Fernandez family lacking a male member

According to the Rat, the family entrusted to Pam Cafritz’s care is the Fernandez family of Mexico. This consists of a mother and father, three sisters/daughters and a son – all of whom were/are in the thralldom of the Vanguard.

The Vanguard is also known as Keith Raniere.

One sister and the mother of the Fernandez family [known among the Raniere sisterhood as the Fernandi] have left the marvelous Vanguard.

Two sisters, Mariana and Camilia, are evidently, presently, in the harem of the illustrious, glorious Vanguard, although sources say Mariana is unaware of Camilia’s alleged role in the harem of the perfected one.

One source said when Mariana finds out about Camilia she will not be pleased.

This is of course Mariana’s ethical breach.

According to several sources, Mariana has been living in the same townhouse with Keith and Pamela Cafritz for 12 years. The three live together.

Camilia, who is younger, may have joined the harem of the omniscient Raniere when she was at or under the age of 18. She is a choice and perfected fruit of the fabulous and most exalted one.

She lives in the harem compound with another harem member, Karen Unterriener.

Both sisters – Mariana and Camilia – live in separate, nearby, harem houses, each with a 50 plus year old, long time, elder, harem member.

Another sister, Daniela Fernandez, the middle sister, was once part of the Raniere circle. She was defiant [on various matters according to sources] and was imprisoned for about two years by Raniere in one of the NXIVM homes [literally down the street from her sisters] and Daniela escaped around the time of Vanguard Week  when all the harem and her guards were away celebrating the birth of the lord Vanguard.


Despite the Fernandez family being Mexican there appears to be no male in the family capable of protecting the women from Raniere’s polygamous ownership of the females.  The traditional mestizo Mexican man would not tolerate such behavior.

Raniere has allegedly been able to bed the sisters, imprison the mother and one of the daughters [Daniela] while the son [nickname Fluffy] and father apparently stand by stupidly helplessly.

If someone did what Raniere did to a Mexican woman in most [mestizo] Mexican families, Raniere would have long ago been taken to task. But, according to some sources, both Fernandez father and son are effeminate and docile; said to be similar to the type of the muxe or muxhe of the pintadas variety [wear men’s clothes, are biological males, but are in effect women.]

Of course other sources dispute this and say that they are not third gender type men at all. But actual men who believe that the infallible Vanguard was in the right to imprison one or more of the women and keep two or more of the Fernandez women in his harem.

This has been rebutted by the common sense argument that ‘what father would allow a man to sleep with several of his daughters, while requiring them to not marry or enjoy the love of a husband’?

What man in all of mestizo Mexico would allow Raniere to imprison his daughter in a room for two years?

Not only that, but the Fernandez ‘men’ aided and abetted the imprisonment without understanding the cause: which was Raniere wanting to impose his sexual dominance on the women of his harem.

My sources tell me, the Fernandez father supported Raniere’s sexual enslavement of his daughters!

No one has confirmed that Fluffy filmed the sexual exploits of Raniere with women, let alone his own sisters, as the Rat alleged.


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  • Why have there been no updates? Did NXIVM execute a cease and desist order via their lawyers? Did NXIVM issue a payoff through the Bronman family trust fund? Did NXIVM offer to drop a lawsuit?

  • A “Concerned Reader”, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that is exactly how it played out. It’s all about money and control. The ethics portion of it is just a shell game. So what if he doesn’t legally have anything in his name? It’s the power behind the scenes that really matter.

    Not even considering the sexual manipulation, gambling, failed investments, perpetual litigation, and other aspects of the controversy that has surrounded NXIVM for years, just consider his past history of failed businesses. They are all just variations of MLM, the principles of which he learned from Amway. NXIVM/ESP is no different. That is why it has its binary coach/student tree structure. He’s just found a scam that has lasted longer because he’s happened to convince naive individuals who have plenty of money to throw away. Only ignorant people would think Raniere is an ethical example. He’s just using ethics because it’s easier to catch flies with honey that with vinegar. He doesn’t give a flying crap about ethics. He wasn’t ethical his entire life then all of sudden – fifteen or so years ago – he had a epiphany to make the world a more noble civilization, so he decided to package it up and sell it as a MLM business? Give a me a fucking break.

    “O, what may man within him hide, though angel on the outward side!”

