Commentor: ‘Allison Mack danced with me at [NXIVM] after party 2007

This is from a 2012 post on a page devoted to Allison Mack

The poster appears to be anonymous. He writes:

I always liked her so much more than Lana. Not that it was hard, Lana’s character’s pretty, but annoying. Chloe was the one you wanted as a girlfriend.

When she's smiling she's like the real life version of the happy female rage face

When she’s smiling she’s like the real life version of the happy female rage face

Really was hoping this was Alex Mack

I met and danced with Allison at a bar in Albany, NY. I was there for an a cappella festival with my college group (yeah) at The Egg (a performing arts center there – its actually pretty cool) She apparently is, or was, really into a cappella music, so they brought her in for some star power to attract more attention to the festival. Believe it or not, the whole thing turned out to be recruitment for a cult led by a guy everyone called “Vanguard” who had been charged acquitted with leading a ponzi scheme earlier in his life. His name was written on walls and painted into artwork and everything… I guess he thought a cappella was a good way to reach impressionable college kids. Also, they only served vegan food and wouldn’t let us leave the area during the day. Either way – my group won an award at the festival which may or may not have led to myself grinding with miss Allison Mack at the after party. Oh and the party was at a warehouse where they were giving away free “ice cream”. Needless to say we didn’t eat any, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hook up with drunk girls. We were in college after all.

TL;DR – met and danced with Allison at an after party for an a cappella/cult festival.

I liked her WAYYY more than Kristen Kreuk. She reminded me (Kristen) that is was still a damn soap opera and I wanted her character to die for that exact same reason.


That said, Allison Mack was geat. Perfect comic character. Even the sass suits her EXTREMELY well. So nice work to the smallville casting for choosing her.

Very underrated beauty,or should I say cutie.Upvote for you,sir.

Larisa Oleynik still tingles my spidy sense

Smallville <3

Crush from way back. She’s just… of those gals.

(melts in sentient puddle of silvery liquid)

Damn right ! Kristen Kreuk’s Lana was almost unbearable.The season 3 (or 4) subplot with her involvement over Clark’s spaceship key found in China almost made me stop watching the show.

Scarily enough, there’s this group called Nexivm in Albany that promotes itself as a “self help organisation” that has been reported as cult like. In the mid 2000s they were going about “recruiting” young girls from A capella groups in the area to join their own all-female group.

Apparently, when their leader Kaith Raniere would show up to a rehearsal he would be met with hugs and kisses from the girls. An idea so ingenius and sick, I don’t know if I should hate the guy, or REALLY hate the guy.

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