Ask Kristin Kruek if she still comes to Clifton Park and if not, ask why she no longer comes to Clifton Park and why she declined to get closer to Keith Raniere and if he said he was willing to teach her one on one.
The Cult of Keith Raniere

Doe: Kreuk tries to form teen girl’s forum; would it have been based on statutory rapist, Raniere’s advice?


Kristin Kreuk and her friend Kendra Voth who is also in the entertainment industry tried to start a website called “Girls By Design”, where teen girls could come together, discuss things in a safe and open environment, increase their self-esteem, and maximize their potential. If you notice many of these terms are from the human potential movement which is what NXIVM is a rip off of.

Can you image a statutory rapist, who had sex with a twelve year old sixty times who he was supposed to tutor in math, and many other teens as well, being the advice giver or the main role model through his movement for such a website with his inner circle of pimp women and its polygamous lifestyle?

Didn’t Kristin Keeffe say that there wasn’t a single woman he wanted to work with that he didn’t want to have sex with? Miss Kreuk is one of the prettiest women that I’ve seen. She fits the attributes Raniere is looking for in a woman he wants to fuck: gorgeous, fit/skinny, long hair (at the time), has money he can abuse, etc.

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  • Kristin KREUK is a child pimp and recruits many young girls into her prostitution business!!! She runs it with the help of shit skin gangs in Surrey and Vancouver. Believe me,I know,I worked with her in film for ten years. She is the most corrupt two faced Kunt out there!!! THE EASIEST KUNT TO SET FOOT ON A FILM SET!!! just ask Toms ex-wife,if she even knows yet???

    • Now that child trafficking is being discussed as one of the many crimes of NXIVM and you posted this message in July 2017, nearly a year ago, perhaps this is true…? Can you please elaborate on your claim?

  • I didn’t say she formed it on the basis of his advice. She had perfectly good intentions to do so: to help teen girls. This was done in 2008 well before the 2012 TU article exposed Raniere’s behavior so Kristin didn’t know anything about the fraud. I said imagine if he tried to get involved with it and started to give advice.

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