Source: Betancourt lied about Toni Zarattini (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

Alex Betancourt and his Nxivm lover Emiliano Salinas.

A source known to Frank Report said this about Toni Zarattini:

By A Source:

Keith Raniere now has Alex Betancourt more committed than ever before. This is part of his plan: Once you get someone to lie like Alex did against Toni, they become more committed.  That’s how Keith destroys people’s consciences.

It has gotten to the point where Alex no longer cares if what he says about Toni Zarattini is true of not. Keith can lie to him – and he knows it’s a lie – but he has so much faith in Keith, it doesn’t matter.

Keith has a lot of shit on Alex. He could ruin him, but that is not why Alex is lying about Toni Zarattini. Alex is just a greedy, sex-addicted sociopath. He swore out a 100 percent false and lying criminal complaint against Toni because Raniere told him to do so. This is the farthest I have ever seen them take things. This is 100% fabrication, 100% made up.

With Sarah Edmondson, with Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, with you, they lied and perjured themselves.  But they based their lies around some events that actually happened. They took real events, then lied about them to create criminal complaints.  With Toni Zarattini, this is the first time I know of that they made a criminal complaint based on a total fabrication.

Alex lied. He said something like Toni was working with Barbara Bouchey and Susan Dones to try to extort $10 million from him and they used the 2009 letter that Barbara and eight other women sent to Clare in 2009 asking for repayment of money that Keith stole from them. They tried to tie that to Toni doing it to Alex more recently.

Toni did not have anything to do with Barbara Bouchey in 2009. He was in ESP but he was not defecting. He only defected after he learned about DOS.  Barbara was not working with Toni. I doubt they ever spoke after she left. Toni was a loyal supporter of ESP until recently – and Barbara, after she left, was kept pretty busy fighting for her own freedom after Keith came after her. I doubt she would conspire with Toni. And besides, Toni was not unhappy with ESP until he found out about DOS. That is why I say this is whole fabrication.

Back in 2009, for writing the letter Barbara and eight other women sent, Clare [Keith] tried to get Barbara and the others charged with extortion. The case went nowhere. They went forum shopping trying to get her charged. The Saratoga DA would not charge her. That’s why they went to the Western District of New York, so they could get a friendly prosecutor. I think they used lowlife, shyster attorney Bill Savino to try to get Barbara indicted (BTW, Bill Savino has the worst wig ever worn by a man). It did not work.

Then they tried to lure Barbara to Mexico where Emiliano Salinas bribed a judge to have her arrested. She did not go. Then, they got the computer trespass indictment against her. The Saratoga DA did not think there was a crime. So Keith got Steve Ose, Ben Myers and Clare Bronfman to perjure themselves by saying the server was in Albany County when it was, in fact, in Saratoga County. The Albany County DA, P. David Soares, had already been compromised and got into hot water by allowing a NXIVM employee work on the indictment of another enemy of NXIVM, so he recused himself.

Then, Clare got one of her attorneys, Mike McDermott,  to arrange for a special prosecutor, Holly Trexler, who used to work him. Talk about money corrupting the system. Clare spent more than a million dollars and perjured herself and her two IT guys and in the end, all the charges were dropped against Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie, and Joe O’Hara. They were reading your blog. Holly Trexler, the special prosecutor, found Clare lied about where the server was located – and even though she was humiliated, she did not do the right thing and charge Clare with perjury. The judge looked at Holly and Mike McDermott and realized immediately that whatever bonus he was supposed to get from Clare for a conviction went right out the window. Right after that,  the O’Connell and Aronowitz law firm dropped Clare and Keith as clients. No matter how much money Clare paid the law firm, it was not worth getting disbarred over.

So getting back to Toni Zarattini, Mexico is very corrupt. Emiliano has bribed judges in Acapulco and elsewhere. I would be very careful if I were Toni. Keith is out to get anyone, someone arrested and put in prison. It does not matter if the person is innocent or not. Raniere is a psychopath. He does not care if Nancy dies or if ESP falls apart. He is enjoying the game and he can tell some woman he jacks off on how he brought justice and ethics into the world, then cum on her face and laugh the whole time to himself about how foolish and stupid the rest of the world is compared to “the world’s smartest man”.


Vanguard [Aka Keith Raniere]
Toni Zarattini is under attack from a lying scoundrel named Alex Betancourt.
happy couple alex and smil
Lovers Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas are piling up a list of misdeeds that will soon enough come back to bite them. The craven duo, who have hid their homosexual relationship for years, conspired to get Toni Zarattini arrested on false charges. His crime was to want to leave ESP after he found out that they were branding and blackmailing women.
Vanguard and Prefect are to be worshiped by the followers for their excellence of wisdom and of ethics.


Followers of Vanguard must be proud of themselves. But a word to the wise: Don’t ever try to leave Keith.  It will not end well with you….




