Raniere develops “Yoga Technology”, sends students to yoga schools to recruit

Athletic: Keith Raniere claims he was once East Coast Judo Champion - when he was 11 or 12 - and when he was a teen he tied the record for  New York State's fastest 100 yard dash.  With such accomplishments, he probably had a lot of jock talk to discuss with the young girls of Chihuahua

Keith Raniere – who prefers to be called by his self-given title of “Vanguard” – has invented a new patent-pending technology, his followers claim, that will revolutionize the ancient practice of yoga.

Two of his longtime students, Evan Zimmerman and Siobahn Hotaling, have been visiting yoga schools in the Albany area to inform yoga teachers about the revolutionary new technology.


Siobhan Hotaling, a follower of Keith Raniere, is offering his yoga technology.

Mr. Raniere’s supporters claim the technology can turn a novice into an advanced yogi in a faction of the time it takes through conventional yoga practices.

The patent-pending process can be learned exclusively through courses offered in Clifton Park.

The new technology is expected to cost from $2,000 to $7,500 per year depending on which courses are studied. Memberships are expected to be offered with payment plans starting at as little as $200 per month plus an initial sign up fee of $300.

charlie evan 1
Evan Zimmerman is promoting Raniere-yoga

Typical yoga schools charge students around $30 per month.

With the Raniere’ technology, however, yoga teachers can become high-level yogis, and introduce their students to the technology, supporters say.

There is also a financial component. While yoga teachers pay for the proprietary technology, the new yoga technology school will be set up as a multi-level marketing plan. As a result, yoga teachers can earn commissions by selling students from their own yoga school into the new school controlled by Mr. Raniere.

Since the new yoga technology is proprietary, yoga teachers who takes the Raniere-yoga course will be prohibited from teaching any of the technology to students in their own yoga schools.

A confidentiality agreement must be signed prior to learning the technology. Some yoga teachers might be concerned that the new technology might include traditional yoga practice they are already teaching and that by taking the course, they will be prohibited from teaching yoga at all.

Supporters of Mr. Raniere say he would not do anything like that because he has dedicated his life to high ethical standards which surpass even the yogis.

Sources say, Mr. Zimmerman and Miss Hotaling have chosen not to mention Keith Raniere’s name to yoga teachers they met with recently to discuss the new yoga classes despite the fact that he invented the technology.

Some speculate this was because stories about his alleged  “un-yogic” practices are online and may deter students from availing themselves of his revolutionary technology.

Mr. Raniere and his supporters say the stories are “fake news”. But, oddly enough, they haven’t done one thing to challenge any of the stories – or taken any legal action to prevent more stories from coming out.

Critics of Mr. Raniere say hiding his name may be part of an attempt to get new students for him to teach. Revelations contained in stories over the past 14 years have cratered his multi-level teaching organizations such as Executive Success Programs.  The recent expose of DOS, the secret women’s group which brands women on their pubic region with a hot iron cauterizing pen with Keith Raniere’s initials, and holds blackmail material to use against its members, caused 100s of students to leave his classes.

Mr. Zimmerman is a partner with Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O. in the Raniere-guided technology called Exo/Eso. This program offers proprietary technology to improve the “mind body complex.” Courses cost up to $7,500.

Dr. Roberts recently became prominent as the physician who performs hot iron branding on women on their pubic region with Mr. Raniere’s initials.  The women were held down as the procedure was performed by Dr. Roberts, by four naked women as her assistants.

She is reportedly under investigation by the New York State Department of Health.

Mr. Zimmerman is also a licensed massage therapist.

Miss Hotaling, a longtime follower of Mr. Raniere, is a singer-songwriter. She also sings with Mr. Raniere’s a-Cappella group Simply Human, which performs at Raniere-events such as Vanguard Week. She also appears at coffee shops where she plays for tips.

Miss Hotaling posts films of her singing songs she composes on the internet. A recent song posted on her Facebook, on July 3, 2017, called ‘Back to Our Future,” received a tepid reception garnering three “likes” and 1 “share”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Raniere has filed for patents on almost every idea he’s ever had (There is even an unconfirmed rumor that he has a patent-pending technique for how to wipe yourself after bowel movements). Using the Albany, NY-based law firm of Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts – and, in particular, attorney Arlen Olsen – Raniere has applied for hundreds of patents, not only in the U.S. but also in several foreign countries. According to inside sources, however, very few of these have advanced beyond the “patent-pending” stage – and of the ones that have, several have been overturned by subsequent legal action.


tubby raniere
Keith Raniere sits in an easy pose. He is offering new yoga technology.


