Lauren, Ana Lea stories deadly accurate, despite possible Raniere-commands for slaves to deny it

It has been suggested by readers that Keith Raniere will simply command Lauren Salzman and Ana Lea de la Fuente Holland to deny the truth of my narratives about them.

While I have sources, whom I obviously cannot disclose, supporting the essential and basic facts, –  and while the stories I publish are deadly accurate – they may not be precise in every trivial detail, since they are based on source’s recollection, some of which is of events decades ago. (Example: The basic fact: Keith offered to mentor Lauren – and then had sex with her. The unessential detail: Maybe he had sex with her on a couch instead of a futon.)

The stories about Lauren and Ana Lea are absolutely accurate in the way Keith manipulated them. If either of them has a different recollection or want to dispute my stories or comment on this site,  contact me [716-990=5740]. We will get the record straight and find the truth I assure you.

The key point is my intent: for ESP / SOP / JNESS / DOS members is to reconsider whether they wish to be associated with an organization that has tolerated blackmail, slavery, and genital branding.

As was noted on a previous thread by someone who appears to be an ex-ESPian:


August 6, 2017 at 6:16 pm

I know all about the “Honesty is redefined as not requiring full disclosure of all relevant facts, and as allowing actual untruths as long as you have good intent” …..

ESPians should be aware that any statements of denial from Lauren or Ana Lea will be issued under the same ground rules: denying the truth is not just acceptable, but required, if it protects the Raniere-verse.

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