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As always, Frank Report is ready to present the opposite views – that is the views of supporters of Keith Raniere. This is an unedited email sent to Frank Report by someone who says her name is Vanessa Montenegro:

By Vanessa Montenegro

Let me tell you a little about  Keith Raniere. Consider what he has done for the world.

He created Executive Success Programs, Ethical Humanitarian Foundation, World Ethical Foundations Consortium, In Lak’ Ech, Rational Inquiry, Ultima, Human Essentials, NXIVM Corporation, Jness, A Cappella Innovations and Rainbow Cultural Garden.

He is a scientist, mathematician, philosopher, entrepreneur, educator, inventor and author.

He devoted his entire life to studying the human psychodynamic.

He has developed new tools for human empowerment, expression and ethics.

From his earliest childhood

Now to close the deal [gesture #8]
he was a phenomenon.


Everyone knows the well authenticated remarkable things he could do”

An autodidact, he potty trained himself at the age of eight months because he did not like the indignity of having to wear diapers.

By the age of one, he could construct full sentences and questions.

Who else could do that? Einstein could not even speak until he was four.

He was able to read by the age of two. He read the Gettyrburg address and then memorized it.

Even as a child he had perfect recall.

At age three he studied science and art.

He became a super athlete. He was an East Coast Judo Champion at age eleven defeating Asian masters and Americans – throwing them around the Dojo was if they were toy dolls.

He excelled in every sport including volleyball, tennis, table tennis, diving, softball, cycling and skiing.

When he was in high school he was so fast that he tied the state record for the fastest runner in New York for the 100 yard dash.

By age 12, he taught himself to play piano at the concert level and could have easily made a mark as a pianist and composer of the level of Rachmaninoff.  Only he had a higher goal.

But music was something he felt a kinship with and he mastered many musical instruments.

At age 12, he taught himself high school mathematics in only nineteen hours.

At age 13, he advanced to third-year college mathematics and became at age 13, in 1973, a professional computer programmer.

Keith Raniere, at age 16, entered Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). From his first semester onward, he took Ph.D. level mathematics courses, took graduate-level physics and mathematics courses and became RPI’s first triple major, earning degrees in mathematics, biology and physics, with minors in philosophy and psychology.

By this time he was one of the world’s leading experts in computer science.

In 1989 he was finally acknowledged in the Guinness Book of World Records in the category of highest IQ. The following year Guinness stopped using the category. Officially they said IQ’s were imprecise. But it is whispered that jealousy of other people noted for high IQ’s made Guinness stop the category.

Keith has estimated he has a problem-solving rarity of one in 425 million people – meaning there are only about 200 people who can even sit in the same room as him when it comes to problem solving.

No wonder Guinness stopped the category.

Overall he is a great inventor.  He has intellectual patents pending in the areas of human potential and ethics, expression, voice and musical training, athletic performance, commerce, education and learning, information processing and human modeling.

He holds technological patents on computer inventions and a sleep guidance system.

He invented Skyping, teleconferencing and many other technologies which AT&T and Microsoft are trying to steal from him.

As an entrepreneur, Keith Raniere transformed a tiny, five-person organization into a corporation of nearly 400,000 in a mere two years. His company, Consumers’ Buyline, Inc., sold one billion dollars in product and service sales in only its second full year of business. The company was featured on the American Spotlight. And Keith Raniere became a millionaire at the tender age of thirty.

By the age of 32, Keith Raniere had a net worth $50 million – from his start up company.

With all the wealth he would ever need, he closed down Consumers’ Buyline to devote himself to greater humanity.

In 1998, he founded Executive Success Programs, Inc. with Nancy Salzman, one of the world’s top trainers of human potential. His company teaches human potential and ethics through personal and professional development programs, corporate trainings, and a comprehensive personal and professional coaching program.

At the heart of the company is Rational Inquiry®, Keith Raniere’s revolutionary technology which the US Patents Office denied a patent to in 2013, because they failed to understand its true technology.

Rational Inquiry enhances human performance in every single field of human endeavor.