In India, where yoga was discovered, it is traditionally prohibited to sell yoga since knowledge is needed by all people.
 One of Mr. Raniere’s supporters told Frank Report that the patent-pending technology surpasses anything taught in traditional yoga. When asked to provide a factual basis for the claim, the Raniere supporter admitted she had not taken the course, and did not know what was being taught, but she was assured by Nancy Salzman that the course was “amazing”.


Siobahn Hotaling poses in front of rifles dressed in her hunting outfit. She is out hunting for new students for Keith Raniere.

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  • The biggest joke (and there are a lot of them) in this fake organization – besides the head honcho VanDouche himself – is the fact that they brand anything they sell as a “technology”. How people don’t burst out laughing when they try to sell it as such makes you wonder about the current state of the education system in this country.

    • Building rapport, scripting, entering your “intensity state,” Honesty is redefined as not requiring full disclosure of all relevant facts, and as allowing actual untruths as long as you have good intent (and there is no better intent than enrolling someone in ESP!).

      It’s camouflaged as useful business skills, but the business it is useful for is ESP, not the student.

      • I know all about the “Honesty is redefined as not requiring full disclosure of all relevant facts, and as allowing actual untruths as long as you have good intent” fucking nonsense.

        I had so much of my time wasted because on such a bullshit rationalization because VanDouche wants to stick his dick into and cum on as many women’s faces as he can.

  • Exo | Eso has been around a few years as a more fitness-based analog of Executive Success Programs. It bears some resemblance to the Falun Gong cult. The entry level seems to be yoga-like or dance-like and has the obvious lure of hot young women and men in spandex and sweat who can love-bomb the unwary recruit. There are multiple levels, which appear to be increasingly emotional to spiritual (and increasingly expensive).

    The mainspring of the operation is Dr. Danielle Roberts of DOS branding fame. The advanced levels are “Intensives” in Clifton Park. I think Exo | Eso was Plan B if the ESP brand became too radioactive.

    The only problem is that Exo | Eso more or less brags about its connection to Keith Raniere. (I don’t think Raniere’s ego would allow otherwise). And now even the Dr. Roberts name is becoming radioactive.

    I wonder if the reported “yoga technology” activity, pointedly not mentioning Raniere’s name, is Plan B in stealth mode. Basically Exo | Eso (which is basically ESP in spandex) but being more careful to avoid Raniere’s name (at least for the first few “platforms”).

  • BREAKING NEWS: Vanguard has just revealed that he has developed a patent-pending technique for making a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. And, best of all, ESP will start offering a class to teach the new technology during the upcoming Vanguard Week (Those who sign up before Vanguard Week will be allowed to take the class for a discount of $999 – if, of course, they bring their own materials). But word is that the horrible “fake news” site known as Frank Report is going to publish the recipe for what Vanguard likes to call his “JBP masterpiece” – which will reveal that Keith’s invention is based on the fact that he puts the jelly on the bread before the peanut butter!!! WHAAAAT? How inspirational! How inquiringly rational! How magnificent! World peace is just around the corner…

    • I think they would actually be helpful for people who have left ESP and are trying to sort out what was useful in the trainings (and some of it is, particularly for the young) and what was ESP indoctrinating them to serve ESP instead of reaching their own goals, and what was pre-emptive self-defense against accusations that the Raniere-verse is a cult.

      Seeing this guy say standard Raniere-verse stuff in a way that makes it sound as stupid as it actually is would probably be therapeutic.

  • It said the Siobhan is not a DOS member herself as she prefers women as much as The Vanguard. She does travel around doing NXIVM therapy (but she is not a qualified therapist) to keep DOS members in line.
    She uses their so called patient pending technology (disregarding the fact their patents were turned down years ago) to keep the DOS gals left in line.
    Who better than some YOGA ladies would be better “fresh meat” for The Vanguard. Maybe she’s working off an ethical breach by pimping for Keith now.
    Zimmerman if not a proctor yet is either looking to line his.pockets, join the society of proctors or both.
    Both are in the swimming pool of kool-aid and can’t get out.

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