Reader: Sara Bronfman, illegal aliens, her role with Rainbow Cultural Garden and ‘fraud on every level’

A reader explains more about Sara Bronfman:

When Sara Bronfman got married and moved to London, she didn’t sever her connections to the world of Keith Raniere.

She was CEO of Rainbow Cultural Garden School in London.

For those less familiar with Raniere-world, Rainbow Cultural Garden is his concept for teaching very young children to be raised by multiple caregivers, all speaking different languages (and not necessarily including the biological mother).

Rainbow Cultural Garden is a real thing, with many locations and Facebook pages:

New York City:
Mexico City:
Guadalajara Mexico:
Monterrey Mexico:

While multilanguage immersion sounds good in theory, it can end up being counterproductive. According to :

Kristen Wilcox, a University at Albany professor of foreign language instruction, who has specialized in multilingual education of children, said very young people are capable of learning a variety of languages, but they need to have a dominant language from which the other languages grow.

She said it helps to learn the cultural and historical traditions of the language and parents and teachers do not create a global citizen by training someone only how to speak various languages.

“Understanding how to interact in a society needs to be supported over a lifetime. So that these kinds of programs to teach children languages very young are very good … but in order to actually be able to use the language, that would need to be in context,” she said. She said some children with multiple language households end up not mastering either and instead mix words and degrade the language.

Of course, the original Rainbow Cultural Garden school is near the NXIVM mother ship, though it doesn’t have its own Facebook page.
Clifton Park, NY:

We know a fair amount about how Rainbow Cultural Garden in Clifton Park was run, from a conversation between Barbara Bouchey and Kristen Keeffe, after both had left the Raniere world.

Kristin: Jennie Ose kept the fraudulent set of books for Rainbow Cultural Garden. There were the official set of books with people that were legal and being paid on the books, and then there was the unofficial books with the illegal aliens and people being paid cash. Or who were in the country on fraudulently obtained Visas and who could only be paid by certain parties or in certain ways. Jennie kept all of those transactions, and the email address that all the invoices and everything went through was, umm, it was Jennie’s email address.

Barbara: Ummmm,..Becky (Becky Freeman, my ex-employee) used to hold, a year before I quit, Becky starting holding these secret meetings in my office that I didn’t know about. They started having coded minute meetings and when my computer programmer unearthed a thousand emails of Matt McMorris that he had no idea my server was capturing – up came about forty different excel spreadsheets of the minutes of meetings. In those were spreadsheets on nannies, on the illegal aliens; on who they were, I’ve got a whole spreadsheet on all the people whether they were with their green cards.

Barbara: And so there were two sets of books. One set they showed and one set behind the scenes and that’s what they used to pay people who were illegal aliens, they paid them with cash. What was the thing with the green cards?

Kristin: Some people were just flat out illegal like, Cami Fernandez. And, some people were in the country on fraudulently obtained visas. This also goes to another point of impeachment for Clare, because, Clare was involved with every aspect of this. What they would do is, Clare’s foundation, the Ethical Science Foundation, was obtaining visas for teachers in connection with an alleged scientific study about the language development in children in part of, Gaylen. And, the teachers were required, and had to be paid a certain amount of money in order to get the visa, and they had to kick back the money, they had to kick back a portion of the money, or they had to work it off. That was one level of fraud. The second level was, there were three different teachers where Clare paid for their school tuition, and they came in on a student visa and were going to school at SUNY Albany, or Hudson Valley. And, they weren’t allowed to work in exchange for Clare paying for their tuition. They then worked at Rainbow and or worked for, or some worked for Clare personally for free. And, then Clare wrote this all off on the Ethical Science Foundation taxes as a tax reduction.

One other thing, Rainbow has hundreds of thousands of dollars running through it in tuition. Because, when I left there were seven kids just in Albany doing five or six languages. Paying twenty five dollars an hour for these teachers. Right? Rainbow is owned and controlled by Loreta Garza who lives in the country on a management visa for NXIVM.

Barbara: Is that kosher though?

Kristin: No, it’s totally fraudulent. She’s in the country on a fraudulently obtained visa, she’s not a manager for NXIVM. She’s the owner of fucking Rainbow but she’s not claiming it. I’m sure Rainbow’s never filed taxes. And, all of this goes through Clare. Clare oversees everything to do with the finances, and the personnel, and the management of Rainbow. And, then when you get into Rainbow you get into issues that play back into each other. For example, Danni Fernandez and her mother were living imprisoned in the room while illegal alien, Cami Fernandez, is downstairs teaching the children that are being paid this twenty, and twenty-five dollars an hour – in the same fucking house. I mean, it’s crazy; including even Jennie Ose’s kid, Steve and Jennie’s kid. And, Clare and Nancy own the house. So, here’s the thing, initially, when Joe was trying to get everything to go against NXIVM, he just knew that there were some nannies being paid through the foundation. What he didn’t understand was that the nannies he knew about had found legitimate visas. But, what he didn’t know about were the ones that were also being paid that didn’t have legitimate visas, and in particular the ones that were kicking back the money. And, the whole thing, Cami Fernandez, was the head fucking teacher. Nancy’s maid, who came into the country illegally, lived there illegally, and had no education except a GED that she got around eighteen years old here in the U.S. when she wasn’t even supposed to be here. And, she’s the head teacher and they’re running classes in her house with her mother and sister locked in rooms upstairs. They use to take the kids upstairs to visit them. This is an offshoot. This likely, I don’t know how far things will go in the criminal case say with Toni and Joe. I don’t even know if they’ll get to a point in the criminal case where there’s any kind of depositions of witnesses but it will certainly come out in the civil case. Now you just have a whole criminal enterprise. There was fraud on every fucking level.

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  • What does Kristen Keeffe mean when she says “Danni Fernandez and her mother were living imprisoned in the room” and “she’s the head teacher and they’re running classes in her house with her mother and sister locked in rooms upstairs.” ??

    • It’s a long story but briefly Danni Fernandez was kept imprisoned in a room for 18 months because she did not want to be one of the harem women of Keith Raniere. She finally escaped when everyone was away during Vanguard Week, the annual week long celebration of the birth of Keith Raniere, normally held in a resort at Lake George.

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