Thousands of people have become trained in this and changed their lives.

So much so that they gather every year in the Adirondeck Mountains to honor Keith Raniere and his vision for humanity and human potential and they call it Vanguard Week for you see his followers have honored him with the name Vanguard.

In 2003, he founded NXIVM Corporation, a company that created community-building spaces housing athletic, spa, and health and wellness facilities. He founded Jness, in 2008, to promote empowerment of women. In 2006, he founded Rainbow Cultural Garden, a revolutionary child development program promoting children’s cultural, linguistic, emotional, physical and problem-solving potential.

In 2007, Keith Raniere founded A Cappella Innovations, seeking to advance music, the arts, expression and humanity through the a cappella singing. That same year he created Ultima® and with colleague and co-author Ivy Nevares, he implements the program through the company, Nataraja.

Ultima® advances human expression.

Since July 2005, Keith Raniere and Ivy Nevares have contributed to the scientific journal Conocimiento, a biweekly publication serving the academic, business and scientific community of the greater metropolitan area of Monterrey, Mexico. A special edition was dedicated entirely to Keith Raniere and his literary creations with Ivy Nevares.

In August 2008, the authors published Odin and the Sphin – a great book of wisdom that has enjoyed large acclaim. The following year they published The Sphinx and Thelxiepeia. Their third book is being written now.

In 2007, Keith Raniere conceptualized the Ethical Humanitarian Foundation, a that supports endeavors that promote embracing humanity, developing ethics, and moving humankind towards a more noble civilization.

In August 2008, he conceptualized the World Ethical Foundations Consortium (WEFC), a non-profit initiative dedicated to building a compassionate, ethical humanity. The WEFC—supported by the Ethical Humanitarian Foundation.

In April 2009 Keith Raniere introduced Human Essentials®, a program for developing compassionate ethics and global communities.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama—Tibet’s head of state and spiritual leader—came to Albany and honored Keith Raniere as the greatest teacher of ethics and gave him a special award.

In September 2008, Keith Raniere conceptualized In Lak’ Ech—a giant movement in Mexic (sic) that is transforming the social fabric of Latin America through non-violent protest and compassion.


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  • The above biography is all true. But it also hasn’t been updated. He is also the intellectual founder of DOS, a master / slave program where women are manipulated into branding their skin with his initials (and Allison Mack’s) as a sign of servitude and infinite loyalty. It’s a magnificent program that is totally transparent and will revolutionize the world. It will make Keith a sexual predator and a mentor to all, while also lowering the self esteem of all attached women.

    Why wasn’t that included in the bio??

  • I am referring to the nasty snide comments you people made below and I stand by my article above!

  • I will rebut your lies in these comments in a post within the hour point.by point and you shall stand humiliated. And My Keith shall stand supreme. I shall prove every assertion I made in the post above. Then I hope you enjoy the taste of crow!

    • Like usual, it looks like the little pussy (KR) still can’t defend her own BS claims and has to have bigger pussies do it for her.

      By the way, he lost the Microsoft and AT&T case. It’s done/over/caput. The judge effectively called him a lying sack of shit, but in more formal and less vulgar terms. It is much more accurate to say that he tried to steal the ideas and make it appear that they were his own, just like he’s done for practically everything that exists in ESP/NXIVM.

    • Hi Vanessa, I’m sorry you felt people here were rude to you. I would really like to see the proof you have to back up your statements though. Can you please post it?

  • I encourage everyone to mock this phoney into oblivion. The only way he can hurt anyone is by proving that what we say about him isn’t true.

    He simply can’t.

    Do not fear this charlatan.

    Fear is the mind killer. Another stolen concept by this plagiarist. And he knows this and uses it against the weakest and most damaged.

    Do not fear this cheater.

    He has no power over you. Intimidation is the arena of a bully. Too weak himself to stand firm on his convictions alone, he threatens litigation over righteousness. His house of cards cannot stand on its own.

    Do not fear this manipulator.

