Reader: How to get a private session with Vanguard

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Reader claims: The Vanguard is looking for eager students to teach privately

This from reader, Mary Ann Deluca:

Many NXIVM members, who have taken intensives – have never seen the Vanguard – and are being taught by the disciples of his disciples.

They may not be aware that the Vanguard, Keith Raniere, is available for private instruction.

Those with a real thirst for learning might do well to consider how they can leap frog from intensives to private tutoring.

What qualifications does a student need to become a student of the Vanguard?

1. Be a woman, not past the age of 35.*

2. Keep your hair long and never to cut any of the length.
3. Be thin. If you are heavy this has a negative effect on Vanguard’s  energy level and it’s hard for him to be around you.
4. It there are other women, be the thinnest.
4. If you are around women closest to him be thinner than them.
5. Go on liquid diets, fast, do coffee enemas.

Be prepared to do everything the Vanguard tells you.

Clothing is optional (Vanguard’s option) at the private tutoring sessions.

If you qualify based on the above, let your proctor know.

Or apply to Pam Cafritz to arrange private tutoring sessions with Vanguard. She has assisted many eager students some from as young as 12 years old to get an audience with Vanguard.

*If you have substantial net worth, there is a possibility that some or all of the above regulations may be waived.

Nothing shows the dedication of a true student than to offer body mind and checkbook at the feet (or other body parts as he directs) of the teacher.

Mary Ann DeLuca



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