Was the ‘Rat’ Raniere Harem Member Unterreiner?

File this post under the category of rank speculation.
I have reason to suspect that the October 24, 2010 posting on the now defunct saratogaindecline blog under the name of “The Rat” might have been written by longtime Keith Raniere harem member Karen Unterreiner.
I came to this speculative theory through a process of elimination.
Other than Raniere himself, there were only three harem members who in my opinion would have all the information contained in the Rat’s posting: Kristin Keeffe, Pam Cafritz or Unterreiner.
Let’s re-review the Rat’s posting: [here it is with the original misspellings etc.]
by the time they read this, I will have gone back to mexico with edgar. i served as their pawn for too long (like jim). i see my responsibiy in the deaths of both kristen’s friend in the monistary and ester’s friend in AK. He did not kill, I did for him. I put the idea in thier heads. It was suicide, so it could not be linked to me and keith. But we still encouraged it to happen.

At least those who died, had thier lives ended. What will come out in the future will be the young girls (who are now women) who were taken advantage of (how old was Angel, Megan, Michelle, and Rosie). I think if someone looks into Kristen’s friend (who was under age) and those other teenagers that worked for CBI they will see that he is a molester. That is what bothers me above all. Murder is one thing, thier lives are over. When you take advantage of girls who work for you and play video games in an emtpy warehouse after hours (Keith knows what I am talking about) that is sick.

If this isn’t enough, he did it again with the fernandez girls. Thier parents trusted you (Pam) with thier care and you (Keith) molested them. What is worse is what you did to their brother. You made him tape tape it all. Not just what happened with the girls, but also what happen with your girlfriends. No young boy should be exposed to that.

I am praying for the day that one of these victims comes forward…as they are innocent. I am guilty and can’t. Those in the inner circle will know who wrote this because I will be gone by the time they read it. I thought what I was supporting was humanity…I recently realized it was just the perversion of a sick man.


A few identifiers: The Edgar referred to is most likely Edgar Boone. The pawn Jim may be Jim Del Negro. Kristin is Kristin Keeffe, her friend is Gina Hutchinson who killed herself in the monastery and Esther’s (Chiappone) friend in Alaska was Kristen Snyder, also a suicide.

Angel, Megan [[Name Redacted]?], Michelle [Salzman?], and Rosie [Chiappone?] seem to refer to potentially underage bed partners of the Vanguard Raniere.

Pam is Pam Cafritz, harem member. The family entrusted to Pam’s care is the Fernandez family, where two sisters Mariana and Camilia are evidently in the harem.

The brother who allegedly did some filming is Adrian Fernandez.


Now since the information made available by the Rat includes facts concerning the Consumer Buy Line days and events occurring in 2009-2010, one might look at Pam, Kristin or Karen Unterreiner to be the Rat.
Pam, wing woman for Raniere for his quests, including allegedly 12 year old Rhiannon, would not likely blow herself in and accuse herself of bad behavior.
Evidence points to the fact that Keeffe was plotting her escape from Raniere even then and had to be careful about Raniere tracing posts. Plus Keeffe had Raniere’s son in her care which made her vulnerable to Raniere’s vendettas. She had to be super careful and certainly not take foolish chances by posting gratuitous and vengeful posts.
Her motherly instincts would rule out such behavior as too risky, in my opinion.
The child’s parentage was being kept secret from his followers at the time [a story was given out that the child’s father was unknown- an odd thing since the child was the son of the blessed Raniere and hence divine].
Unterreiner however had no such worries.
She apparently knew about Raniere using video games to allegedly lure female children since the Consumer Buy Line days.
Because she had charge of computers she could have safely  posted and removed all traces of her posts, according to sources.
She also knew about the Fernandez’s harem allegiances. In fact it may be the Fernandez’s harem and the imprisonment of Daniela Fernandez that set her off.
Sources say while she adores her worshipful master Raniere in a spiritual sense, as a woman Karen expressed at times consternation that she was once in the top three or four of his harem then she dropped down as she aged to barely in the top 20.
Yet she worked and slaved for him all the more and got the least reward.
And then there are the other women who Raniere promised the divine child [Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Christine Marie and others] but every time Karen got pregnant, sources say, with Raniere’s golden seed, she got abortions.
Who was she- chopped liver? as the expression goes.
And she is the one who put documents in her name, according to sources. She is the one who scrubbed computers and took the blame for Raniere deeds dating back to Consumer Buy Line, according to sources.
Time after time when she expected a little love and reward from the glorious Raniere – a bedroom romp or an affectionate nuzzle he chose some young and nubile [starting at age 12] nymph who he thought was promising.
She was the old standby – the old warhorse.
Meanwhile she grew older and all this time she had forsaken all other men.
And it now looks like she is bound to spend her old age alone, while Raniere is surrounded by young actresses, models and attractive, slender women with long hair who are unnaturally thin.
“He who has the most joy wins,” says Raniere, which is almost a derivative of “all is fair in love and war.”
And it is not impossible to imagine that when Karen felt blue and neglected, and when she had glimpses of another reality, one where she forgot her sacred master was divine, she saw the [imagined] horror of a man preying on the underage, of the suicides, of the times she herself spoke of the rightness of suicides in certain instances and brought the young Camilia into the herd, and all the times she supported the subjectivity of ethics even the ethics of a 30 year old man fucking a 12 year old still wearing braces.
Did it hit Karen hard one night of the many nights he neglected her while he chased  some slender 25 year old, or 15 year old perhaps – as she hit 50 and saw his magical sexual encounters less and less frequently as he bestowed his munificence on other more spiritually advanced younger women?
When this Rat post was written, Daniela Fernandez was imprisoned; the Odato series about Raniere’s penchant for underage girls had not yet been published and Unterreiner apparently knew all about it.
Was Karen the Martha to the Jesus-like Raniere?
Did she regret the role one night and become the Rat instead?