  • Has Raniere managed to hook another billion-heiress?

    Greg Pruss has a few screenwriting and acting credits. I imagine he got introduced to Executive Success Programs’ in the Los Angeles satellite center run by Mark Vicente.

    Pruss is also the husband of Anna Getty, an heiress of the Getty fortune, comparable to the Bronfman sisters’ fortune.

    My interpretation of the “11 day” vs “16 day” in the video is that Pruss went to a 5-day intensive in Los Angeles. Then NXIVM Googled him (as they Google all new students to add info to the file on their background and psychological weaknesses) and found out that he had married into money.

    Then they told Pruss that he showed exceptional potential, and invited Pruss (and his rich wife) to fly to Albany to take the remaining 11 days of the 16-day program, taught personally by the Prefect (Nancy Salzman), or perhaps even the Vanguard Raniere himself. Probably they were given the run of Clare’s horse-farm estate while they were there.

    Students who have just taken a 5-day intensive, or even all 16 days, would NOT get face-time with the Vanguard, unless there was a lot of money in the mix.

    By the way, the very first lesson in Executive Success Programs spends a lot of time on handshake-dominance, although they do seem to have been careful not to show the proper form (right hands grasp each other, then Raniere’s left hand on top because he out-ranks everyone, and Pruss’s left hand on the bottom).

    Another amusing thing in keithraniereconversations.com is that Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica, Hawaii Five-0) is an “interviewer.” There had been some rumors that she was involved with NXIVM / Executive Success Programs, but she was not as visible as Allison Mack or Kristen Kreuk or Nicki Clyne.

    All four of them have ties to the Vancouver film & TV industry, and the NXIVM satellite center in Vancouver. The co-owner of the Vancouver center (Sarah Edmondson), and Kristen Kreuk, and Grace Park, were all in a CBC-TV series (Edgemont) together as teenagers. Grace and Nicki were in Battlestar Galactica; Allison and Kristen were in Smallville. All were filmed in Vancouver.

  • So I watched and listened to a video from the site with Greg Puss on Rational Inquiry. A number of things I’d like to point out. First, notice the fawning displayed to the master by Puss through verbal praise in order to magnify his intellect. Second, notice the double handshake with Mr. Raniere’s hands on top of Mr. Puss. Instead of a normal one handed handshake where the hands are at the same vertical level as a sign of equality, the former subtly implies the notion of superiority. Third of all, apparently Mr. Puss cannot remember whether he took an eleven or sixteen day course within the same video. And finally, the video itself is vague cheer-leading nonsense and a totally unconvincing sales pitch. Notice how nothing with respect to the method is detailed. Nothing with respect to the details as to how this so-called methodology is actually rational, or has made him see things more clearly, which he apparently can’t even articulate in any manner whatsoever. It’s a total shilling where he’s expecting you to take his “mind-blown” act as convincing, together with his repetitive regurgitation of words like rational, reason, logic, etc. along with an anecdotal story about certain techniques, research, methodologies (?) not working for a Cal-tech professor he supposedly knew apparently placed in juxtaposition with his praise of Raniere’s ever patent-pending methodology in what appears to be a rather strange attempt to give it some credibility in some roundabout way using an argument from authority.

  • I had emailed him on the 6th about Allison Mack’s display of Keith Raniere’s Conversations keithraniereconversations.com website where there are videos of him speaking to his fellow believers. He said he was busy and will hopefully start posting again soon.

    No doubt it is an attempt at shoring up his public image against the media backlash against him. Of course, none of the actual content of media reports are actually rebutted or refuted – the underage sex, the polygamous lifestyle, the manipulative sex, the gambling issues, burning through other people’s money, the similarity with Scientology, the usage of the court systems to tie up his former lovers and enemies in courts with millions of dollars of litigation, etc. Only a misunderstanding by many (?) of a statement he made in a YouTube video where he said “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs” initiating some label to him as a murderer called attention to and dismissed as silly. Watching the videos, it is unsurprising that it would be implied that anyone against him is a cynic and is telling untruths.

  • I am no longer getting replies to emails sent to frankparlato@gmail.com, which is a bit unusual.

    Is anyone else in contact with Mr. Parlato?

    Has something happened to him?

    I think the community can correspond through comments to web pages here.

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