    The only intellectual property he rightfully owns is the paper he’s printed his program on. The ideas are not his own. They are stolen. And tribute has NEVER been paid by him or his toadies to those who spent years developing the concepts.

    Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by this sociopath.

    His teachings are designed to confuse and obfuscate truth. Laying blame at the feet of those who struggle the most.

    Mock him into oblivion. He is powerless. But you alone dear friends have the power to prevent his influence from ever hurting another soul.

    Take it upon yourselves to ensure he is left powerless against others.

    And know that there are those of us out there who will stand up for you and defend you.

    Speak out. Tell your stories. Put KR on notice that the best thing he can do for the world to make it a better more ethical place for humanity, is to disappear forever.

    Make him disappear.

  • Let me tell you about myself and my accomplishments:

    By the age of 1/2 a year old I had developed interstellar travel.

    When I turned 1 year old I cured cancer. Pfizer bought my technology and then shelved it for the future.

    At 2 years old I developed a cryogenic process to bring people back from the dead.

    By the age of 3 my penis grew to 12 inches long. I patented special underwear along with 1,000,000,000,000,000 other patents in many different fields. Over 1 Trillion patents. I became the world’s first Trillionaire.

    I flew my first space mission by the age of 12 years old alone to Mars. NASA begged me to do another but I said no.

    At the age of 20 years old I solved the middle east peace crisis but the deal was ratified by both sides and it fell apart.

    At the age of 30 I gave humanity distinctive proof that God existed in the form of a full-proof mathematical formula. I was written up in God magazine. To quote Jesus, “that cunt is a serious genius”.

    I first met Keith Raniere at the age of 35. We had a spectacular math competition which I won 1000 – 0. Keith asked for a rematch and I beat him 10,000 – 0.

    I met Keith again at the age of 40 years old at a urinal when I took my penis out to pee and he saw it was 12 inches long. And he looked down at his penis and started weeping. I invented the saying “it’s ok. Size isn’t everything”.

    While all of this sounds incredible, it’s all 100% true and verifiable because I said it. I have other people who will back it up. Dozens if not more. None of them were there but they will verify it. I’ve been written up in many books although those books are very hard to find and out of print. Many have been destroyed by super bad people. I can them Luciferites.

    I’ve started a self help group called POS (which has many acronyms but one in particular which is probably applicable to Keith as well) where I will be branding women with my initials and those of a d-level actress so I may have my way with the women and humiliate them sexually. I will call them my serfs.

    Because I am so brilliant, I am also above the law and anyone who crosses me will be sued by my billionaire heiresses into oblivion. But first I will lose $200 million of their money just to out-do Keith and prove I can lose more money than he can on stupid investments. I will then convince my billionaire heiresses that it was the fault of their father that I lost the money.

    When I speak I will flail my arms about like a wounded duck and speak in jibberish saying the occasional thing that I read online about Buddha making me look mad smart.

    Rather than getting Mexicans involved in my courses I will get Ecuadorians because they are even better followers and ask fewer questions. Ecuadorian food is also delicious and more in right now than Mexican food.

    And I will buy an island close to Samoa that I may flee to should the Luciferites come for me.

    I suppose if you look at it both Keith and I read like the Most Interesting Men alive from the Dos Equis commercials. But only one of us has a 12 inch penis and only 1 of us has over 1 trillion patents. Keith only has a billion patents.

    I invite you to come join my highly verifiable cult with your extra sexy, extra sociopathic leader – moi. I promise to humiliate you far more than Keith ever would. Although that’s fairly tough given that you wrote that nonsensical, stupid article above.

    Moron. Wake up. Before it’s too late.

    • Liar.

      You beat me 1000-1.

      Then 10,000-2.

      But it was only because I let you to teach you a lesson about life and to show you how humble I am. My modesty is only out-shined by massive compassion. If this wasn’t true, do you think I would allow any other initials to be branded near women’s pussies other than my own while they squirm in pain? After all, it is only in pain how much we show our love, which I know all about.

