Leaked email: Anthony Ames to Nancy Salzman: ‘I hope this letter isn’t too late’

Anthony Ames wrote an email to Nancy Salzman to ask her to stop participating in the abuse of women and students.
Anthony Ames wrote an email to Nancy Salzman asking her to stop participating in the abuse of women.

Editor’s note:  Former Society of Protectors High Council member, Anthony Ames, sent an email yesterday to Nancy Salzman [see below]. He copied this email to Keith Raniere.

He also apparently BCC’d the email to a number of people since Frank Report heard about it from several sources. It is believed Mr. Ames sent his email to several Proctors and Greens in ESP. The general policy of Frank Report is to publish leaked documents unless they are believed to place an ESPian in danger. The photographs published on this post were not part of the original email leaked to Frank Report.

To: Nancy Salzman:  nsalzman@nxian.net,
Copy: Keith Raniere  keithraniere@yahoo.com

Keith Raniere has owned and controlled Nancy Salzman for years.

Dear Nancy;

When I took my first intensive, I was reading a book by William Bennett called The Death of Outrage. 

In essence, the book asks important questions concerning the lack of public outrage in the face of evidence of glaring corruption within the Clinton administration – specifically the Lewinsky scandal.  At 26 years old, I was outraged!

I remember thinking, “How could the generation that experienced JFK, MLK, and Vietnam be satisfied with this gigolo as their best representative?”

Thanks to my dad, I was completely aware of how idealistic and naive I was.  Also, thanks to my dad, I understand right and wrong.  And, after my five day [intensive], when I heard the principles ESP was claiming to embody, I decided to ignore my naivety and jump in for the last 11.

This little lady will spend millions to sue you any time Keith Raniere tells her. While she may have a brain the size of a pea, she has a heart as big as a marble.

Wow!  I was thinking and feeling things in a totally different way.  I was seeing options, and asking questions.  Do I think struggling in auditions is something I want to do?  I strongly considered Harvard Law School and pursuing law.  But, after my 16 day, it was clear that law doesn’t uphold justice (a belief that has been enforced by the recent abuses of power by Clare [Bronfman] and her billions, and Alex’s [Betancourt] trumped up charge against Toni Zarattini.

Nancy;  I will spare you all the peculiar behaviors of the ensuing 15+ years, and jump to the end with a metaphor.  I am sure you are familiar with the Jim Jones massacre where 900+ people drank cyanide laced Kool-Aid killing all 900+.



happy couple alex and smil
Alex Betancourt and his lover Emiliano Puto Salinas are having the time of their lives — for now.

This became known as the “Jonestown Massacre” and bequeathed to the world the term “drinking the Kool-Aid.” I am quite certain Jim Jones did not start his pitch with selling you on the possibility and merits of drinking cyanide laced Kool-Aid.  If he had, I don’t think his little start-up would have fared so well.  Similarly – now follow me here Nancy – if you had gone to most of the women who have Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials branded in their pubic region, and asked them, “Hey!  We are starting this new women’s group.  You may end up having Keith and Allison’s initials branded near your vagina.  You in?”  I know for sure, Sarah would have said no.  What’s more, if you had asked me at 26 if I would stand by and be complicit to such behavior, my answer would have been a resounding, “no!”


Anything Jim Jones can do, Vanguard can do better.

My questions to you are as follows:

What has to happen next?  When does the line bending get too much for you?  Does another girl have to go into pre-menopause at age 27?  Do more people have to die? How many women does Keith need to abuse for you to say something?  What is the vision here? Millions of women with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials on their crotches?  Is there a limit to what a man accountable to no one would ask of a gaggle of young, impressionable, and vulnerable girls?  Who is going to be outraged?


The heroic Toni Zarattini, the victim of the criminal Alex Betancourt, stood up to protect Mexican women from being blackmailed and branded..

I was and still am! I still know right from wrong! What are you going to do when one of these girls dies?

Which brings us back to Kool-Aid.  If you think ALL of the recent departures (and previous) from NXIVM companies are Keith being misunderstood, then you may want to evaluate how the “smartest man in the world” is failing to communicate his message.  If you believe the narrative that Keith knew nothing about a secret women’s group that women he is mentoring started, then you need to evaluate his mentor-ship skills.  Or, you may want to consider that you are drunk on the Kool-Aid.

