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CAUSA PENAL EN MEXICO! Raniere, Bronfman, Salinas sic criminal lawyers on DOS woman trying to escape!!!

Earlier today, I received a copy of a document entitled:   CAUSA PENAL EN MEXICO

The threatening letter [below] was forwarded to me by the father of a woman who was in DOS. It seems like an attempt to silence the woman.

This letter appears to be something that one might expect to read about in Orwell’s “1984” – which is a fictional novel that Keith Raniere uses to teach upper echelon students high ethical standards.  To me, it suggests that Emiliano Salinas, Clare Bronfman and Vanguard must be desperate  to try to suppress speech in this way.

The letter came from:

Olmedo Gaxiola Abogados, S.C.

It reads:

Ms. [name of woman]—- —–

I am the chief attorney of a criminal investigation in Mexico of more
than 20 individuals tied together in a cooperative destructive network.
These individuals, including yourself, have been acting against
individuals who participate in the NXIVM corporation community.

You are currently connected to the criminal investigations involving
fraud, coercion, extortion, harassment, stalking, theft of trade secrets
(which includes use of trade secrets compromised of, amongst other
things, client lists), criminal conspiracy, computer crimes and
corporate espionage.

I strongly suggest that you cease and desist, undo, reverse, cancel,
and retract, participation in all past, present, and future,
conversations, conference calls, meetings, news media, social media,
blogs, or websites, relating to this subject matter until the criminal
matters are resolved. You should do everything in your power to
affect this.

Your best course of action to minimize your exposure, in addition to
the above, is to repair all damages to parties you have acted against,
reconciling with them, and fully cooperating with the criminal
investigations. In this regard, I can help you for I represent some of
your victims and have access to others.

I know that people in the media (and also bloggers and the like) can
be coercive, abusive in their power, and force unwitting, uninformed,
participants to complicate situations and potentially even waive rights.
You still have the ability to pull away from all participation with these

Please contact me as soon as possible,
Lic. Ricardo M. Olmedo Gaxiola


No phone number is given only an email address:

I will be reaching out to Mr. Olmedo Gaxiola shortly and will publish my email to him. And his reply, – if any.

By the way, the father of the 20-something-year-old ex-DOS slave who received this letter made this comment when he sent me a copy of it:

This is the intimidation bullshit they are sending to my daughter.   Emailing this crap from Mexico supposedly.  Do they really think anyone will believe emails from Mexico where they have no jurisdiction of US citizens and probably isn’t even a attorney.  But for a (age redacted] year old girl that is being harassed for leaving, it can be quite intimidating.  Please keep her name confidential.

 We appreciate your work

[father’s name redacted]

Twitter account for the law firm of Olmedo Gaxiola & Abogados [OG & A]  OlmedoGaxiola
Emial: OG&AOlmedoGaxiola

En OLMEDO GAXIOLA & ABOGADOS, SC, nuestra misión es resolver problemas jurídicos en que se ven inmersos nuestros clientes, ofreciéndoles soluciones concretas!

Translation: At OLMEDO GAXIOLA & ABOGADOS, SC, our mission is to solve legal problems in which our clients are immersed, offering them concrete solutions!

6 thoughts on “CAUSA PENAL EN MEXICO! Raniere, Bronfman, Salinas sic criminal lawyers on DOS woman trying to escape!!!”

  1. If you read up on other lawsuit filed against those who have left NXIVM in the past where the same threats have been made, none have held up in a court of law or with legal authorities. It’s just Clare & Keith huffing & puffing trying to blow your house down.

    If anyone is interested in educating themselves of past legal battle with NXIVM, Google, in the search area type in NXIVN. Some good history lessons there.

  2. This is purely a scare tactic. I hope this woman knows it doesn’t actually mean anything and they don’t appear to have any actual claims against her. To whoever she is, you have the support of hundreds of ex-members. Just reach out to one of us and we will help you if you need it. You are not alone.

  3. There are no fucking trade secrets. I suggest you send this “attorney” a copy of the Sutton/Ross Court order and court opinion regarding trade secrets which are actually linked up on the Cult Education Institute group archive for NXIVM The young ladies who were enslaved are the victims. Time for a class action suit.

    Just be careful opening anything from him as they may try to install a keylogger.

  4. This letter is glaring in its irony. It threatens its recipient with all sorts of criminality, but it is the people in the media (like bloggers) who can be coercive and abusive with their mere words.


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