Should Lama Tenzin be defrocked? Is Dalai Lama to blame for Raniere endorsement while Tenzin was ‘sleeping with Sara Bronfman’?

The hypocrisy is stunning.

Normally people’s sex lives are private.  But not when you are a teacher of ethics who counsels people through private therapy sessions called EM’s.   Not when you have a harem and when women leave, you hunt them down.  Or when you are a well known monk claiming you are celibate.



In 2009, NXIVM/Executive Success Programs’ president Nancy Salzman, Seagram’s heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman and The Venerable Lama Tenzin Dhonden, a special emissary of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, traveled from Albany to Dhamasala, India, to persuade the Dalai Lama to come to Albany to speak on behalf of NXIVM.

Keith Raniere went with them.  They were successful. The Dalai Lama appeared in May 2009 at the Palace Theater with the Bronfmans on stage and the Dalai Lama gave Raniere a Kata scarf on stage.


Multiple sources say The Venerable Lama Tenzin Dhonden, who had been assigned by the Dalai Lama to vet NXIVM, had an inappropriate relationship with Sara Bronfman.

Lama Tenzin lived alone with Sara at her $200,000 townhouse in Albany, and at her $675,000 suburban home on Button Rd. in Waterford NY.  He also lived alone with her at her $10 million condo at Trump Towers overlooking Central Park.

A Buddhist monk, who takes a vow of celibacy, obviously should not be living alone with a vulnerable single female heiress and taking her money.

Of course Sara had been groomed by Raniere that a spiritual teacher may also sleep with his students.

Tenzin’s vetting of Raniere became Tenzin’s romancing of Sara.  During that romance/vetting period Tenzin was around Keith a lot and knew Keith had a harem, according to multiple sources.

Sources told me that Sue White outed Lama Tenzin and Sara after she came unexpectedly and found Sara and Lama Tenzin in a hot tub kissing and cuddling.

Kristin Keeffe called it, “canoodling.”

Barbara Bouchey said, “Yeah, they weren’t having sex, but they were in the hot tub in a hot-necking embrace.”

Bouchey said, “I’ve showed up to her house a couple of times and the two of them come out of that bedroom.”

Keeffe said, “I’ve seen him come out of the fucking bedroom. It wasn’t even a secret.”

Raniere also knew. He use to say to Sara in front of NXIVM people, referring to Lama Tenzin, ‘how’s your husband?’”

Many knew Sara Bronfman was having an affair with a Buddhist monk.


By Spring 2009:

A. Barbara Bouchey and other women were saying Raniere was sleeping with a harem of women.

B. Lama Tenzin was living [sleeping?] with Sara Bronfman.

C. The Dalai Lama consented to come to Albany to endorse NXIVM.


Sources say Lama Tenzin worked hard to persuade the Dalai Lama to come to Albany because that was his ‘pay for play.’

Some sources say the Dalai Lama got plenty of money for his visit to Albany; others say the visit was not about the money.

“It was all about Lama Tenzin fucking Sara. Lama Tenzin persuaded the Dalai Lama to come,” said a source.


Lama Tenzin evidently condoned Raniere’s behavior since he endorsed Raniere to the Dalai Lama. Tenzin seems to have simultaneously shed his monastic vows while hiding facts about Keith to the Dalai Lama.

The result was that the Dalai Lama endorsed Raniere while the Venerable Tenzin was in a corrupt relationship with Sara.

Meantime Barbara Bouchey and others were trying to make serious points about Keith sleeping with women in his group and how Keith was a therapist/teacher sleeping with his students/clients and not the celibate monk some thought him to be. Her voice was eclipsed by the Dalai Lama coming to Albany to support Raniere.


Unmonk-like behavior. Drinking, carousing and having a ball at Necker Island, Lama Tenzin is pictured with Allison Mack.


Lama Tenzin is part of the Dalai Lama’s inner circle.

Raniere went to Dharmasala with Nancy, Clare and Sara and Lama Tenzin.

Tenzin knew Raniere kept a harem; Tenzin was living with Sara.

Did Tenzin tell the Dalai Lama about Raniere’s harem?  Did he tell the Dalai Lama that he lived alone with Sara? that he was caught in a hot tub with Sara? That he went on trips with Sara?

If he did not tell the Dalai Lama  – he should be defrocked.  If he did tell the Dalai Lama and he came anyway, what does that say about the Dalai Lama?

Sara took her lover Lama to Necker Island; did they neck in a hot tub?


Curiously Sara did not invite Lama Tenzin to her wedding to Basit Igtet. Her wedding was billed as a multi religious wedding. Sara claimed in the past to be a practicing Buddhist.

A woman is traveling with and living alone with a Buddhist monk. Then a year later when she gets married that monk is not invited to her Jewish Arabic Buddhist wedding?  Who invites their old boyfriends to their wedding?

Lover Lama Tenzin with Arianna Huffington’


Lama Tenzin with the Dalai Lama


I plan to contact the Tibet House to get their comment about the possible defrocking of the Venerable Lover Lama Tenzin Dhonden.


At Necker Island. The Lover Lama with his then girlfriend’s mother, Georgiana Bronfman.  

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Arthur Kaufman
10 months ago

Thanks for this bblog post


[…] Omidyar. In the fashion of a true new age guru, the Venerable Lama Tenzin Dhonden has also been photographed with his arm around Sara Bronfman’s mother and a look of delight on his […]


[…] Omidyar. In the fashion of a true new age guru, the Venerable Lama Tenzin Dhonden has also been photographed with his arm around Sara Bronfman’s mother and a look of delight on his […]


[…] Should Lama Tenzin be defrocked? Is Dalai Lama to blame for Raniere endorsement while Tenzin was &#8… […]

6 years ago

Have any problem with the particular lama then trace him why point a finger at Dalai Lama ? They way that writer points out his question is just an old trick to make his writing spicy and attract more readers trying to blame cleverly in a question format towards the Dalai Lama and trying to gain publicity is not the right way , I stay in India and these are old tricks to gain publicity besides a sworn monk if once involves in acts of adultry then he has defrocked himself already the robes wouldn’t have any value but the fact still remains that he is learned man in scriptures and will be respected but not as monk just as a person with knowledge

Tenzin Nordron
Tenzin Nordron
6 years ago

If a Buddhist Monk/Nun engages in any form of penetration & certain other acts, that person has defrocked themself. No one else needs to defrock them. Of course, a person who breaks their vows at the root, may likely not have the moral integrity to stop wearing robes. Anyone can wear robes; that doesn’t mean the person is a monk or nun. Some people wear clothes that look a lot like robes but actually are not, especially in other Tibetan lineages where some laypeople who teach or do extensive retreats may like to wear clothes that look quite a bit like monastic robes. There is no Tibetan Buddhist “fashion police” authority that can make any fallen monastic take off their robes if they insist on disgracing themselves. Of course, such a monk would be expelled/banished from his monastery

John Doe
John Doe
7 years ago

Hmm…from this information, it looks like Raniere wasn’t the only non-celibate monk!

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