I find it hard to believe you have not seen what I have seen.


Allison Mack has her initials branded on women.

Aside from women being branded, I have seen emails and texts between Keith and what I perceive as little awestruck girls. All of whom he is sleeping with, slept with, or in process.

I have seen nasty texts your daughter has written on private threads about people.





Lauren Salzman is branded on her vagina with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack. She got people to lie to her mother about DOS.

I sat and listened to a phone call describing how Lauren was coaching a Proctor to lie to you about DOS.

I have seen nude pictures and texts that are blackmail.

I have seen women looking anorexic and sick.  And, I don’t even know what Allison Mack is supposed to be.

It is amazing to me how you can have the body of work on Keith’s behavior that you have, dismiss decades of sexual scandal, and not make allowance for their validity.  Look at the chaos that is always around you! The recent events have not altered my thought object of Keith.  They have confirmed it.  None of the people leaving have anything to gain by lying about what we have witnessed.  You and everyone defending Keith do.  Simple as that.  That is a VERY important thing to consider.

Sarah Edmondson discovered Keith Raniere was branding women with his initials. The vengeful Mr. Raniere used his idiot- fool Clare Bronfman to attack Miss Edmondson with her millions and her perjury.

Both Sarah and I had a lot to lose.  We are both suffering financially.  We suffer socially and professionally because we will forever be associated with these behaviors.

To do the right thing in this instance is character.  Yet, you sit by while Keith uses Bronfman millions and are brainwashed into believing you are protecting a principle. To accuse my wife of theft, fraud and mischief is an act of violence masquerading as principled.

Keith sleeping with all of these girls is an abuse of his position and a conflict of interest.

Stop justifying it!  You are missing an opportunity to stand up for what is right!  Any way this situation plays out, you will be the one that sat by and defended, fortified, and even inspired ugly behaviors. All the while you assume a moral superiority in the process.

History has a lonely place for these actions.  As compelling as the argument, “What if you’re wrong?” might be in NXIVM community, it is a flaccid approach in the real world.

Nevertheless, I suggest turning that question on yourself, and really consider you might be wrong.  Regardless, it has to be obvious to you by now that you are on a sinking ship NOT by the hands of defectors, but by your compliance. Even if Keith has the billions to abuse in his defense, the branding of women’s vaginas and Allison Mack spewing Gandhi quotes is a hard thing to overcome in the eyes of the public.  The public is and will continue to be outraged.

Keith Raniere is starving DOS women and making sure they are sleep deprived.

Outrage is a good thing.  It is the very thing throughout history that incited change.  In spite of Keith’s attempts to squelch the NXIVM community by crying “trial by media,” and multiple screenings of the film The Crucible, he is transparent to people outside his bubble.  This is a perspective you have not had since 1997- collateral damage to drinking so much Kool-Aid.

Furthermore, if there is not a place in our society, if we have yet to earn a process where a woman can go who has been through these abuses (yourself included), people’s outrage will inspire one be formed.  With the same alacrity I pursued justice through SoP, I will pursue it outside SoP.  Only this time I won’t have the shackles of Keith’s vision.

I believe at some point you indeed wanted to do good in the world. I believe Keith picked you because he knows you lack what it takes to stand up to him.  You have been the perfect foil.  When I told my dad about what is going on he asked me, “What about that Nancy woman? She wasn’t so bad.  She’s not stepping up?”  I told him the Albany narrative how people were asking, “What’s actually the bad thing?” His response:  “Get away from those people, this never ends well.”  I hope this letter isn’t too late.


“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are” – Benjamin Franklin


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  • That picture of the anorexic woman at the end is a youtuber who has nothing to do with this. Why did you include a totally random woman with an eating disorder into this and implicate her as if she was part of this cult? That’s despicable.

