This just in: Shocking email from either Raniere-hater or Raniere himself!

Disclaimer: Today I received an anonymous email from someone. It is extremely harsh and ridicules Keith Raniere in deeply personal ways.

It also claims to present inside information about Raniere and his lawyers.  And reads that they are looking for ways to “shut me down.”

It also alleges much scandalous new information about Raniere.

Yet at the same time it almost reads like Raniere may have sent it in order to be able to sue me for libel.

It may be untrue.

It relates to his harem, to Raniere personally, to some personal problems he is having and as mentioned above it relates to his lawyers

I am planning to try to send a copy of the contents of the email to Raniere for his response through his Facebook.

I am also planning on trying to independently verify the information contained.

In good conscience I must at least write this: I would strongly recommend those considering being bedded by Mr. Raniere to exercise extreme caution and care.



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  • Tread lightly and be careful. perhaps consult legal counsel. Anyway to validate some of the info? What about emailing all the harem members a copy of the email at the same time. That will certaininly create dissent and uproar in the ranks. Those close enough to the compound should be able to hear the screams from Flintlock to Oregon trail and back.



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