Smile and lose weight.

Society Of Protectors designed to protect men’s mastery over women

The Society of Protectors (SOP) is a secret group created by Keith Raniere to teach men how to be men.

It is an organization where men pay a fee to learn the truths of manhood according to Keith Raniere, a man who cannot function without the aid and assistance of a group of female  sycophants.  All the members of SOP must sign an agreement wherein they promise never  to speak to anyone – male or female – about the teachings they receive from Raniere.

Its website claims it “helps men to become more powerful and influential members of society by giving them tools and a network of honorable men for support. SOP is not only curriculum, it involves practical tests to strengthen us with respect to readiness, responsiveness, character, honor, strategic thinking and leadership.”

Among the teachings are:

Men control the world.  Women are subordinate to men.

Men are polygamous by nature. Women should accept the polygamy of men.

The stronger the man, the more women he can own and control.

Men cum on women’s face or bodies to claim ownership of them. If a woman accepts his cum, he owns her.

Women desire to be with one man. But women are fickle and opportunistic. Women don’t keep their word and don’t have character.  They will leave a man if they find a better protector or provider. They are like fleas jumping from dog to dog till they find the best host.

In the beginning, a man may lie about having sex with other women.  She must first be made dependent on him.  They act like princesses. When they don’t hear what they like, they become hysterical babies.  Women are babies who can’t handle the truth.

Once they become dependent on a man, then they need to be humiliated. Women are always getting away with breaking their word in society without any consequences. Men should get them dependent – and  then let them know they are not valued.

Telling them then about other women trains and degrades them at the same time. This is good.

A man should seek out his women’s flaws and weaknesses and bring them to her attention. If the woman is defiant, she should be mocked, insulted, scorned, debased, given penance, punished, neglected and banished in that order.

Women should maintain the weight they are told. Wear what they are told. Keep their hair as they are told. They should wear an adornment to show they are owned by a man, such as belly chains and hot iron branding on the body to mark the man’s ownership. Women should be willing to find new women for their man.

Stay tuned…We will continue to list “The Men of DOS” – and call them out for the cuckolded eunuchs that they are.











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  • This may be in the subtext, but for the most part SOP was billed as a group to help you build more strength and honor in your life. If you took it for that you wouldn’t necessarily see the other stuff. Though from what I hear SOP complete is where the degradation really starts to occur. This is where they let the women take the course and essentially humiliate and demean them for close to a week under the guise of showing them what it’s like for a man growing up.



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