  • I have known SE and AA longer than most. Let me assure you that AS SOON AS THEY SAW actual destructive behaviour, they were out. They didn’t wait until their names were published to grow a conscience – they always had one. Once upon a time, they, like me, truly believed in what the company stood for. Yes, it was a closed system of information and, in hindsight, everyone that has left admits they we were ALL duped by Keith. The commenter who laughs at those that are now standing up for what is ACTUALLY RIGHT is likely a troll who is trying to shift attention elsewhere. Look at what AA is saying in his letter. In this post-truth culture, he’s standing up to a company that can shift words and values like no other. Don’t make shit up about what his intention was or is. In my long experience, SE and AA have good intentions and hearts of gold. They were doing the right thing before (not just to “make money,” but to help individuals actualize themselves – and a lot of us did) and are doing the right thing now to correct it. That takes courage, which is far harder than anonymously making fun of someone on the internet. In my opinion. 🙂

  • Anthony Ames, you sound like a total tool. “I strongly considered Harvard Law School”… Did you apply? Did you have an acceptance letter? Assuming not, why mention “Harvard”?? You sound (and look) like a self-absorbed, wanna-be-superior failure. Just like your vanguard. All talk and bravado; no actual accomplishments. Too bad your daddy didn’t suggest from the beginning that you not get involved with this navel-gazing cult. Too bad you didn’t leave when you started seeing the abuses and half starved women. No, you and Sarah Edmondson stayed as long as you were making $$$, bringing suckers in, feeding people what you knew to be lies… until your names were published online as being associated with human branding. Don’t kid yourself. You’re not ethical and you deserve no accolades. Let yourself move through the stages of grief, until your “outrage” finally turns to acceptance of YOUR role in this ongoing disaster.

    • Anyone who does wrong and tries to correct it does deserve a chance. I believe living in Vancouver verses Albany hid a lot of what was going on behind the scenes. Throwing ugliness has become an everyday occurrence since the internet, it’s so easy to damage with words. Use your power for good. Thankyou

  • Trying to persuade Nancy Salzman to stop being complicit with Keith Raniere’s universe of pyramid fraud, brainwashing, blackmail, sexual exploitation, and branding is the ethical thing to do. He deserves tribute for that.

    Sending a copy to Raniere was an act of defiance.

    In ESP-speak, being defiant is an insult, meaning you are for some reason not accepting the inarguable truth that Vanguard has generously allowed to be put before you. It’s only one step short of being suppressive, meaning you are interfering with someone’s evolution (perhaps just out of ignorance). It’s two steps short of being Luciferian: having inverted values and actively trying to interfere with members’ evolution or the entire Mission.

    Sending BCC’s of this to others, with the reasonable expectation that it would leak to Frank Report, was the ultimate act of defiance.

    This will put him on Raniere’s shit-list of people who Clare Bronfman’s money must be used to destroy.

    Although he may have had the the balls to do this because he is already there, like his wife Sarah Edmondsen.

  • The swing factor in all this is Nancy’s health. If she is terminal, she may not care about the outcome (although she should, at least for the fate of her daughter Michelle) because she will not be around to face the music so to speak. Her endgame is certain death. She may not have any fight left in her.

    My feeling is she drinks the Kool-Aid. Kristin Keefe tried to appeal to Nancy (Kristin discussed this in the recorded phone conversation with Barbara Bouchey). Even if she were to NXit you still have her daughter Lauren. Allison Mack, Clare and Karen who would probably die for Keith. Allison, seems to have had some kind of psychotic break down.

    And Anthony, you can still go to law school. It is never too late to start over. I applaud you for standing up for your wife and women. You and the other Nx-iters have the voice to end this. USE IT. Take a stand like Leah Remini is against Scientology. And remember Nxivm is a hell of a lot smaller.

  • OK…IF – and that’s a really big IF – Nancy leads the charge to take down Raniere, I would accept the fact that her all-too-late-to-the-party action is deserving of some forbearance. But regardless of whether she goes to jail, she’ll always be a scumbag, money-grubbing, immoral piece of shit who gave away her two daughters to a sexual predator. Maybe the breast cancer will “balance the books” for her…

  • I sympathize with AA’s plight and outrage who said now that he is away from KR he will pursue justice “with the same alacrity I pursued justice through SoP.”
    Huh? What justice were the guys in SoP ever pursuing..?”

    • They were pursuing kook-aid “justice” for NXIVM against the “fake” media and the suppressives like Rick Ross, et al, who were spreading misinformation and the false data about the group and its most ethical leader. [rolleyes]

  • Of the people still alive, Nancy is probably the biggest victim of Raniere. She had a life, career(s), and two fairly well adjusted college aged daughters. Like most of the people who got sucked in, the message of “We are going to save the world!” resonated with Nancy. Unfortunately, it got her hooked at the waist to Raniere.