Un origen conocido a Frank informe dijo esto acerca de Toni Zarattini:

Por una fuente:

Keith Raniere ahora tiene Alex Betancourt más comprometidos que nunca. Esto es parte de su plan: una vez que llegue alguien a mentir como Alex lo hizo contra Toni, llegan a ser más comprometidos.  Es cómo Keith destruye conciencias de la gente.

Ha llegado al punto donde Alex ya no le importa si lo que dice sobre Toni Zarattini es cierto no. Keith puede mentir a él – y él sabe que es una mentira – pero él tiene tanta fe en Keith, no importa.

Keith tiene un montón de mierda en Alex. Le podría arruinar, pero eso es no por qué Alex miente sobre Toni Zarattini. Alex es solo un psicópata codicioso, adictas al sexo. Juró un 100 por ciento falsas y mentira denuncia penal en contra de Toni porque Raniere le dijo hacerlo. Este es el más lejano que nunca les he visto tomar cosas. Esto es 100% fabricación, 100% formado.

Con Sarah Edmondson, Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, contigo, mintió y se perjuró.  Pero ellos basan sus mentiras alrededor de algunos acontecimientos que realmente ocurrieron. Tomó los acontecimientos reales y luego mintió acerca de ellos para crear denuncias penales.  Con Toni Zarattini, esta es la primera vez que sé de que hicieron una denuncia penal basada en un invento total.

Alex le mintió. Dijo algo así como Toni trabajaba con Barbara Bouchey y Susan Dones para intentar extorsionar a $ 10 millones de él y utiliza la letra de 2009 que Barbara y ocho otras mujeres enviaron a Clare en 2009 pidiendo devolución de dinero que les robó Keith. Intentaron atar a Toni haciendo a Alex más recientemente.

Toni no tuvo nada que ver con Barbara Bouchey en 2009. Él estaba en ESP pero él no era desertar. Él desertó sólo después aprendió sobre DOS.  Barbara no estaba trabajando con Toni. Dudo que alguna vez hablaron después de ella. Toni era un partidario leal de ESP hasta hace poco – y Bárbara, después de ella, se mantuvo muy ocupada luchando por su libertad después de que Keith vino después de ella. Dudo que ella sería conspirar con Toni. Y además, Toni no era infeliz con la ESP hasta que encontró hacia fuera sobre DOS. Es por eso digo que esto es invento todo.

En 2009, para escribir la letra Barbara y envió a otras ocho mujeres, Clare [Keith] intentó conseguir a Barbara y los otros acusados de extorsión. El caso fue nada. Fueron Foro de compras tratando de obtener su cargo. El DA de Saratoga no le cobrarían. Es por eso fueron para el distrito occidental de Nueva York, así que podrían conseguir un ambiente fiscal. Creo que utilizan lowlife, abogado shyster Bill Savino para Barbara acusado (por cierto, Bill Savino tiene la peor peluca usada alguna vez por un hombre). No ha funcionado.

Luego intentaron atraer a Barbara a México donde Emiliano Salinas sobornó a un juez que le detuvo. Ella no pasó. Luego, lograron que la acusación de prevaricación de ordenador contra ella. El DA de Saratoga no pensó que allí era un crimen. Así que Keith consiguió Steve Ose, Ben Myers y Clare Bronfman a perjuicios a sí mismos diciendo que el servidor estaba en el Condado de Albany cuando era, de hecho, en el Condado de Saratoga. El DA del Condado de Albany, P. David Soares, ya había sido comprometido y se metió en agua caliente por lo que permite un trabajo de empleado NXIVM en el Acta de acusación contra otro enemigo de NXIVM, así que él mismo asunto.

Entonces, Clare consiguió uno de sus abogados, Mike McDermott, a pedir un fiscal especial, Holly Trexler, que solía trabajar le. Hablar del dinero de la corrupción del sistema. Pasó más de 1 millón de dólares y perjuró a sí misma y sus dos chicos de ti y al final, todas las cargas fueron caídas contra Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie y Joe O’Hara. Fueron leyendo en tu blog. Holly Trexler, la Fiscalía encontró clara mintió acerca de donde el servidor se encontraba – y a pesar de fue humillada, no hacer lo correcto y cargar a Clare con perjurio. El juez miró a Holly y Mike McDermott y se dio cuenta inmediatamente que cualquier bono que iba a obtener de Clare en una convicción salió derecha de la ventana. Justo después de eso, la firma O’Connell y Aronowitz cayó Clare y Keith como clientes. No importa cuánto dinero Clare paga la firma, no fue vale la pena conseguir inhabilitado sobre.

Así que volviendo a Toni Zarattini, México está muy dañado. Emiliano ha sobornado a jueces en Acapulco y otros lugares. Yo sería muy cuidadoso si fuera Toni. Keith debe conseguir a alguien, alguien arrestado y puesto en prisión. No importa si la persona es inocente o no. Raniere es un psicópata. No le importa si muere Nancy o ESP cae aparte. Que disfruta el juego y él puede decir una mujer que tomas sobre cómo él trajo justicia y ética en el mundo, luego cum en su cara y risa todo el tiempo a sí mismo como necio y estúpido del resto del mundo se compara con man más inteligente del mundo “the”.



