A Friend of Allison Mack: Keith got her to quit acting; She needs help ASAP (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

Allison Mack sings for Keith Raniere

A reader comments:

Allison Mack quit acting and became, among other things, a singer, a pimp for Keith Raniere and the leader of a master-slave group that brands women and takes “collateral” that is meant to ensure the women’s silence.

As an old friend of Allison’s, I have to come to her defense a little. I know for a fact that she did choose to take a break from acting to figure out her life, and Keith, Pam and the community did influence this decision. She had been a working actor since she was a child, and she had never really known anything outside of acting.

I don’t think it’s bad that she took a break. HOWEVER, I do think Keith used her desire to find herself to his advantage. He played Allison’s weaknesses and her want for a deeper more meaningful life.

Allison never intended to “give up” acting. She intended to do some soul searching and then do more meaningful roles on stage and on screen. She still wants to act, but Keith convinced her that she can only take certain roles, because other roles are not ethical and go against humanity. For instance, when she took a role on “The Following”, they made her make a public apology to the community about how her materialism and want for attention clouded her judgment. How taking that role hurt the community and hurt her dear friend Keith because it was about a cult. She cried in front of the community, begging for forgiveness, and she was applauded for it.

Not only has Keith convinced her that she had to create THE SOURCE with her, but he convinced her that she must take roles that further humanity and his mission. So now she spends all her time trying to enroll women into a $10,000 program about acting, and trying to make plays that mean something… but really she is and continues to serve Keith’s fucked up mission and also uses her celebrity to enroll beautiful young actresses into the Source and then into DOS so Keith can fuck them too.

I DO NOT deny that Allison has responsibility in all this, and I think she needs mental and emotional help ASAP, but Keith and his women have been screwing with Allison’s fragile mind from the beginning.

So did Keith cause her to quit acting? Yes, but it was in a far less direct way.





Como un viejo amigo de Allison, tengo que venir un poco a su defensa. Sé para un hecho de que ella haya decidido tomar un descanso de la actuación a la figura hacia fuera su vida, y Keith, Pam y la comunidad influyó esta decisión. Ella había sido un actor de trabajo puesto que era una niña, y nunca había conocido nada fuera de acción.

No creo que sea malo que ella hizo una pausa. Sin embargo, creo que Keith utiliza su deseo para encontrar ella misma a su ventaja. Él jugó debilidades de Allison y su desea para una vida más profunda.

Allison nunca pretendió “give up” actuando. Ella se prepuso hacer alguna búsqueda de alma y luego hacer papeles más significativos en el escenario y en la pantalla. Ella todavía quiere actuar, pero Keith convenció de que ella sólo puede tomar ciertos roles, ya que otros papeles no son éticos y contra la humanidad. Por ejemplo, cuando ella tomó un papel en “The Following”, hizo hacer una disculpa pública a la comunidad sobre cómo su materialismo y falta de atención nublaron su juicio. Cómo tomar ese papel había herido a la comunidad y había herido a su amigo Keith, porque se trataba de un culto. Lloraba frente a la comunidad, pidiendo perdón, y ella fue aplaudida por ello.

No sólo ha Keith convenció que tenía que crear la fuente con ella, pero él la convenció que ella debe tomar roles más humanidad y su misión. Así que ahora ella pasa todo su tiempo tratando de inscribir a las mujeres en un programa de $10.000 sobre actuar, y tratando de hacer juegos significa algo… pero en realidad es y sigue sirviendo de Keith jodida misión y también utiliza a su fama para inscribirse a bellas actrices jóvenes en la fuente y luego en DOS así que Keith puede coger demasiado.

No niego que Allison tiene responsabilidad en todo esto, y creo que ella necesita mental y emocional ayuda cuanto antes, pero Keith y su mujer ha sido atornillado con la mente frágil de Allison desde el principio.

¿Así que a dejar de actuar hizo que Keith? Sí, pero de manera menos directa.


Allison Mack dejar de actuar y se convirtió, entre otras cosas, un cantante, un proxeneta por Keith Raniere y el líder de un maestro-esclavo que marcas las mujeres y toma “collateral del grupo” que pretende asegurar el silencio de las mujeres.

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  • Hildreth is a punk (to me) for getting Kristin involved with this sex-cult masquerading as an ethical group and its idiotic ideas. It only took him ten years and the huckster hitting on another one his girlfriends along with slavery and genital branding to figure out what a sham this was? [rolleyes]

    I’m not sure – I followed her fan forums for quite a while in the past – but I think Kristin left four or five years ago when that Times Union article came out exposing NXIVM, or maybe when Beauty and the Beast started, which is also probably around the time they broke up.

