Part 2: Rational Inquiry for Dummies

This is part 2

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Keith Raniere acknowledges that his “Rational Inquiry” is a “a belief system’ that includes “philosophy, communication, and learning.”

His system “defines a method for discovery of consistent human internal existence and a consistent reality.”

This is a belief system. For it is based wholly on Mr. Raniere’s subjective conclusions.

To  truly understand Rational Inquiry, you have to believe or learn to believe in Mr. Raniere and that he is right about some of the greatest and most debated topics of philosophers.

There is a lot of impossible jargon in Mr. Raniere’s patent but it boils down to believing in him and his theories.

Here is some of his actual language:

“…definitions can be rebuilt (compactness, connectedness, etc.) relating to philosophical concepts.”

“The philosophy includes Boolean logic philosophic operators [using] principles of set theory, mathematics and topology to analyze logical philosophical arguments and actually the creation of a philosophical form of questioning.”

His Rational Inquiry methodology teaches understanding “human communication through reflexes and different voice stressors and patterns.”

“With the use of reflexes and phonemic representation of voice through expression one can make technologic interfaces that can in fact sense human emotions and other different things in humans.”

In other words, Mr. Raniere can use tones of voice and body movements to determine what someone is really thinking and proposes to teach that.

He suggest that a “phonemic software package [which] allows one to send e-mail or other correspondence that can be read in any given person’s voice.”

His teachings he calls “therapy” and it includes “preemptive techniques”, “essence intent”, “deprogramming strategies”, “loading”, “parts balance”, “non-integration”, and “therapy by number” AKA “exploration of meaning”. Or, as the Patent Office apparently concluded, TOTAL AND COMPLETE BULLSHIT!

These will be explained later.

But let us realize that Mr. Raniere admits from the start that Rational Inquiry is a
“belief system” and uses “therapy” on his students

Stay tuned for part 3.

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