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  • Why would anyone think this Raniere clown is divine? Physically he’s nothing special, there are more intelligent people, obviously much more honest and ethical people, and others who have accomplished much more in life. He must be using hypnosis or some voodoo magic to mind-fuck people. When I came to hear of him and saw him like seven or eight years ago I had a major gut feeling that he was a liar. But you know how some people in the media can sometimes get an agenda and blow things out of proportion, I thought it might just be overblown and exaggerated. So I asked if there was anyone up there listening, expose him if he’s a fraud. Well, I guess the results speak for themselves. I’m not claiming to be anyone special without validity (you know like this Raniere goofball), I’m just trying to say if past history is any indication, I just think the real God doesn’t like fake gods assuming his title even if He’s subtle and patient about it. Remember what happened to the Pharaoh? Just sayin’.

  • Very interesting theory. John Tighe once said Karen U “would die” for Raniere. From what I remember reading and what Heidi Hutchinson alluded to, Karen is incredibly brilliant probably even more so than Raniere. And she along with Gina Hutchinson were said to have taken a good part of that MEGA IQ test for him. Did anyone know Keith and Karen in their RPI days which is where their life long relationship began? How many tests did Karen U really take for Raniere at RPI? Circa 1978-1982 when both atteded RPI, it was still pretty much a male school. Guys outnumbered gals in enrollment yet Raniere found mark numero uno in Karen. She is obviously the first harem member, since Cafritz was from DC and attended Smith College and doesn’t have a brain in her head. And I don’t mean this question in a cruel way, is Karen one of those highly functioning socially awkward individuals who we might now classify as Asperger’s like? That would say a lot for her being easy prey for a sociopath like Raniere.

    The Rat’s message, has so much bad grammar and spelling errors (but thier is too obvious why not there?) in it and it sounded like it was written from a male perspective or someone looking from outside themselves, which always led me to believe it was one of the lesser Mexican male Espians, like perhaps Omar Boone or Alex Betancourt who do not come back to the states much, if at all, because clearly Karen didn’t go to Mexico never to return.

    The other rumor which I think can be debunked is the comment was a plant. So much of that comment is now known to be true in the sense that different nxians have substantiated it, that it obviously came from someone or someone’s within the core of the NXIAN/ESPIAN onion.

    Perhaps Karen is able to compartmentalize or disassociate her realities as a means to self-preservation, hence the tenses used. She is definitely an ENIGMA. What I find even more interesting is those who have left NXIVM/ESP rarely talk about her. While Raniere wanks off or with with his younger harem members Karen slaves away and may be one of the patsy’s who is set up to take the fall (or a volunteer) when it comes crumbling down. Karen stop taking it up the bum for Raniere, you are much smarter and worth more than the scraps he throws you. Don’t you really deserve more?

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