  • Kreuk and Hildreth broke up several years ago. It was a new girlfriend of Hildreth’s Vanguard hit on.

  • What about Kristen Kreuk’s story? You said in another post that Mark Hildreth left because he was trying to sleep with his girlfriend. When did Kristen leave this group?

    • The last time Kristin had any documented involvement with NXIVM was the 2010 shindig at Necker Island. I think it’s fair to say that she was either in the process of leaving or left shortly after that as there have no more mentions of her at any NXIVM properties since then. She did a television show in the interim (Beauty and the Beast) and has a new show filming now. She also decided to go to college. I think it’s fair to say that she’s out and it doesn’t matter how she got out.

      • “The last time Kristin had any documented involvement with NXIVM was the 2010…”

        Wasn’t KK listed in the active coaches list of mid-2011?

        • …and as late as Feb 10, 2016, our intrepid reports said, based on sources:

          Current “Known and suspected harem members include: …Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne….”

          Well, Frank sure got two of them right…but somehow he didn’t learn that “KK hadn’t been involved in NXIVM since 2010”?

    • Because Kristin recruited her best friend Allison and, for years, worked and hung out with her in and out of NXIVM, what KK knew and when did she know it seems like a vital part of AM’s sorry story. When did KK become wary of NXIVM–that it was a sex procurement scam for K Raniere–and why was she not able to influence AM to get out?
      Also, did KK only see the light and leave when her boyfriend Mark got mad that “KR openly tried to fuck Kristin”? And when did that happen? Mark seemed to be involved in NXIVM programs until very recently…even after DOS started.

  • I totally agree with your sentiment that Allison holds responsibility for her actions (though certainly not to the same extent as the people at the top who have manipulated her to this point), and she does need help. And while “Keith brainwashed Allison into quitting her amazing job, and she gave up fame and fortune at the drop of a hat, all to sing for him at the V-Week talent show” may be an easy narrative, it’s not really accurate – I agree, it happened by degrees.

    I definitely don’t want to discredit any work this blog is doing that helps get people free, but the way events are framed in the previous post don’t even line up with publicly available information, and that’s not helpful to anyone. The way events unfolded for Allison in my view is actually pretty familiar, and echoes the stories ex-members have posted in the comments here.

    Allison’s limited involvement in the final season of Smallville was not because of Keith forcing her into “retirement,” but due to her choosing to make stage work in NYC her top priority, a longstanding dream of hers that she’d planned to pursue for years (she’d already seriously considered leaving the show in 2007 to move to NYC in pursuit of this goal, back when much of the other main cast exited, and when she did step back her involvement in 2010, one of her former bosses, Greg, was the one who talked her through that choice). She’d talked about concentrating on theater as her next career step before she ever gotten involved with the organization. She was originally banking her Smallville money with the goal of having financial security to pursue her passion projects in theater longterm once she left the show.

    She swiftly booked two off-Broadway productions during the final 2010-2011 year of Smallville (“Love, Loss, and What I Wore” and “Apple Cove”), and would fly back to Vancouver to appear on Smallville whenever her play schedules permitted. The increased proximity to Keith by moving to NYC certainly was a key factor in how far she fell down the rabbit hole later on, but at the outset, she didn’t walk away from her well-paying job to abandon acting forever and trail after Keith. She stepped back from her well-paying job to pursue her stage acting goal she’d dreamed about for a long, long time.

    Anyone focusing on her low number of IMDB credits in recent years kinda misses the point, because she wasn’t looking to keep doing steady mainstream film work as her focus anymore. The lack of stage credits since 2011 is what’s actually startling here, and at total odds with what her dreams and goals once were.

    Her blog posts about “taking a break” all happened after Smallville wrapped and her plays had closed, and at first her “break” wasn’t even really voluntary – it was because she was experiencing health problems, which she also blogged about. But then Keith told her to use that break time to focus on herself, and just like so many others in the organization, following Keith’s direction led her to ultimately believe that devoting all her time catering to Keith’s idiotic whims was far more important than chasing the dream she’d held for a significant part of her life.

    Like plenty of other people have outlined in their experiences here, the organization never got her any closer to her vision of “success” – it just led her away from it.

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