Dones Deposition Part #2 Raniere ‘lass,’ Pam Cafritz, a forger?          

While many readers have probably read Susan Dones’s 11/23/2010 deposition in her bankruptcy case, there are many hidden nuggets of information about the secretive Cult known as NXIVM that new readers might like to know and old NXIVM watchers may have forgotten.

It is also possible that law enforcement investigators are reviewing this site if, as sources say, the federal investigation into Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman and a host of NXIVM co-conspirators on an array of alleged crimes not limited to a Klein Conspiracy is ongoing, and helping agents get up to speed on a very complicated and convulted and ongoping decades-old scheme may be considered a public service.

Susan Faye Dones was a NXIVM field trainer, proctor, salesperson, head trainer and owner of the Tacoma NXIVM center which as a franchise entitled her about 10 percent of monies brought in from some 500 students before she quit NXIVM after learning, she says, of the secret life of Keith Raniere.

As such she had an insider’s view of the organization.

Here are some more excerpts from her deposition as she is questioned by NXIVM attorney, Robert Crockett of Latham and Watkins of Los Angeles.

This excerpt refers to Prefect Nancy Salzman and Raniere concubine Pamela Cafritz, the daughter of Washington DC developers and socialites (the late) William and Buffy Cafritz.

Pam lived with Raniere for years, with numerous women, and, according to one NXIVM source, is said to still reside with Raniere as a subordinate wife to Raniere’s present #1 wife, Marianna Fernandez.

Her dedication and loyalty to Raniere is revealed in Done’s deposition which suggests she may have committed a series of felonies in her loyal desire to aide her master and husband, The Vanguard, Keith Raniere and his disciple the Prefect, Nancy Salzman.



1996 raniere cafritz crop

1996 photo of Keith Raniere and Pam Cafritz

Crockett Q: Do you believe that Pamela Cafritz is highly skilled at forging signatures?

Dones A: That’s what I was told by Nancy Salzman and Pamela Cafritz.

Q:  Pamela Cafritz told you she was highly skilled at forging signatures?

A: She bragged about that to me…. I have found that other people have actually witnessed her doing that.

Q: Who?

A: Toni Natalie, Toni Natalie’s mother, and then Barbara Bouchey also said that she knew that Pam had that capacity (to forge signatures)….

Q:  So Pamela Cafritz told you specifically that she was a forger?

A;  She told me that she was skilled at doing that.…

Q: Do you have any reason to believe that she ever forged your signature?

A: Yes, I do.  …. a group of … confidentiality forms were missing. I was told that by Nancy Salzman, that they had lost a lot of confidentiality agreements between 2000 and 2003.*

Dones theorized that Cafritz forged hers and other’s signatures to substitute the forgeries for the missing genuine confidentiality agreements.

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