    Nancy is not who she now appears to be. Many of us know that and this is the reason so many of us are holding out hope for Nancy to do what’s right – whatever she thinks that is. Six months from now will come soon. Will Nancy still be playing the role of willng victim, or will she do what she knows in her heart is the right thing? Karma is occurring quicker and quicker. I believe it’s time for Nancy to make karma reverse course, and work to improve all areas of her life.

    • Nancy’s daughters were certainly NOT “college aged” when she turned them over as sexual playthings for Raniere. And I don’t think she got sucked in by the “We are going to save the world” message as much as she responded to the “Do you want to make a lot of money?” question.

      How ironic that Vanguard now makes her beg for her monthly allowance from Clare because he’s decided that “money” is her “ethical breach”. No more fancy schmancy birthday parties for Nancy!

      • Did you know Nancy at the time? Please explain. By disagreeing with Nancy’s daughters being college aged, you leave me to believe that your information is coming from sources other than first hand knowledge.

    • LOL. No. This is impotent defense of Nancy’s obvious collusion in all of NXIVM’s activities. Yeah, she can do the “right” thing now, but that doesn’t make up for the many years of deceit and manipulation she already took part in.

      • Many have done harm to others during their time in ESP. Manipulation is taught by Keith to be a good thing. As more get out of Keith’s grubby grasp each day, it should be celebrated as a positive for those individuals and for society. Kristin Keefe probably regrets a lot of things that she did when she was with Keith. And I think we all agree we’re glad she realized it was time to go. We all wish Nancy had never started this scheme with Keith. She is more to blame for it than just about anyone. That being said, it also would benefit more people NOW, TODAY, IMMEDIATELY, if NANCY uses her influence & leadership to simultaneously help herself, her kids, and hundreds of others who have trusted her over the years, to blow-up Keith’s endgame. We know Keith doesn’t have real emotions and will never change. Some of us still have hope for Nancy.

        • That’s neat. Of course most or all want out when the building is crumbling. What do you think? They want to go down with ship while knowing it was bullshit all along? Yeah, Nancy can do the “right” thing now. That won’t change the facts about what she DID for years and why she did them. The past is written and the extent of what was done, the wasted time and money, loss of dignity, etc., isn’t simply fixed by “ratting” people out when shit hits the fan. How do you people judge? There’s a lot of making up to do dependent upon those who were most negatively impacted.

          • The building has been compromised many times over the years. Hopefully, this is for real. Any of the other times the building was crumbling, Nancy could have pushed it over. She didn’t. She chickened out. She let her family down, herself down, and society down. She put on blinders and continued down the path that was being illuminated by a madman. Nancy has seen first hand what happens to good people like the Toni Natalie’s of the world when they run from the little gnome. She probably doesn’t want the fight – and hell, run or not, her name is still on everything. But, whether she thinks so or not, she CAN handle the ramifications of pulling the plug. And if she really doesn’t think she’s up for it, there is one other path she can take. Remove the problem. That is actually the path of least resistance.

  • So well written. Hitting on every angle that Nancy and the minions are blind to see. Such pride in this organization. And of course, pride leads to the fall. Always.

  • The only win in this for anyone is if one of the Mexican dads (or any dad in general) gets angry enough to take the law into his own hands. Not saying anything more than that. Nancy is as complicit as Keith. She’s a disgusting, repugnant, insect.

  • Nancy was involved in illegal activities BEFORE she ever met Raniere. So, she wasn’t some innocent little nurse who got bamboozled by the Bullshitinator. And let’s not forget that she gave her two daughters to a man she knew was a sexual pervert. The only hope Nancy has is to be the first to cut a deal with the Feds – which is exactly what she’ll do when they come calling.

  • Nice try, but she’s in too deep. She hasn’t been ignorant of what she’s been doing for the past two decades or so. The only language she will understand is the threat of prosecution, fines, and jail time.

    There was no mission, no ethical motivation to create a more noble civilization. There was no smartest and most ethical man in the world. All of these masks of sanity hiding delusions of grandeur and a con job were just donned by VanDouche to live the lifestyle he now lives. Do you think Nancy didn’t know this? Do you think Nancy didn’t like the lifestyle she was living. You can’t convince someone to live by principles they don’t believe in themselves.

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