Toni Zarattini es atacado por un mentira sinvergüenza llamado a Alex Betancourt.


happy couple alex and smil

Los amantes Alex Betancourt y Emiliano Salinas se van acumulando en una lista de fechorías que muy pronto volverá a morderlos. El dúo de craven, que han ocultado su relación homosexual durante años, conspiró para conseguir Toni Zarattini detenidos por cargos falsos. Su delito fue querer dejar ESP después de descubrió que eran de marca y chantajear a las mujeres.



Vanguardia y prefecto es ser adorado por los seguidores por su excelencia de sabiduría y de ética.


Seguidores de vanguardia deben estar orgullosos de ellos mismos. Pero una palabra para el sabio: no trate siempre de dejar Keith.  No terminará bien…

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  • Bouchey and the other 8 women who left sent a resignation to the board members of the company.

    Clare nor Alex or Emiliano were not on the board at the time. none of them would have gotten a copy of their resignation letter.

    Any money asked for was money owed to each money member either for commissions or loans given to Keith.

    This was no way is a crime.

    That is why since 2009 none of these women have been charged with a crime even when several attempts were made to have charges pressed against them.

    Do readers even know what extortion is? If not, you might want to get the data.

    Now it’s 2017 and they are saying Zarattini conspired with Bouchey and possibility others to extort money from Alex for the same reason. OK, where is the letter that Bouchey (others) and Tony wrote to Alex demanding money or damaging information would be released?

    Do you honestly think Bouchey and others are so stupid that they would really attempt to try to extort money from anyone let alone a NIXVM member?

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, not that it’s funny for Tony as Judges can be bought in Mexico even in the face of no evidence.

    Do you really think they after all these years these women are trying to destroy NXIVM?

    What if they are just trying to rebuild their lives and move on from a terrible experience?

    What if they keep getting dragged back in every time something like branding and Centers closing as people contact them after leaving wanting a life line?

    Tony left NXIVIM as he didn’t like what was happening with the whole DOS situation.

    He told people why he was leaving. Those that didn’t like it left also. When he told someone, who didn’t like what he was saying, they turned him into the leadership.

    Now they are making an example out of him in Mexico. Keep your mouth shut or else
    Will it work? Maybe

    You can stay and support the snakes
    You can leave with your tail between your legs
    You can leave and keep your mouth shut and save yourself
    Stop going and wait until your membership runs out

    It’s up to you.
    Ask what kind of person do I want to be in the WORLD?

    What if it’s Keith and his behavior that is really what is destroying the concept of NXIVM?
    What if he can’t stand it when someone leaves and they let feel a responsibility to those they enrolled?
    When they tell the truth of why they are leaving and expose him for the man is really is, he must punish them.
    He has people his has worked with people like Clare, Alex and Emiliano to do his dirty work in the court systems. They are his mafia.

    • Here is the resignation email which was entered into court evidence as part of bankruptcy proceedings – NXIVM was trying to spin it as an extortion letter based on the demand that if they ladies weren’t paid their commissions and Bouchey her loan by a certain date they were going to the media.

      Thoughts go out to Tony at this trying time. He survived a kidnapping in 2011 only to have to deal with this crap.

  • Anybody can leave at anytime. You were born free. Keith Raniere isn’t God. He’s just a small guy with god complex who takes a shit like everyone else. He only has power through others, especially Clare and her money, because he’s too chicken shit to have it any other way. Stop acting like he’s bigger than he is.

  • How are those who are struggling to get out of this cult supposed to know which reported ex-members to trust or help them. Anyone posting in the comments can pretend to be an insider or ex-mem and proclaim someone to be out, very out or having left a long time ago. If Hildreth and Vicente really did resign all affiliations because of DOS, why are they still following the likes of Bentancourt, Allison Mack, Sara Bronfman, Nicki Clyne, etc. on their IG and Twitter accounts?

  • How are those who are struggling to get out of this cult supposed to know which reported ex-members to trust or help them. Anyone posting in the comments can pretend to be an insider or ex-mem and proclaim someone to be out, very out or having left a long time ago. If Hildreth and Vicente really did resign all affiliations because of DOS, why are they still following the likes of Bentancourt, Allison Mack, Sara Bronfman, Nicki Clyne, etc. on their IG and Twitter accounts?

  • Like VanDouche, Alex appears to be a tiny man with an ego complex. Both hide behind their money, except VanDouche hide’s behind the money of the women he uses and abuses. Come to think of it, VanDouche is even a tinier man, and a bigger pussy than I thought. So then that would make Alex a smaller man than VanDouche since he takes orders from him like a bitch.

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