many others.

If millionaires such as these come to Keith Raniere, it is because of his vision for humanity and human potential.

He has also built many multi million dollar companies. Consumers’ Buyline, Inc., was responsible for an estimated one billion dollars in product and service sales in its second full year of business and was featured on the American Spotlight. Vanguard was worth $50 million at the age of 30.

Since 1998, he built the following multi million dollar companies: Executive Success Programs, NXIVM Corporation, Jness, Rainbow Cultural Garden, Ultima, The Source, The Knife Media, and other companies that not only build millionaires, but foster the advancement of human expression.

It remains to be seen how far his efforts can go to save the world from hunger, theft, dishonesty, envy and insecurity.

At one point, it is true, Vanguard was charging more than $100,000 per hour for consulting with some of the world’s highest level executives. Obviously, he cannot reveal their names because this is highly confidential. But imagine, if you could be trained by someone who has Gandhi’s inner strength, Einstein’s intellect, and Jim Thorpe’s athletic ability, how your life would be transformed. How much would that be worth? Is it surprising that high net worth people would pay $100,000 per hour to Vanguard?

Vanguard stopped teaching high level executives for $100,000 per hour because he wanted to share the same knowledge with everyone, not just the rich and famous. Believe it or not, ESP programs provide the same tools for transformation that Vanguard used to teach the highest level executives in the world.

To learn from him is to uphold one’s inner honesty and integrity, since his mission and the mission of ESP is to develop an integrated ethical framework of human experience to stop the destruction of value in the world and move humanity forward to remove fear-based activities from the world.

I know his value. You can too. Vanguard is by far the most influential person in my life. He has been a teacher, mentor and close friend for almost fifteen years now. I am deeply grateful to him and his participation in helping me become a better and more successful person.

He inspired me to advance on the stripe path and become a coach. To him I owe my inspiration and ideas. Promotion comes with persistence and long-term commitment.

Students on the stripe path are required to make a daily phone call to one’s coach. Some people have called this cult-like. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Promotion to a higher level occurs with the approval from one’s coach, as well as someone from High Rank, and, of course, ultimately, Vanguard.

But it is not arbitrary. It is not based on popularity. To advance in the stripe path, one must take further, more advanced training. The fees might seem high, but they are cheap in comparison to being a millionaire. Besides, the goal is integration and unification. In addition one must try to get friends and family to enroll. Not for the sake of ESP, but for own sake and for the people we love.

Getting people to enroll is the best way to practice getting a real edge in relationships and impressing a special person. It will also empower the loved ones you enroll to make better decisions so they can create a richer, more joyful, and more meaningful life.

Look around at the success Vanguard has built. I believe—and I consistently observe—people can have more of what they want in life and enjoy more of what they already have through ESP.

Change is inevitable, the nature and direction of that change is up to you. Isn’t it time you took your first intensive, and if you left Vanguard, isn’t it time you came back again to enjoy the success waiting for you.


“Executive Success come from ESPian Success,” – Keith Raniere.


Damon Brink may have seen Vanguard build 1000 millionaires and not made any money himself, but, as Vanguard says, “This is not failure, it is unfinished success”.


The Executive Success Programs website features testimonials from students who gained entry into a world where they had access to Keith Raniere’s teachings. I would ask your readers to listen to these students as they speak of how ESP helped their careers, made them more creative, helped their relationships, health, parenting and made them better at everything.

[Editor’s note: It is not known if any of the roughly 30 people who gave testimonials on ESP’s website were among the 1000 millionaires, SOP leader Damon Brink said Keith Raniere built.]

claudia estrada
Claudia Estrada offers a testimonial on how ESP made her a better mother.



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  • If you read VanDouche’s resume posted on the websites of his companies (not in his name though, of course), you would think he suffers from delusions of grandeur. They come off as pretentious, where everything seems to be exaggerated, and so this boasting is likewise passed onto his followers in their exaltation of him.

  • I wish that 400,000 figure were correct (It’s not of course). Because that would mena that ESP has taken in at least $2 Billion in revenues on which it has paid $0 in taxes. Maybe that’s enough to get the IRS interested.

  • “To date, the intensives have imparted to over 400,000 individuals.” ESP has been in business for twenty years. That would mean an average of 20,0000 people a year taking ESP courses. Which is complete and utter bullshit. There were probably no more than 10,000 people and that is generous who had assigned ESPIAN numbers when the Saratoga in Decline blog was publishing. JT had the members list (we now know it was illegally obtained but whatever). There is no way that ESP has “schooled” 390,0000 people since say 2012. I am pretty sure Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson would be know the exact numbers that went thru their sites and can squelch this example of creative accounting in a nanosecond.

    And this little gem: – I have seen with my own eyes millionaires being built by Vanguard; people such as , Rosa Laura Junco de la Vega, Clare W. Bronfman, Sara R. Bronfman, = DADDIES and GRANDS MONEY aka Inherited or trustafarian money. VANGUARD lost, no, make that robbed over 100 million of the Bronfman’s money. They had to beg the trustee for a loan against their future inheritance. This is a fact and stated in court documents.

    “Since 1998, he built the following multi million dollar companies: Executive Success Programs, NXIVM Corporation” – Now you sound even more stupid. These are the same companies just re-branded with a name change. One and the same. Knife Media hides behind a paywall and probably loses money hands over fist. Rosa Laura’s father is probably funding this failed experiment. How many paying subscribers do they have? And why is Jens Erik pimping his output to the HuffP which we know does not pay bloggers for content generally. He is doing it for free for exposure. (as an aside – The Huffington Post does hire and pay editorial staffers but Jens Erik is not an editorial staffer)

    And this example of WORD SALAD “allows us to build an internal civilization and have it manifest in the external world” WTF is an internal civilization? Bueller?

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