  • I stand with the Wizard and with the William Wallace post. This facade is over. Don’t confuse the “tools” aka stolen material with the MLM blackmail scam this always was. Keith never intended to “free” us. He intended to make us dependent on his business plan. His entire history is around business and how to use the system as a MLM scheme. The less he works, the more he gets to do what he’s been doing. Time to pay up, Keith. I never rejoice in a person’s demise, but this scam has run its course. The reason I now believe he will finally be brought to justice is that there are enough of us who have seen through the veil. And we’re not afraid of him anymore. A criminal can’t get away with a crime forever. They get sloppy. And the branding, which is a heinous act (these women being “at-cause” is BS! They were seduced/blackmailed) is the breadcrumb that will finally lead to his demise. These are simply consequences, Keith. Or as you would put it, your “master teacher” (stolen from other philosophies, of course).

  • His life history is unverifiable bullshit. There is little to no real data to back this up except his word. I suppose if you’re satiated with his brand of kool-aid that counts as ‘verified’. The rest of it is self serving insidious constructs designed to impress the feeble and convince them of his supposed greatness. He’s a plagiarist and a deceitful sociopath with teachings designed to lure the weak and prey on the damaged. I actually learned many of the lessons I experience in the intensive over 30 years ago. I said he was a plagiarist when I took the program, and I since have read other work that pre-dates his teachings by decades that he has lifted from directly. Perhaps he was sermoning from his mothers womb? Maybe from his fathers ball sack? Who knows? I suppose it’s possible. But let him tell you himself how his teachings ended up in books that were published before he was born. This ought to be good. He and his cabal target the damaged and poorly read individuals who come seeking help not realizing of course that all that help is available in books that have been around for decades. And none of those books finish at the business end of a white hot branding iron. Do your research people. Wake up.

    He wants your money, and if you’re a woman and fit his criteria he may want more.

    He excels in one area that I give him credit for in that he is among the greatest charlatans we’ve seen in recent years. Save for Donald Trump who, incidentally, shares similar tactics against those who oppose him.

    You apologists must really take a breath and give your head a shake.

    If you didn’t see this coming while watching Nancy’s videos in the initial 5 day then you actually require more help than this phoney could ever muster.

    Her passing comments about NLP were my first clue. Once she brought it up, I watched her manipulate many people in the room for five days straight. Backed up by the sycophants facilitating the endeavour. She’s a master manipulator and she learned from the best. The guru of manipulation. The master of deception. And I’ve also watched as people experienced their lives fall apart before them under the guise of getting well.

    The EMs are also designed as a cash cow for the people who offer them, leading you down paths through discussion, making you believe that’s what you need to hear then cashing your cheque. They have never had your best interest at heart. They are also a subtle form of collateral. This is what the first five day is. A screening process where the weakest and most desirable will rise up the fastest and the others fall away or be ignored. Always feeling like they’re the ones at fault. It’s subversive bullying at its finest. They’re happy to take your money and continually point to the work you need to do on yourself that costs more money. A pyramid scheme designed to empty pockets and destroy self worth in the process.

    You apologists should just leave well enough alone. If you want to kill yourself this way, alienate family, friends, break up your marriages, go ahead. But do it quietly and spare us your whining. You are meaningless in his big picture. You do know everyone of you is replaceable right? And nothing good will ever come of it for any of you. And for being his apologist, you all deserve whatever negativity that is thrown your way. And the unholy vantard will go down in history as a sociopathic scam artist.

    What all you devotees should learn is you’ve succumbed to one of the greatest con games you’ll ever experience. And to you DOS types, you’re dying a slow painful death and KR or AM will not be there to catch you when you fall. They may say they will, but they won’t. For many of you it’s too late. And it’s sad, because I have known previous more sensible versions of some of you. Those people are lost forever. For some, you may be able to break the chains. I hope you do.

  • Why don’t we all evaluate this through the same evaluation process they are convincing people to stay when they find out about DOS: what data class does this “data” fit into. In other words, prove it. But yet you cannot because either Keith or Nancy or someone through the grapevine said this. You just think you can trust them but you don’t even really know them.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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