Raniere teaches girl tongue twister

A former NXIVM insider told us this story about Keith Raniere.

He was playful    —and paid a lot of attention to my daughter, she said.

Of course I never left him alone with my daughter, she was quick to add.

He taught us a tongue twister.

It went like this:

One smart fellow, he felt smart;

two smart fellows, they both felt smart,

three smart fellows, they all felt smart.

He encouraged my daughter to say it repeatedly and fast and you can imagine the result. It caused a great deal of hilarity. With charm and humor, he easily made my daughter and I feel relaxed.

I asked her that, despite his charm and sense of humor, would she trust him alone with her daughter.

She said no, she would not.

Perhaps if the Vanguard was left alone with the girl (without the mother) he might teach her this tongue twister:

I feel a feel, a funny feel, a funny feel I feel, if you feel the feel I feel, I feel the feel you feel.

And how to hug not like a child but like an adult with pelvises touching.


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